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  1. Thanks, I had not thought of that. I've seen it at hobby lobby. Would that .080 be the correct size?
  2. Looks great. I too use a silver sharpie for trim, etc. but yours looks better than my wobbly lines.
  3. The Revell 71 Cuda 426 Hemi has indentions in the valve covers for the breathers, but none are included in the kit. Would a piece of sprue be the right scale to make them, it looks a little too large. Does anyone know where to get a couple?
  4. Got the body painted. Used a lime green craft paint from Hobby Lobby. Fist time using my airbrush on a body, noticed after my first attempt it was starting to run bad, had to quickly wash it off and start over. Keep messing with the mix and finally got it looking fairly good. Have not cleared it yet, plan on using Rustoleum 2X clear.
  5. Nice job. It looks great.
  6. Thanks. Thanks. I think that may be where the clearance issue is.
  7. Nice. I remember that type of stance from back in the day. We would hop up that rear anyway we could, shackles on leaf springs or rubber/metal inserts on coil springs.
  8. Looking great Bob. Looking forward to seeing the finished build.
  9. Got a rolling chassis. Waiting on a distributor to finish the engine. Need to paint the body and finish it. Decided to go with lime green.
  10. I used Purple Power on a couple carbs, took it off in about 30 minutes.
  11. Thanks. It looks great. After looking at the color I did my interior with I'm not sure yellow is the way to go. I'm still thinking on it. Saw one in a lime green that looked real good, may go with that.
  12. Guys I appreciate the craftsmanship some of you put into your builds, but I'm not at that point yet, not going to be cutting and drilling on my build. It's just a basic out of the box build. I welcome any comments on my build, good or bad, here in my work in progress post. Steve....what yellow is that? It's what I had in mind for mine.
  13. No sir, I'm not offended at all. I appreciate the help, and yes it has helped me. At first I was sure it would fit, but I know now that may not be the case. After seeing the carded version with the hose and bottle I will probably get it when I can. I'm not sure the bottle with the HF one would work and the paasche bottle has a metal tube instead of plastic, I like that better.
  14. I'm not trying to dispute what you are saying. If and when I get the Paasche, if I need an adapter I will get it. Or I will get the complete Paasche hose. Or I may decide to get the complete kit. But the inlet on my AB looks to be the same as the one on the Paasche in the photos. I have the adapter that is shown on the plastic bag that says Paasche. The hose I got fits on the compressor end, but on the AB inlet I had to install that adapter for it to fit. The inlet on my AB was much smaller than the inlet end of the hose. The adapter came with the hose. I assume it was designed to fit both types of AB inlets. The thread pitch may be different and maybe that's what you are referring to. I have a little experience with air lines/fittings and adapters, but you probably know more about these AB's than I do so I will just wait and see when/if I get the Paasche if it will work. If not, no problem, I'll get the Paasche adapter or hose. I did see a carded version of the H that comes with a hose and bottle and is only a few dollars more than the AB alone. Maybe that would be the way to go. I appreciate your time and effort in explaining this to me.
  15. The hose actually came with an adapter. It would not fit my AB without it. I think it's the same adapter as the Paasche since this AB is a clone of the Passche starter brush sold at Hobby Lobby.
  16. Moved it out from under the shop light. This is the real color.
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