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  1. Hello Mike.  I do have a spare Toronado/Eldo front wheel drive transaxle, by Speed City.  Send me your mailing address and I will get it to you.  I think it is 1/25 scale.  You should find lots of photos online.  I think there is a lilttle flash on it.  Jeff fiatboy

  2. Prisma colored pencil's is what I use, just dip the tip in water
  3. Yep he'z back folks, doin the lowrider decal'z, so if yer lookin, then this the place to go, go check'em out https://www.facebook.com/FranklinINKdecals/
  4. Nice, I really don't think ANYONE, that are not from that era, when cars were cars, knows what a "Street Sleeper" really is. 

  5. Just sent ya one back, click on my web page link, I have a KILL'R set of Yanko,s I did some time back, I dunno what happend with Franklin, there one minute then ?????, I even checked lay n low model forum, and nothing
  6. I have a grip load of his decal's, but haven't seen anything from him in years, I do one off kustom stuff, and am workin on a few lo-low decals, using his decals as a bases for the new designs, nah not gonna reprint his, unkewl, I think he is out of it, hope maybe he will return....
  7. Micro mark puts something like this out too, used it more then once, and yep it's reusable too
  8. New taillight pannel, oh yeaaaaaaaaaa, time to make the douhnutz, hehehehehehe Grill and front treatment mock up, now time to make it so
  9. Hey thanx everyone, If ya cant figure out whats going on, ya can go to my web page, listed at the bottom, or go to my youtube channel, and catch up.... https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7LqQnI_rV5ANXiBaDl_7tA Youtube channel ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
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