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  1. I don't comment often...but this model is too stunning to not. I literally looked over your pictures in great detail and honestly this model could be used as reference for future builds, wow! My parents owned an 80 short box so this body style is very near to my heart. Thank you so much for sharing your work with us. Again, fantastic work!
  2. Heat on the inside then pressed down with a metal tool. haha thx...we did the same thing in the 80's
  3. Thx David oh it would never pass Inspection...but a bush truck out at my dad land and surrounding area? Haha ,could imagine the look on the wifeys face Thx bud
  4. This model sat for a few years as I wasnt satisfied with my weathering affects. After a few other weathered builds and feeling my weathering skills had improved i got back to it. Represents something that sat for years and was "saved" or at least brought back to running condition.
  5. Thx man Thank you Cool. Wish I could see a photo of that. Thank you Thx Jerry
  6. Hey thx, I wasnt sure about the red at first but I think it worked out well in the end. Thank ya Thank you, door lines are always fun to decal around lol Thanks, almost makes me wish I didnt use the scoop it out so well.
  7. First just let me say, I don't know anything about NHRA rules. So if it doesn't follow I guess I'll be racing on the back roads lol. And yes, I know it's not a Cobra jet engine and the carb is too big for the 302. Certainly not the greatest fitting kit so I decided to have a little fun with it. I scratchbuilt a 6pt roll bar among other items. Simplified the interior, sanded door detail, or what AMT claimed to be detail ;). The decals are a mish mash from the parts box. Tinted rear and side windows. Actually they are lenses from disposable 3D glasses. All in all I had fun building it
  8. Yes it is....I burned through when polishing on a couple spots. But despite that it turned out really well! Thx Thx, And yes steal away!! Ha, I wish...thx! This one sat for 6 years.... Thanks everyone!
  9. She's a beauty...well done!
  10. That looks great...the vinyl top looks really good.
  11. Exactly, and it would have been easy to change the color without worrying about the door jambs with the lighter yellow. Thank man!
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