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  1. You did a nice job. I love that kit it looks more like the real cat than the AMT. I have about 6-8 that I plan to build 65 A/FX cars with. I scaled it off a real car and it is right on the money.
  2. Great job!! How did you do the vents?
  3. Speed City Resin has a nice 67. He does drag racing kits but he does a few stock and the 67 Buick GS 400 is one that he does.
  4. Dean Sox [Ronnie's Son] is a customer of mine and he has just finished building a 68 Barracuda that looks just like his dads. He put on the hood scoop the Boss is back. I will find out what color he used he told me when he was having it built it was going to the same color. The car has a hemi in it that was in one of the old Sox & martin cars.
  5. Great job!! all of them look great you have a good start I think Ford Motor C. had 25 of them built.
  6. Great job!! where did you get the decals?
  7. Scott I like to build from original photos then you can see what different cars had on them. I started going to the drag strip in 1965 and saw all big names from that day run. agree with DJ about the pie-crust slicks. I remember seeing both in 1965 but buy 1966 most were wrinkle-walls. A good place to look at photos is George Klass Remembers for 50's - 60's photos.
  8. I did Gary Thanks! I sent a reply but must not have submitted it. Thanks again for your help. I saw the car run in 1965 but I was 14 and it is hard to remember the details.
  9. Thanks Gary I am going to do the 64 because that is what the decals are for. I would like to do the 65 version with the Cragars on it But Cady didn't do the decals right. He did the Gay Pontiac in red & gold and it should have been dark blue and light blue. Thanks again.
  10. Does anyone know anything about Arnie Beswick's 64 GTO. From the pictures I have been able to find it looks like he may have had at least 2 different ones. All the color pictures I have are black interior and I found one on George Klass that looks like red interior. I also would like to know if he had a 4 speed in it. I know he ran it in 64 and 65 the 65 car had Cragars on it. Thanks for any help I know their is a restored car but it looks to be a little of a couple different versions. I am trying to get it finished to take to Atlanta in November.
  11. Well Rick I have a year on you I am 67 and have been building since 1961. I don't mean to nitpick but my dad was a tool & die maker and a perfectionist he always said it didn't cost anymore to do the job right. THE 65 Chevelle is a great kit but they made the top flat and it just ruins the look of it. I just think model companies are trying to put too much detail. I loved the 60's kits and still do. I know none of the kits are perfect and I am a pretty good scratch builder but I shouldn't have to pay 30.00 for a kit and have to rebuild it. all in all I think most of the new tool kits are great and look forward to the next one.
  12. I hope they didn't screw it up like they did the 65 Chevelle and the 62 Impala. It looks good in the picture but I have my fingers crossed.
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