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1938 Ford Brushbreaker

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Myles Standish State Forest is only a few miles away from here and back in the late 30's and into the 50's this rig served for forest fire protection. Thanks to Brian Austin I have the patent drawings for this rig as well as some other photos. A lot of scratch building here but the Yat Ming '38 Ford was a good starting place. Tom Coolidge cast the front fenders, hood and windshield. I had a Ford COE of the same vintage and I was able to graft in the back of the COE cab. The frame has just been started and the tires and wheels are done.




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Progress has been made on the frame, rear axle assembly and the front axle assembly. The cab now sits where it should. Next to do is to fit the 85 horse V-8 in place along with the driveshafts and transfer case.


These are the parts that make up most of the front and rear axle assemblies.


The rear axles and top and bottom torque rods in place.


Here's the front axle and the assembly that allows the front tires to be posed in a turning position. The little bolt and washer hold the front wheel on the axle.

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Very cool. Interesting subject + your talent = one great model! Could make a great magazine feature (wink, wink)...

BTW, the decals you made for me for the Dennis turned out perfect. I posted the finished model Under Glass in the trucks section if you want to take a look.

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post-1827-0-84962700-1389376246_thumb.jpit's been a while since posting any progress on this build but the holidays and a bad chest cold sort of got in the way of any modeling work. But all is well now and we're back at it.


Frame is about done and a Ford flat head 8 has been added along with brass working driveshafts.

The upper body is built but will need a lot more work before it is ready for mounting on the frame. But here is where it will sit. The pumps are powered by a Ford Model B engine, one of which I found in a '32 Ford kit. I added a frame for it to sit on and will mount it in the back of the body.



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