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  1. This would be mine. Spent months reworking a Revell kit to open everything up. Sorry, the headlights aren't done in these pics
  2. Very cool build. I dig that engine work. I'm a big Daytona/Laser fan
  3. I remember when I was a kid and the Concord came to my city. I think half of the town stopped to watch it. The roar was fantastic. We are lucky to get some cool aircraft around here. Coast Guard and Military Helicopters. Border patrol Choppers. Search and Rescue aircraft etc. We had the RedBull air races here for a couple years and we used to get great airshows until they built a big new repair hanger on the flight line ? We do still get almost daily formation flights from the Canadian Historical Aircraft Association that includes a Harvard (T6 Texan), Chipmunk and a Stearman Bi
  4. Ha. The few dozen others is key!. Great choice on the Spad.....'tis bad! Do you prefer the sport model or crew cab?
  5. Good call on the P-51. Looking at my 1/48 Tuskeegee right now. The P51 and the CT114 have almost the exact same wing shape and span.
  6. Ouch. The Snowbirds pic is rough! Sorry.
  7. Most of us build it all. Give me an interesting kit and Try and stop me from building it! To keep it Off-Topic, let's do aircraft. What's your favorite(s)? I just saw a great picture of an F-14 on the deck with it's wings back, Silhouetted by the sunset. Felt inspired to try and start a chat. Mine are the F-14 tomcat, F-8 Crusader, SR-71 Blackbird, Super Marine Spitfire, Lancaster Bomber and my personal favorite CT-114 Tudor (Snowbirds) There are soo many more but I figure 'Top 5 + a bonus pick' is plenty, ....but to squeeze in a top 10... ?.. Mig-15, F4u Corsair, P38
  8. My friend just game me a hardtop kit. the windshield is split in half. same as the slant nose convertible i built last year. wonder if that's common? Nice job. I dig the engine
  9. I just built one of these. Finished in Coral pink. Fun kit to build
  10. Nice work. Love your Cougar too. Good color choice! Same here, mines a lil rusty though.
  11. great stuff! the Van gogh one killed me lol
  12. Neil Diamond. Cobo Hall, Detroit '86. First on my own, AC/DC Razors Edge tour, Palace, Detroit '91 I think? Best.. Black Sabbath reunion tour, Pantera opened..Dime Bag melted my face!. Palace, 2000 I think? tied with Weird Al in 2015 Casino Windsor (absolutely loved that show. I'm a massive Weird Al Nut)
  13. I found it to be a great build. the only issue was the body and floor meeting up tightly under the doors. A careful application of CA glue cures that tho
  14. Dentz

    71 HEMI Cuda

    Cool, Built one of these about 25 years ago. Found it in an open box a few years back, amazingly undamaged albeit covered in dust. My lil barn find. Left it covered in BLAH_BLAH_BLAH_BLAH and shelved it in my garage. Those decals where applied offsite not on the line. They do it the same way today. Chargers and Challengers built in Brampton Ontario are shipped here to Windsor, just a few blocks from me, to a shop called Ground Effects where the decals are applied before being sent off to their destinations. They do GM trucks too and used to do the Daytona and Rumble bee rams
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