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  1. Thanks. My air compressor is down and I will need to get it fixed or get a new one before I can proceed as I need to do some more paint work before gluing stuff together. So I'm on hold for right now. Thank you.
  2. I like those wheels and tires Bob, it will look great with them. What kit did they come from?
  3. Thanks guys. Since the paint came off so easy I just kept sanding and got most of it off or blended as best I could. Then I shot about 3 light coats of color, let it dry and shot 2 heavy wet coats, probably too heavy, but I guess it looks ok, so I'll just go with it. Also got the engine done. I had wired it before I tried the headers and realized the wires were in the way of the header flange. I snipped out some of the flange to get a good fit and will mount the headers later after I get the pan and exhaust pipes done. Also noticed there was no coil in the parts. I found one in some spare parts and think I will mount it to the firewall.
  4. Thanks Bob. I messed up my paint job on the body. I put on some clear, pledge floor polish, and then tried wet sanding so I could polish it a little. Paint starting peeling off all the way to the primer, I tried sanding it down and spraying another coat but I can't get it to blend where the paint stopped peeling. Guess I will have to take all the paint off and start over. What's the best way to remove all the craft paint?
  5. Slowly making some progress. Waiting on a distributor from Connkur to finish the engine.
  6. I sent a replacement form and pictures of my warped frame a month ago, never heard back from them. Very disappointed. I'll have to try and make the warped one work some way.
  7. Thanks. Since it will only be displayed inside, I'll probably just leave it as is.
  8. Looks like it could be made to work, but like already mentioned you would have to remove the front section of the Chevelle frame and graft on the front section of the Impala frame, the front wheel wells on the Chevelle are molded into the frame, and on the Impala they are molded to the body. Plus you would probably need the front section for mounting the engine. May need other mods to make everything line up. It could be done, but too much work for me to take on. I'm going with the stock version of the Impala, the Chevelle is all Pro Street and has a nice set of big slicks for the rear.
  9. That's me too Bob, I don't do any big modifications like that, scared I will mess up the whole kit. I do have the Chevelle Pro Street kit, I will check it out to see how it fits under the Impala.
  10. Thanks. I thought I had sanded them out, but I can still see them a little in the sunlight through the color coat.
  11. Ha.....I just bought this kit last week also. Sure would like to see those big tires on there, I'll be following.
  12. I had some Folkart Metallic Antique Copper craft paint, so I went with it. I noticed after priming I had what looked liked bullseye rings on both sides of the body just behind the door. I wet sanded and shot another coat of primer but couldn't get rid of it. You can still just barely see it even after the top coat in the pictures. It's not very noticeable inside though.
  13. That looks great. I just bought the T kit with the double build. Got some other stuff to get to before I get started on it.
  14. Thank you. I couldn't figure out what they were at first. Thanks.
  15. Thanks. The covers came in the kit.
  16. Mine had the in dash tach, but no instrument pod. I've been thinking of getting that kit and doing a replica, but it's hard to find right now. Yes, my insurance was also expensive, but I was toughing it out working with my Father in his logging business. I actually broke my rear end drag racing, and didn't have the money to get it repaired, finally sold it.
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