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  1. Thanks. Thanks. Thank you. Thank you. Thanks. I could not figure out how to orient them to look right. Thanks.
  2. Wow.........I can feel that thing shaking the ground just looking at it. Nice work.
  3. Sharp looking Vette. Nice work.
  4. Dang it Bob, hate to hear that. Take a break for a few days, then get back on it, I'm sure you can fix it.
  5. I guess the title did assume that. Kinda misleading. I need to change it to Not a Hertz Mustang.
  6. I'm not really concerned about it being a Hertz. My wife wanted me to build a Mustang because she had one in her teens, but the only thing she could remember, it was dark blue and a fastback. When I got the kit it was the only Mustang HL had. As long as she is ok with it, I'm good.
  7. Got it in primer. The wife had a Mustang in her teens, don't think it was a Shelby though, anyway hers was dark blue and she wants this one dark blue, so I'll go with that. Got just a little sanding to do first.
  8. Is there a link to your finished project? It looks like you were getting it looking very close to the movie car.
  9. I saw that Monogram kit on ebay and thought it would probably be a good base for the car. But it was 50 bucks and I would not be comfortable cutting that front clip off to make the flip nose.
  10. It's just a thought right now Bob. Sounds like it would be quite a undertaking for me, I probably need to get some more building under my belt before I try it. I have 3 or 4 kits now that I need get to first. I just got the MPC 57 Chevy Spirit of 57 gasser and it made me think of the 55 in the movie. I use to watch that movie about once a year, but haven't seen it a while. If I remember correctly the car was a grey primer with a flip nose and a 454 engine. There were actually 3 cars built for the movie, but the grey primer one was the main car. Thanks for comments guys, gives me something to think about.
  11. Ok, just thinking out loud here, but say I wanted to build a Two Lane Blacktop 55 Chevy, what would be the best base kit to start with? Are there any flip nose 55 Chevy gasser kits?
  12. Got the Roadster yesterday from Hobby Lobby. Ordered the 57 Chevy gasser from ebay a few days ago, and it arrived today.
  13. Really disappointed in this one. Started out good, thought I did well on the engine and chassis, then moving on to the body and interior I started having problems and messing up. Could not get the paint right, it was supposed to be the same light blue for the interior and body, but the light blue just would not stick to the body so I went with a dark blue and I don't think the two blues match very good. I either lost some parts or they were missing from the kit, had no rad hose and a piece that was supposed to be there to hold the front bumper. I carried on anyway. I didn't want all the extra stuff for the snow plow so left those off. I had a GMC like this in the past and tried to make it like that one. Don't know what happened with the mirrors, never could get them on straight.
  14. Calling it done. It's not pretty, but I put it in under glass section anyway.
  15. My local HL is 35 miles away from me. They run the 40% off sale every other week. I try to make a trip there during the sale week and pick up a kit. I just got back into the hobby a couple months ago so I building up my stash. Most all of you guys here have already done the kits I'm buying. They do seem to have a couple of new kits each time I go. The sale is going on this week so made a trip yesterday and picked up the Revell 29 Ford Model A Roadster.
  16. Looks awesome Bob. That red really pops. I have not tried bare metal foil yet, still sticking with my silver sharpies.
  17. SpiderWire 20lb test is 0.010in / 0.25mm diameter. The higher the pound test, the bigger it gets. 65lb test is 0.014in / 0.35mm.
  18. That's what I'm going to do from now on, start with the body. I need to get better at preparing the body and take care of it first before moving on with the build. I've been forgetting things by getting into a hurry with my builds.
  19. Thanks. Therein lies my problem I've been having with the paint. I'm doing this with craft acrylics. I had a GMC truck back in the day and it was light blue, body and interior. So that's what I was going to do. I started with the light blue doing the interior, I could not get it to spray correctly, probably mostly my fault. I had to start over three times, but finally got it to where I liked it. Started the body with the same light blue and never could get it to spray right. So now I got some dark blue, different brand acrylic and it sprays good. But I had already finished up the interior, so I really don't like the contrast with the dark blue body and light blue interior, but I going with it anyway. I'll see how it turns out, may be ok.
  20. Thanks. Hope to get the body painted in a few days and finish it up.
  21. Excellent work Bob. Looks great. I've been wanting to do a gasser, found a 57 Chevy flip nose online and ordered it, but will be a few weeks before I get started on it.
  22. That's a beauty. Nice work.
  23. I've heard those stories also. The first ones Shelby sent them were all manual transmission and Hertz complained about saying they wanted autos, so Shelby started sending them with auto trans. The first ones also had racing brakes with metallic lines which needed to be heated up good before they would operate properly. Hertz complained their customers were running into the back of cars because they didn't let them heat up. Shelby had to start putting a warning on the dash about the brakes to remind drivers about it. My wife wanted me to build a Mustang because she had one as a teenager, it was Shelby but not the Hertz. I knew Revell made another Shelby but I could not find one, at least not at Hobby Lobby which is where I get my kits when they are at 40% off. She's ok with it being the Hertz as long as I paint it dark blue like the one she had. I'll check out that video.
  24. Still have not started this build. Working on the GMC truck which I'm having problems getting it painted. Weather and other things not co-operating.
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