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  1. Thanks everyone for the comments.
  2. It looks great Bob. Nice work. I had a problem with the rad hose on mine also with the blower engine.
  3. Had a few problems with the build, but here it is.......all comments, critique welcome.
  4. Decals came yesterday. I still need to finish up the interior, then I'm done. Pay no attention to the messed up trim work. body man was drunk that day.
  5. Love it. My first car at age 17 was a 66 Impala SS 396, muncie 4 speed, 325 hp. Had a lot of fun in that car, Saturday night grudge matches at the local drag strip, cruising the streets. Wish I still had it. I've been looking for this kit so I can try to do a replica. That's a beautiful blue and the weathering is great. Nice job.
  6. It's looking great Bob. I like the interior, I think the black floorboard is a good contrast to the blue and white. I had trouble with the foil when I tried it on the 57 gasser, have not tried it again yet. Hope you get it worked out. I had also read somewhere about using Elmers glue or Mod Podge? to help it stick.
  7. Looking really good Bob. What are you using for plug wires?
  8. I'll be starting this soon. Something a little different for me. Never built one of these, but looks like a simple little build.
  9. Well my decals didn't get here today. Probably be Monday and I'll be busy most of next week, so probably will not have time to get them on and finish up the Gasser. I'm going to be starting a new build after that. Something a little different for me. WIP will be in Other Racing.
  10. Need to get back on topic I guess. LOL. I also use floor polish for my clear coat, but I'm using the new name stuff. I apply it with a sponge brush.
  11. Man, that is beautiful. My Son had a Gretsch for a while, I think he sold it.
  12. I've had a couple of Marshalls in the past but sold them. I just sold a couple of Fender amps a couple of months ago. I only have 2 Fender amps now. I have got into playing through a multi effects pedal and hardly use the amps anymore. The pedals are great at emulating different amps and effects. I'm not into actually building guitars, but I have swapped parts like necks and pickups chasing that illusive tone guitar players are always searching for. I have a couple of Fender Strats and a couple that are not quite complete. Also have the Les Paul which is what I mostly play now. Also have a Takamine acoustic.
  13. Things not going well with this build. I broke the gear shift lever, and apparently lost the brake master cylinder or it was never in the kit. I got the lever back together, maybe I can find a master cylinder in some of my parts. But I got some decals coming today and I hope to get them on.
  14. I try to play a little. Have a couple of Strats, and a Epiphone Les Paul. My wife says I just make noise. I like blues and southern rock, The Allman Brothers being my favorite band.
  15. Looks great Chaz. Love the color, and I like what you did with the engine. That hue on the headers makes them look like they have been run. The chrome pipes on my Vulcan 1500 turned that color after some miles on them. Did you wire the kit distributor? I was going to try that, but couldn't find any wire that would work.
  16. Thanks. I really didn't get it sorted like I wanted, just tried to cover up my mistake by adding more trim than was really there. But I do like the green and I have some cool decals coming for it.
  17. Trying to finish it up this week. Holidays coming up, grand kids coming next week.
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