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  1. My son took me to Waffle House for breakfast today, and tonight I'll eat the last of the 69 Cake and the lasagna The Lovely Mrs. Snake made for me on Monday, so I have managed to stretch the joy into Snake's Birthweek! I should make that a tradition! Meanwhile, Kid sent me a pic of himself at work yesterday. 300 KIAS, 300' AGL, yankin' and bankin'! AW YEAH, BABY!
  2. Well, I DID have a valve job....
  3. Oh yah, my account is still active. It wouldn't let me in, only allowed me three tries, has locked me out since then, and won't send the "Forgot my password" thing. Thanks for checking into it for me. I'd just start a new account, BUT I have PMs on there with Skyraider BuNos that I neglected to copy. That's what I get for always putting everything off.
  4. I WISH! I can't get in there anymore. It doesn't recognize my password and won't let me try anymore, and won't send me the reset link. I can't seem to contact anyone about the problem. Got any ideas?
  5. I thought of that when I was taking the pic. Here's what it looks like upside down. Guy on another board says now it looks like b9 and he's right. That's how I know this pic is upside down.
  6. I do believe you're wrong. What about 88?
  7. SnakeNote: Not intended to make any political comment, just funny:
  8. Clever reference to my trademark "Model on!" comment. Nicely done! Snakeworthy!
  9. NICELY done! Very Most Way Excellent! Snakeworthy!
  10. A cool rock & roll reference? Creative points awarded! And you made it both personal and patriotic by making it a Canadian rock & roll reference? DOUBLE creative points! Party on, Garth...uhhh...Can-Con, old friend!
  11. Very nice. If I were Jack Benny, that would be the 30th anniversary of my 39th birthday. I was never a Jack Benny fan, but hey, between us, we made it work! Cool!
  12. It's my birthday today and I'm loving it. I've learned to celebrate every birthday as if it's the last one you'll ever have, and one day you'll be right. Guess which one this is for me? No dirty/smutty/risque/filthy comments, please. Oh, wait—dirty/smutt/risque/filthy comments are EXACTLY what I want. Stay within the board's posting rules, please, and PLEASE nothing obvious or lame—points will be awarded for creativity and cleverness, and yes I WILL be scoring them. Unleash Heck!
  13. At the moment, I'd have say my favorite is the fairly new Jada '67 El Camino. It's not perfect, but among its virtues is the fact that it's a true 1/24. Plus which, it just plain looks BADASS!
  14. Thanks, just what I needed to know. I already have 2 of those, no need to buy another one just for the cool box.
  15. And I just realized: She did it without airbags, a helmet, seatbelts, or probably even safety glasses. Was America really THAT much more awesome in the 1950s than it is now? Why yes, I do believe it was.
  16. I looked but couldn't find anything. What kit is the new AMT/Round 2 '34 Ford 5-window? Is it the newer one from the '90s, or the rare, older one from the '70s?
  17. CAR GUY ALERT: No cool '57 Chevies were harmed in this story. It was just a 4-door sedan, Thank The Lord. CBC, that is an AWESOME story. Thanks for sharing it with us. I can see her now, in the last few seconds before the Money Shot: Hunched over the steering wheel, steely resolve in her eyes, and then, a war cry: "RRRRRRRRRRRAMMING SPEED!" HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
  18. That's freakin' AWESOME! HAHAHHAHAHAHAHA! But hey, I hadn't posted anything in this thread in since before July 10, so cut me a freakin' break, mmmmm-kay?
  19. I've been getting them for Medicare supplemental insurance plans. Been getting one a day for a long time now. Yesterday I got three. NINE BAD WORDS IN A ROW!!!! I just got ANOTHER one.
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