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73 Phantom GTO Judge


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This was a modernized version of a "phantom" 73 GTO Judge. My own resin body and interior, oversize resin wheels  from EBAY, 72 Cutlass chassis, 66 GTO engine and lots of scratch building. Testor's Flaming Orange paint. A fun build. Trying to think up some decals for it but calling the construction phase done.







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Awesome! The '73 is my favorite GTO out of all of the years they made them.

I guess it's not objectively the best-looking, but I like all of the '73-77 Pontiac colonnade cars... and the '73 (Luxury) LeMans and GTO specifically, the most.


I didn't come up with this, because it's not obvious at all, and I forget where I read it, but I agree with it:

the overall '73 LeMans design (in coupe form, anyway) intentional or not... vaguely looks like like a 70's interpretation of an early-40's coupe. (other than the huge mandated bumpers) Maybe that's a bit out-there... but it stuck with me. I could see what they meant by it.

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