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  1. Looking real good. Love the red. I did this one, but my paint job didn't turn out so good, and getting those side pieces on the hood gave me a fit.
  2. Really nice job. The 66 Chevelle is one of favorites. They had one of the best stances, especially if you raised the front and rear just a little. My friend had one back in the day, yellow with the 327.
  3. Yes, nice color, looks good.
  4. Calling it done, warts and all. I enjoyed this kit, it was a fairly easy kit and I used an airbrush for the first time painting this one. For some reason I could not get the hood to sit flush, like the engine did not sit down into the bay far enough, but It was as far down as it would go. I tried looking for what was holding back the hood but finally gave up. Anyway this is my fourth build since returning to the hobby and I think I am improving on each kit. Thanks for looking.
  5. Finished. I'll put it in the under glass section.
  6. Starting this kit next. I will be doing this as just a stock pickup as I had one of these for a while. I'll add some of the goodies in the kit that I didn't have on mine, but always wanted on it. It was blue, so I'll be doing this one in blue.
  7. Thanks. Nothing used but water. One of them gave me some problems, it wanted to wrinkle up. I kept working with it with a damp sponge and got it straightened out. You have to get them lined up just right because of the hole for the door handle. There was no hole for the rear marker light, had to cut that out after they dried.
  8. Looking forward to seeing this one. I have not built it but would like to in the future, where did you get the kit?
  9. Thanks. It's a slow go getting it finished. My work shed has no AC, and it's hot here in South Georgia, heat indexes 100 and above with high humidity. I can only stay in there for a little while in the early mornings.
  10. Thanks, I had not thought of that. I've seen it at hobby lobby. Would that .080 be the correct size?
  11. Looks great. I too use a silver sharpie for trim, etc. but yours looks better than my wobbly lines.
  12. The Revell 71 Cuda 426 Hemi has indentions in the valve covers for the breathers, but none are included in the kit. Would a piece of sprue be the right scale to make them, it looks a little too large. Does anyone know where to get a couple?
  13. Got the body painted. Used a lime green craft paint from Hobby Lobby. Fist time using my airbrush on a body, noticed after my first attempt it was starting to run bad, had to quickly wash it off and start over. Keep messing with the mix and finally got it looking fairly good. Have not cleared it yet, plan on using Rustoleum 2X clear.
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