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My Builds for 2021

David G.

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Hello Everybody!

Two thousand twenty-one was my most productive model building year to date with seven builds completed.

First out of the gate was AMT's 1958 Edsel Pacer.



Followed by my take on the Joker-Mobile using AMT's 1949 Mercury sedan.



I also included some implements of mayhem. The TNT is scratch built and the Thompson is from the parts box.



With a Joker-Mobile on the shelf, I needed a Joker to go with it. This is my version of MPC's Joker figure, the dynamite and M-16 are add-ons.



And of course, the two of them together.



Next up is my first Supercar build, the 2006 Ford GT by Polar Lights. For this kit, I challenged myself to finish it in the light blue plastic in which it was cast.



Next is the Batman figure by Moebius. This is one of two figures included in the kit, the other of which is intended to be mounted as riding the Bat-Pod. I plan to build that one in 2022.



Here he is with his Tumbler Batmobile also by Moebius, which I completed in 2020. As near as I can remember, the backdrop is from the Bat-Missile kit.



Here is my take on the 1959 Chrysler Imperial from AMT. This kit builds up surprisingly well considering that it's at least sixty years old.



And the last one in for the year is the Super Trebuchet. A working wooden model from ToysTub.com. I like to step outside the ol' comfort zone from time to time.





As always, thanks for taking the time to look and please feel free to post a comment.

May the coming year bring you Happiness, Abundance and Peace.

David G.


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23 hours ago, PappyD340 said:

Very nice group of builds!!

Thank you Larry.

22 hours ago, bbowser said:

Love that Ford GT, you had a good year!

Thanks Bruce, it's one of my favorites too.

19 hours ago, espo said:

Great looking variety of build styles. The Trebuchet is really interesting. Have you ever seen the " Chunkin Pumpkin"? program on the History Channel? 

Thank you David. I have seen that program but it's been many years.

16 hours ago, slusher said:

Great builds for the year David. 

Thanks Carl, I appreciate that.

10 hours ago, Plowboy said:

Looks like you had a great year David! I really like the GT!

Thank you Roger. As far as model building, it was the best year yet. I'm glad you like the GT too as I'm rather pleased with how it turned out.

10 hours ago, Bills72sj said:

Does there trebuchet launch the little balls?

Yes it does Bill. It has a 5' to 7' lobbing range.

9 hours ago, Kah puts said:

Looks like you had some fun, uber nice. 

Yes I did, thanks Glen.

2 hours ago, ATHU said:

Super nice builds!!

Thank you Anders, I appreciate that.

David G.

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21 hours ago, Claude Thibodeau said:

Hi David!

What an eclectic collection, very interesting. I ljust ove the trebuchet. The details are impressive. Bravo!


Thank you Claude, it's very kind of you to say so.

19 hours ago, TooOld said:

Some pretty cool builds David , the GT40 turned out great !

Thanks Bob, I'm rather pleased with that one myself.

David G.

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23 hours ago, Dann Tier said:

Man, you've done some fantastically cool stuff!!  -love the Batman stuff!!

Thanks Dann, coming from from one with such skills as yours, that means a lot to me

6 hours ago, iSewen said:

Very nice builds, i love that Edsel !

Thank you Michal, I had a difficult time with the paint on that one, I'm glad it came out as good as it did.

David G.

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