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  1. The Bandit Resins 1972 Gremlin X is finished. It is my fourth completion of 2010. Enjoy!!!
  2. Here's some pics of the finished interior for your enjoyment. The interior is painted with Tamiya TS-67 IJN Grey and flocked with Detail Master grey flocking. Rollbar painted with Tamiya TS-29 Semigloss black. The rollbar is a modified part from the AMT 1975 Gremlin kit. Seats are resin Recaros from Scale Dreams. Steering wheel is a resin copy of the one found in the AMT 1957 Ford Fairlane. Shift boot from a Jo-Han Javelin AMX race car with a straight pin shifter. Gauges are from the Revell 1969 Nova SS. Finished pics will be posted soon!!!
  3. Tamiya primer is just fine as is Tamiya clear if you choose. Practice a bit but with a lighter touch on the nozzle, the Testors paints spray almost as well as the Tamiya. Being a solid color, it will be easy to color sand. My Gremlin was shot with Testors Big Bad Blue out of the can and it had a lot of orange peel. But a little time with some water and Micro Mesh took care of that.
  4. Very cool and if I had known, I could have hooked you up with a vintage AMT annual chassis that came standard with a single exhaust molded in.
  5. First thing he'll need to do is a complete inventory of the kits with as much detail as possible regarding condition. Two people that come that purchase collections are Fred Stearns and Tom Carter of Spotlight Hobbies. How far from where you live is your uncle. I would consider if you have the time is to help him liquidate the collection on Ebay. Work out a deal for a percentage of revenues or take kits as a fee. I did this for a friend last year and while it is a lot of work, the results for both of us were worth the time and effort.
  6. I would not recommend 120 degrees for styrene. I set my dehydrator on 105 for styrene.
  7. Wow, it's been over a month since my last update. I spent a few weeks prepping three racks worth of parts that were sent to Little Motor Kar for plating so bench projects took a back seat for awhile. The chassis is basically complete at this time. Here are some under hood shots of the engine compartment. The engine is a combination of the AMT Gremlin and AMT Matador NASCAR kit parts with a Bandit Resin carb, Reps & Mins distributor and parts box valve covers and air cleaner. Painted the interior with Tamiya TS-67 IJN Grey. Dash was highlighted with Tamiya TS-6 Matt Black and the gauges are a decal from the Revell 1969 Nova kit. Seats are from Scale Dreams and the roll bar was modified from the Gremlin kit parts. I'll be flocking the floor with Detail Master dark grey flocking. You can't see them but I removed the molded-in automatic brake pedal and accelerator and replaced with parts from the Matador NASCAR kit. Enjoy!!!
  8. I painted the interior from the 1967 Camaro today. I chose to keep the stock front bucket seats and to paint the whole thing to mimic the 1967 deluxe interior package. Below is a pic from a 1:1 Camaro. Here's my version. I painted the interior Tamiya Fine White Primer, masked the stripes with 1mm masking tape, and painted with Tamiya TS-6 Matt Black. Enjoy!!!
  9. The Camaro is back on the bench after a 10 week hiatus. Started working on the interior today. I'm using the glue-bombed original. Started by separating the front seats from the console and filling in the sides. Watch for more updates soon!
  10. Since my obsession is vintage kits and resin repops of the same, it's Ebay and online vendors for me too.
  11. Lookin' good! You might want to mask and paint the lower rocker panels flat black. Most people miss this detail on their builds. Here's a pic of a real one for reference. Also, the lower section of the rear clip gets some flat black. This little detail helps to "slim" the car and remove some of its thickness.
  12. What paints have you had trouble with? I've used it under Testors lacquers, Pactra R/C lacquers and Black Gold/HOK paints thinned with Mr. Color thinner with no issues at all. I'm not sure it will work under hotter lacquer solvents but haven't tried it.
  13. There is no difference between the two except for the color. Neither of the Tamiya primers are "filler" primers, so if you need one that has that property, stick with the Duplicolor. Tamiya makes another grey primer that is not "fine" but it still is not a "filler" primer. I'd rather not build up a heavy coat of filler primer and risk hiding details that Tamiya fine primer won't. BTW, regardless of the cost per can/ounce, Tamiya primers are all I use.
  14. Don't you mean, this one? Glad to inspire and prayers to you and Beej!!!
  15. Keith Marks decals to the rescue. They are actually gold versus the nearly brown color of the kit decals. Email Keith at mofobow@hotmail.com to order a set.
  16. Lookin' good! Did you clear it? If not you should. Those "one shot" colors really pop with clear and as a bonus, it tones down the flake a bit. Get some Testors One Shot clear and have at it.
  17. Most likely it is two Ebay amateurs bidding on what they think is the last one in the world.
  18. Personally, I don't care is shipping is free or twenty bucks for one kit. If the total price including shipping is worth the purchase, I'll do it. A buyer must include shipping as part of the equation. Whether we drive to the LHS or order a model from a Far East hobby vendor, there is a "cost" associated with the acquisition. Sure, one can go to a show and buy five buck kits all day long, but what did it cost you to get to the show? Fuel, airfare, hotel, food, etc? As for the "21 day hold" on Paypal funds, I believe they only do this when you earn lower than a 4.0 star rating on one of the four categories that buyers rate sellers on.
  19. But, how fun is it driving a Mustang at what, 2/10ths to get that MPG? Like Jay Leno has been quoted, "it's more fun to drive a slow car fast than it is to drive a fast car slow." I drive a modded Toyota Yaris with a CAI, cat back exhaust, TRD suspension and 17" performance rubber. It's no Mustang, but I can drive it 8/10ths all day long and get 30 MPG. If I drive it like Grandpa, I can get 35 MPG in town and over 40 on the road. Congrats on 20+ in the Mustang, BTW.
  20. Okay, I'll play. What is your self-calculated MPG?
  21. Is that the "portable" one that folds up? I don't have any experience, but someone here might.
  22. Missing Link now offers a conversion kit for the Revell Chargers.
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