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Hope you like. Shaved the handles and badges, peaked the hood, front and rear roll pans, Cameo rear guards, kustom side pipes, Radir mags with resin big/little side walls, Thunderbird buckets, kustom centre console, candied panel paint with old school metal-flake roof







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Outstanding and SHINY :) :) :) . What paint and clear did you use? Beautiful build.

What kind of paint did you use?

Thanks guys, really appreciate the awesome comments. Ok unfortunately I didn't do progress pics of this model but I'll step by step the paint for you all

First coat was ModelMasters (MM) Chrome silver trim

Then I masked of the areas that I wanted to have the lace panelling on and masked off the roof

Second coat was a light coat of MM satin black so if you look carefully you can just see some of silver in the background

Third coat was a very light coat of MM Red Metallic (it has the gold fleck in it)

Then I removed the masks from the panel areas.

I then made the lace decals to match the size and shape of the panel areas and printed them in black on clear Testors paper

I applied the decals over the panelled areas of the body

Fourth coat(s) was Tamiya clear Red layered several times over the whole body. I kept applying until I was happy the panelled areas were toned down enough (I wanted them slightly hidden)

For the roof I removed the masking tape and applied Silver flake mixed in Tamiya clear and really bombed it on to achieve a heavy flake finish

Then I used Tamiya clear Red layered several times to again tone down the flake and sort of bury it under color

Then the whole body was coated several times in Tamiya Gloss Clear.

Hope that helps, and happy to answer any more questions.

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