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  1. I have the same problem with the Rustoleum red. Other colors seem fine.
  2. About a day. The primer does fine, dries quick.
  3. Thanks. They came with the kit. I'm trying to put on the smaller ones now, I always have trouble getting them on straight.
  4. I sprayed Krylon pepper red over a piece of the plain orange sprue, sprayed another piece that I had primed with the 2x grey primer. Could not tell the difference. I went ahead and did the body with the grey primer and put on the Krylon red pepper, it looks fine to me. The only problem I'm having, and this has been with the Rust-Oleum red and the Krylon red, is it stays tacky for a long time, does not seem to want to dry completely.
  5. I've never used duplicolor. I've been using Rustoleum 2x primer and paints and have not had any problems with them except with the 2x red, which seems to stay tacky too long. The 2x primer is great. This is my first time using Krylon, put it on top of the 2x primer, it worked fine and looks great.
  6. I was in our local Ollie's just this past Wednesday looking for models, they had 0. Didn't even think to look at their paint. Thanks, I'll check them out next time. That red does look good.
  7. Thanks guys. I found a nice Krylon red at wally world, I'm going with it.
  8. I have no problem with the primer I'm using, the Rustoleum 2x grey is great. Goes on smooth and dries quick. I was just wondering what color would best to use on orange plastic. So far the grey is fine.
  9. Can duplicolor be used over any primer. I'm using rustoleum 2x primer.
  10. Test piece did ok with the grey primer, but I'm not liking this rustoleum red I got. Thinking about getting some duplicolor, can I use it over rustoleum primer?
  11. I use Mr. Cement S, basically the same as the Tamiya. As Rick said it works great on seams by capillary action, like putting the engine halves together. On other stuff where you just need a dab of glue I use Loctite super glue gel in the squeeze bottle. It works great with the squeeze action that puts just a little on the part.
  12. Thanks for all the suggestions. Right now the only ones I can get are grey and black. The Tamiya and other stuff is too expensive for me. I've got some sprue hit with the grey and will put on the red tomorrow and see how it looks. All this is rustoleum 2x paint. I think the grey will be ok, I just want a good red for a couple of corvettes I'm building for my grand sons. Hope to get them interested in the hobby, one's 12 the other 10, so they are like all kids this age, into computers and video games. I do have some black primer and will use it for the parts that are going to be top coated with black. The whole kit is in orange plastic.
  13. What color primer is best for plastic molded in orange. The finish will be some type of bright red. Right now all I have is grey primer, would it work ok.
  14. I've got to put this one on the back burner. I have been commissioned to build a couple of Corvettes for my grand boys. I'll keep doing a little along while working on the Vettes.
  15. Ok. Thanks. It's just a generic drag car, so there would be no vintage photos. I'm not trying to be accurate as far as what would be done on a real car, just wondering the best way to facilitate getting the decals on and look best. I guess either way would be ok.
  16. Real nice. I've got to do a NASCAR build again soon. Use to do a lot of them back in the day.
  17. Looking good. Engine looks fantastic. I was looking at that kit, thinking of doing a Buddy Baker.
  18. Looks great. I've got a 57 gasser waiting to be built. Maybe the fall before I get to it.
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