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  1. You got me wonderng, too, so I googled it. Guess what? I got: About 1,180,000 results (0.38 seconds)
  2. Leave it to YOU to find four different things to nitpick and make snide, snarky comments about in this happy picture. I KNEW there was a reason we're such good friends! Great Airing of Grievances, and a Happy Festivus to you too, old CDSP buddy!
  3. Speaking of brush painting, one of my very first model cars in the summer of 1966 was the (original annual) AMT Mustang 2+2, which I brush-painted Pactra Leaf green. It didn't come out great, but it didn't come out horrible, either. (About 3 years later I re-did it and spray painted it AMT Blue Fog, but that's another story.) When I saw this one on eBay in 2020, it looked so much like my original that I HAD to have it! Of course you know I couldn't leave it alone so with just a little 2020 Snake-Fu, I got it looking even more like my old original, but with current Mad Skillz applied:
  4. I did that last year. Watched NLCV and Bad Santa and Bad Santa II and A Christmas Story Christmas. Loved them all; A Christmas Story Christmas (on HBO/MAX) was so good I watched it again this year and liked it even more. But this year I have a new favorite Christmas movie: Love Actually. Had heard about this thing for years and assumed it was just another stupid Rom-Com. I couldn't have been more wrong. It's 10 or 12 different fast-moving stories, all of them interesting and all of them related one way or another. I liked it so much I immediately watched it again and picked up a lot of stuff that whizzed by me the first time. And hey, where else are you gonna get to see the great Billy Bob Thornton as a Clinton-like President of the United States? Definitely WAY MOST HELLA-EXCELLENT SNAKEWORTHY! Oh, and here's a cool pic I came here to post in the first place:
  5. I feel your "scale OCD" pain; I suffered from it myself for years. Then I freed my mind and I now have enough 1/22 Jadas to merit their own shelf. Their '67 El Camino is true 1/24 scale--I measured it very carefully (see my detailed review in this forum). I believe a few others are, too--I'll have to check my notes and tell you which ones, if you're interested.
  6. OMG, The Lovely Mrs. Snake's second car was a '77 or '78 Old Omega--basically, a Nova with an Olds grille--4 door sedan we bought cheap from an old lady. It turned out to have a small block Chevy V8 in it and a TH350 and it handled so well I always thought somehow it had gotten the famous 9-C-1 Police Nova package. I swear it handled as well as my '69 SS Camaro, and was nearly as quick/fast--I actually blew off a '67 Chevelle SS396 with it at a stoplight once. And it was the same color as the one you're talking about--I always said it was "urine colored." It was my third favorite car of all time. I'd buy another one just like it in a heartbeat, if I could find one. Even better would be the Pontiac version, in a 2-door.
  7. I knew I had one and went looking for it. Same kit, but not that box. Mine's the version that came with glue and paints and so forth in the box. Must have been some special Christmas edition of some sort--the box has Hallmark mentions on it, and a price tag from a local book & card shop that's been closed for about 20 years or more now....
  8. OMG Disconova, that's HER car exactly! Dark metallic blue with light lower body trim! (I'm thinking it was silver, but maybe it was white, not sure...). So I guess it must have been a '76, then. (Or maybe even a '75? I KNOW it wasn't an ugly '73 or '74.) I GOTTA build one exactly like that!
  9. In the late '70s I lived in a garden apartment complex and drove a '69 SS/RS Camaro. In the same complex lived a very cute girl who drove a dark blue '76 or '77 Nova SS. She had enormous breasts and loved her car and washed or polished it frequently, often wearing tight halter tops. I liked her car too and tried several times to tell her, but, sadly, she had NO time for the likes of me. Ah shucks oh well. I've been wanting to build a model of that car for some time and spent a lot of time and money a couple years ago rounding up builtups and glue bombs on eBay and the local toy show, and I think I finally ended up with five or six models from which I have enough parts to get together maybe two or three halfway decent models. Yes, I'll be picking up at least one of the reissues. Maybe (channeling the great comedian Elayne Boosler) I'll buy TWO of them and stick my head between them....
  10. 2006? Please. I am constantly using model parts I've had since 1968 "in case I might need them."
  11. Tamiya has a plastic kit of that, I believe. https://www.tamiyausa.com/shop/135-military-miniature/ford-gpa-amphibian-4x4-truck/
  12. Bought and Snake-Fu'ed these several months ago, and took the pics, but just hadn't had the motivation to write 'em up. Bought these both at Walmart. I knew going in that they were probably too big (common for Jadas) and they are. I think they actually scale to around 1/22 or something. Also, the Rally Sport grilles are in upside down, giving them a very weird look--until you get used to it, and then you can kinda see it as a "custom" feature. (There's no easy way to really FIX the problem that I can see--the metal bodies are made to take the grilles upside-down.) But I'm a sucker for First Gen Camaros, and otherwise the body proportions and shapes looked pretty darn good. Here's the stock-ish one: ...and here's the "monster" one, supposedly from some Fast N Furious movie or something: Here they are together: I decided to just have fun with the things, and if nothing else, the grandkids could play with them when they came over and leave my GOOD diecasts alone. I REALLY wanted to move the front wheels of the Monster in a little bit, but they simply would NOT budge off their axles no matter what I tried. Ah shucks oh well--I left 'em alone. I forget what all I did on these, the normal Snake-Fu trim cleanup and sanding the tire treads and so forth, but IMHO the biggest improvement came from just masking off the lower body blackout trim and laying that on with a common rattlecan. That REALLY trimmed up those fat-looking bodies and made 'em actually look like First Gen Camaros. Thanks for looking, and as always, comments of any kind are welcome.
  13. Well there ya go! You won't even need to paint this kit, just some Snake-Fu detailing!
  14. Exactly! I thought the first video would NEVER end. And I've built quite a few models without painting the body, interior, or chassis. But NO paint at all? I DO like to paint my grilles, wheels, and so forth for detailing. If I'm not allowed to do that, I'm OUT.
  15. I bought one of these at Hobby Lobby while shopping for the grandkids. Had never heard of it before; interested to see what it looks like built.
  16. BullyBeef, I bet you'll like this one I scored for $15 at the local toy show this month. I'm just gonna clean it up, maybe throw a little Snake-Fu at it, and call it a Proud Survivor.
  17. Found this RC '67 El Camino at Walmart of all places. Looked a little small to me, but hey, it's a '67 El Camino, so it followed me home. Turns out it's not bad at all. I reviewed Jada's 1/24 diecast '67 Elky here not too long ago, which was right on the money for dimensions. This one is as wide as the 1/24 diecast, but the body's been shortened slightly, apparently to fit a standard RC chassis. Pretty cool, and it runs great, too!
  18. Huh. I accidentally built one of these yesterday--Revell snapper '57 Chevy for my grandson for Christmas. No paint, just Silver Sharpie for the side trim and Painter's Touch silver for the window trim. Whole thing only took me about two hours.
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