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  1. I use Mr. Cement S for seams like engine halves, etc. as others have said. Works great as it has a wicking action that will run into the seam and weld the pieces together. For other stuff I like the Testors super glue in the small bottle with a brush applicator, it's quick setting and holds great. I get both these at Hobby Lobby.
  2. Weather a bit better this morning. I finished up the engine.
  3. I use my mini-mite dremel and one of the small brush attachments, using the low speed setting. Does a great job.
  4. Got the chassis done, I think. Didn't notice there is a skid plate for the front in the kit, but nothing in the instructions about it. Not sure if I can get it on there with the front suspension on, but I may try later. The heat index is already at 108, pretty sure I'm done for the day.
  5. Bob, I use that 4.99 set from Harbor Freight also. Works well for me. https://www.harborfreight.com/magnifier-head-strap-with-lights-38896.html
  6. Yes, sometimes you can get free shipping, especially on ebay and if you are looking for a specific kit you are not likely to find it at HL. My doctors, large grocery outlets, and other places I need to go are in that same big city 35 miles away. I try to co-ordinate my trips so I can get several things done in one trip. That saves on the gas, etc.
  7. I have not seen Wal-mart sell model kits in decades around here. They may have them online. My local HL is 35 miles from me. I only go when they have them at 40% off which is every other week. Ordering from online hobby stores or ebay the shipping is just way too much.
  8. Things are going slow. Weather is hot and humid, can't stay in my work shed for long. I did some paint done on the chassis.
  9. What is this stuff. Any uses for it in our hobby?
  10. Thanks for the tips, I'll be watching for that. Yep, got it at HL. I try to pick up a kit every time they have the 40% off sale. My wife likes the mustangs, she had one back in the day, don't think it was the shelby though. She asked me why I hadn't built one, so this one's for her.
  11. You can also make a small hole in the paint can at the top, make sure you are above the paint level. Then let the propellant escape. After it has all released cut a bigger hole, squeeze the can to make a small funnel and pour the paint into jars for air brushing.
  12. So far in my return to the hobby I've done a couple of Chevies, a Mopar, and I'm now working on a GMC. Time for a Ford. The 66 Shelby Mustang GT500H is next on the list.
  13. Looking real good. Love the red. I did this one, but my paint job didn't turn out so good, and getting those side pieces on the hood gave me a fit.
  14. Really nice job. The 66 Chevelle is one of favorites. They had one of the best stances, especially if you raised the front and rear just a little. My friend had one back in the day, yellow with the 327.
  15. Yes, nice color, looks good.
  16. Calling it done, warts and all. I enjoyed this kit, it was a fairly easy kit and I used an airbrush for the first time painting this one. For some reason I could not get the hood to sit flush, like the engine did not sit down into the bay far enough, but It was as far down as it would go. I tried looking for what was holding back the hood but finally gave up. Anyway this is my fourth build since returning to the hobby and I think I am improving on each kit. Thanks for looking.
  17. Finished. I'll put it in the under glass section.
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