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BRBO 2022 - White Freightliner SD/DD and Double Header trailer Combo (P.I.E.)

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13 hours ago, Mopar - D said:

Nice progress Roger are you building 2 PIE trucks ? 


At least 2.

In doing the research I have kind of fell in love with the company.

I have the rest of the year so hard telling what will happen.

I wish someone made the older freightliner shown in the pic from a previous post.


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Back to not being able to paint.

They are talking better weather mid-week, we will see!!

Just been working on getting thing ready to paint.

Here is a mock-up of the drom with trailer.


assembly 4.jpg

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55 minutes ago, Mopar - D said:

I’m hoping your weather allows you to paint this week I’m ready to see it painted. 

Me too!!!

It was probably warm enough today, but the wind was blowing 45.

I need to get another set of doubles, I cut one up for the drom.

Here is a mockup of the SD with one of the doubles.



assembly 5.jpg

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  • 2 months later...

Long over due up-date!!

The chassis are done except for the exhaust (the first time I have ever modified a wheel base).

Cab modifications are done (the first tine I have ever done that).

Two trailers done except for lights and decals.

Now the rub, I'm going to have to pause on this project.

The last several weeks have been a pain, major (unexpected) home and vehicle repairs have really spanked the wallet and I haven't had much bench or computer time..

I still need to get rivets for the cabs, more decal sets, another set of double trailers and various PE & resin items.

I'm working as much OT as I can get but I'm probably a month or more away from feeling comfortable enough to start spending on the hobby again.

I can still work on a few things, interiors, lights on the trailer, etc.

So I will up-date as I can.

Here are some pictures of what I have done.




assembly 6.jpg

assembly 9.jpg

assembly 10.jpg

assembly 11.jpg

assembly 12.jpg

assembly 8.jpg

assembly 7.jpg

assembly 13.jpg

assembly 14.jpg

assembly 15.jpg

assembly 16.jpg

assembly 17.jpg

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Roger awesome progress on your project! You’re taking on 3 major truck builds at the same time and it’s your first time to extend a frame plus modify a cab you should be proud of what have done so far. You have all of them looking good. Looking forward to seeing more progress. 

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Well done so far! I completed a couple modified Freightliners last year. Did a day cab DD and a sleeper cab triple drive.




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  • 3 months later...

I should be back on track.

I have everything I need ordered.

I was doing some organizing a couple of weeks back and realized I did have another set of the double trailers.

I really didn't want everything to look the same, so I have been working on converting them to smooth side.

Just need the rivets and final paint.

Here are a couple of pictures.


assembly 18.jpg

assembly 19.jpg

assembly 20.jpg

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     Roger ,

                 Very interesting multiple builds going on at the same time ! I see some nice body work and fabrication and alterations going on here .

 Will be watching for further updates  .


   Be Well


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  • 2 weeks later...

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