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  1. Got mine in the mail today. Don't need it now, but if I do another 29 model A, I'll have an extra.
  2. Thanks. Thank you. Thank you. Thanks. I had problems with the top hose, took about an hour to get it on. Thanks. Thanks. I messed up the first time around with the body paint, second time was much better.
  3. Yea, I don't like the decals that came with the kit. I will probably look for something else.
  4. This will be my first time using it. I have 2 or 3 bottles of it, but never tried it. I did the test spoon with it and liked the way it sprayed.
  5. Thanks. I have not decided yet, but leaning toward leaving it. Either mask it off and paint it silver, or try foiling it.
  6. I think this Createx Pearl Green will look good on the 57. Comments.
  7. Calling it done, warts and all. Even though I had some fit issues, probably my fault, I think it came out ok. Had a last minute mishap that took out a small paint chip on the frame left side. Comments welcome.
  8. That could be it. It's an aftermarket distributor and a little bigger than the kit one.
  9. That's great Bob. I still have not heard anything from them. I managed to get mine on, it's not perfect but looks ok. I'll post up some finished photos under glass tomorrow.
  10. I'll be trying to build this one over the winter months. I want to get it painted before it gets too cold in my unheated shed. I cut the front bumper off the grill section because it's a gasser, we don't need no stinking bumpers...
  11. Almost done. Just a few more bits, lights, door handles, etc. Then I got to try and get that warped windshield frame on there. I either put something on wrong or had a warped frame as after I started doing the chassis things just didn't fit well. Now the body sits a little crooked. This will be the last picture before I put it under glass.
  12. I just started this kit, doing body prep now. Lots of flash on mine and I've got one side window post that is broke. Was looking forward to following your build. Looks like you had a great start on it.
  13. Pulled out the 50 Chevy 3100 to try out a new photo setup. Needs some more tweaking.
  14. Looks great Bob. You going to foil it? I ordered some bare metal foil and will be trying it for the first time when I get around to building mine.
  15. Thanks Bob. Mine was just the opposite, the lower went on fine, the top was the problem.
  16. Coming along slowly. Having some fit issues with some of the chassis parts, I think my frame or something is warped. Took me an hour to get the top rad hose on, handled it so much I rubbed off some of the paint, I'll need to touch that up.
  17. Winters here in South Georgia don't usually get too bad, but it does get a bit cold for painting in my unheated shed. I think I will go ahead and paint this one to have ready for a cold weather project. It'll be a gas.
  18. Thanks. Had one small spot where it pull off, but it's in a area not seen. Had a little bleed through in a couple spots, but it's also hard to see.
  19. Went ahead and done a two tone. Came out ok I guess. Comments?
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