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What kits are you hunting for 2015

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I've got more kits than I could build in the foreseeable future. I've been looking at Monogram's 69 Camaro kits to rebuild my High Roller, ane then use the damaged body to make a PA/Wasteland car. Also been looking at their 3-n-1 Camaro and Firebird kits, I have some bad ideas for those, as well.

Other than that, any VW, Datsun-Nissan, Toyota or mini trucks I come across.

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well as soon as Steve Scott comes through with his plans to reissue the Uncertain T (ahem), I won't really have any kits I am specifically after, so I will pretty much restrict myself to surprise gotta-have kits that will hopefully be issued this year (starting with the ebbro Citroen DS19 and the announced Mobieus stuff). Other than that I am going to try to whittle down the kit stash I already got going.


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I don't need any but it seems a new kit here and there sparks new interest and build ideas. I never make many plans on what I may buy because I end up changing my mind. I am seldom buying anything and have cut way back being on a fixed income...

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I'm still looking for a good deal on the Meng F-350 but would buy any new Mopar offerings. Like many have said, I have more than I can probably build but I am finding myself liking newer tooling fit and finish over some of the finicky kits of the past that are on my to build list. I would buy a case of the kit that included time, inspiration and skill. I think it would be a best seller. :)

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Well if I had the chance to and could afford them these would be them....

66-70 Cadillac

64,67-69 Bonneville and 70 HT

64-68 Chrysler Imperial

65-68 Chrysler 300s

66 Buick Skylark GS

69-72 Grand Prix

66-72 Olds Toronado

75 Firebird

69 Impala

Johan snap kits and promo like kits,promos

71-76 Dodge vans

auto transporter trailer for semi truck

AMT White Western Star semi truck

64 Buick Wildcat/Electra

65 Mercury Parklane

66-69 Falcon

60s station wagons or conversions

1/8th scale Trans Am

73,74 Olds Cutlass

60s/70s promos

Monogram-(Un-Real Roller),(Mean Maverick)

campers,motor homes

Diorama buildings-gas station,etc.

70-71 mercury Cyclone factory stock

AMT 60 Chevy Nomad 4door wagon

parts for my dads oldies

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Two compacts: AMT 62 Ford Fairlane and the Johan 61 Olds F-85 Station Wagon - if I see them at an affordable price.

Of course there are a few new kits coming that I'll have to have - Del Rio, 61 Pontiac, DS19 etc - but I don't expect to have to hunt for those.

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Definitely the '57 Ford wagon; hopefully a '65 Continental to convert to a sedan; maybe a '58 Ford hardtop body; and dare I hope for a '59 Dodge reissue from Moebius? On the other hand I want to get rid of my Trumpeter Pontiac and Nova hardtops on eBay to get back the cost of the compressor I just ordered... <_<

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#1 for this year is my first build of Revell of Germany kit. #2 will be the iconic Revell 49 Mercury.

#3 will be a build of a Polar Lights I have resin 69 Corvette that I want to use.

Of course all picks are subject to change


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I've decided to do a series based on my birth year 1956. I just bought the Victoria, I'll get the Chevy next but most places have the Nomad and I want a coupe. At some point I'll get the Chrysler. I'm doing the Vic nearly stock with some period upgrades to look like it was used for weekend thrashing. I want to make the Chevy a resto mod with a modern drivetrain, and I think I'll go custom with the Chrysler. I've seen a couple of 1:1's that I love. I'll probably wait until Summer to build them but I'll be assembling the parts until then.

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New / Recent Reissues :


- 1965 Satellite

- 1969 F-100

- 1971 F-100

- 1960 Pontiac (both versions)

Round2 :

- 1970 "Heavy Chevy" Impala

- 1953 F-100 (another one or two in addition to the one I already have)

Old / O.O.P. :

- MPC 1973 Duster Annual (unbuilt !)

- MPC 1974 Duster Annual (unbuilt !)

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