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What did you get today? (Model Car Related Items)

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Michael's sent me a 50% off coupon and I used it for the REVELL '83 Hurst Olds.  Intended to wait for a stock version, but decided to take the plunge for $13.99.  I'm thinking about building it as a well-used work car anyway, so I can probably whack down the hood scoop etc.

This week's Hobby Lobby 40% coupon went toward another MPC '60 Corvette.  My second. I really like all the extras in that kit, like the skis/rack, driver figure, different tops, tonneau cover etc.  Thought I might use some of those parts on other C1 Vettes.

Hobby Lobby had a few kits on Clearance sale.  These are sitting on an "island" near the model kits in my store. Not on the usual Clearance wall/aisle.  Only saw a couple of cars.  The Piranha/Super Spy was about $19 and the AMT Li'l Hot Dogger about the same price, IIRC.  They mostly had aircraft kits discounted: AMT 1/48 Stinson Reliant, REVELL 1/72 Twin Mustang, and the MINICRAFT 1/72 Martin Mariner (a very nice kit).

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One of my ex-bosses had the bright idea to put in a soda machine, in the shop area (of a roofing company).  Cheapness phase one was to buy one of those cheap mechanical machines that sits on a table, instead of a real machine like you see everywhere else.  Cheapness phase two was to go to Pennsylvania to buy the soda, because it was cheaper there and they didn't have a deposit on the cans.  I think he was figuring on turning in the discarded cans anyway, and collecting the deposit.  You could get away with it back then, but now it's illegal.  The recycling machines are more sophisticated now too, they can tell which containers are deposit and which aren't.

Cheapness phase three was to charge 75 cents a can, then put in a change machine that only gave 75 cents change when you put in a dollar bill.

One of the (many) dirtbag employees figured out how to reach up into the machine and get a free soda.  The other monkeys watch, learn, and imitate.  Boss wonders why he's coming up short every week.  Someone (probably sniffing the boss up for a loan) rats out the soda thieves, and another employee (a kid who was as honest as the day is long) shows the boss how it's done.  The kid could do it because he had skinny arms and could reach into the machine.  Boss doesn't confront the dirtbags, but instead chews out the kid who showed him what was being done!  No good deed goes unpunished.  The machine got pulled out that afternoon.  He gave away the leftover soda.  I cracked one open, it was flat.   

This story was hilarious! :D


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This afternoon the mail delivery person dropped off the new 2017 Auto World catalog. The latest issue of CARtoons. #5, Sept/Oct. And an Auto World 1/64 scale 1966 Mercury Comet Cyclone, that ordered from a vendor on eBay. The other day I got a great book in the mail. The International Scout Encyclopedia by, Jim Allen and John Glacy. Everything one could need to know about the history of the IH Scout. I'm almost finished that book already. It's that good. Since I've got some good reading to do, between the book, magazine, and catalog, I'll not be making any more comments here for next couple of hours.


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Picked up a Li'l Gasser that I might consider building in an Ethanol theme instead of gasoline........luckily, some of what's shown for decals can still be used!


Then my Kid Sister got me the sun shade for my 200 for my birthday Friday.


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These two kits arrived today from ebay buys. The parking assist will be set up to help my wife park in the garage. She needs something. : )


   Another Corvair, I see a trend here! As to the Parking Alert my Stepfather put twine through a Tennis Ball that was hung from the Garage rafters that would touch the windshield when the car was in place. It took care of me Moms Garage modifications :D

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