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  1. Good suggestions, but I will probably just keep it simple with a bright yellow.
  2. I thought Paasche was made in USA, is it not just standard 1/8 fitting or is it a special made fit only on the Paasche. I can get a adapter if needed, in fact I probably got one, that would be cheaper than getting the complete kit.
  3. Actually, I'm not using the hose that came with the kit. I bought a 10 foot one. The 1/4 in-18 NPT fits my compressor and the 1/8 in-28 NPS fits the brush. https://www.harborfreight.com/14-in-x-10-ft-braided-nylon-airbrush-hose-69578.html?_br_psugg_q=airbrush+hose Yes I'm going to use this one for a while until I get more practice in mixing and spraying. And you are right the money will be coming out of my pocket and I'm retired living on a fixed income so I have to watch how I spend it.
  4. Thanks. I did test with water and it sprays fine. I'm getting there, I mixed some with washer fluid and it seems to work better. I think I just need to get my paint thinned correctly and get my air set right. Some of the paint I got at Walmart was just no good, bad lumpy and would not mix well. I tried some more I had bought and it did much better. I will still get the Paasche H, but I'm going to keep practicing with this one. I may do some small parts with it and maybe an interior, but I don't think I will try it on a body right until I get better with it.
  5. I wonder if the bottle that came with the harbor freight brush will fit the Passche H. I'm sure the hose will. I can get the H brush only for 36 dollars, I don't need the hose and bottle if the ones I have will work with it.
  6. Thanks Bob. That was an informative video. I use the Rustoleum 2x primer, I will try to get some of that paint he used. Is the Passche H the brush they sell in Hobby Lobby in the blister pack?
  7. I appreciate the offer and will keep it in mind. Right now I'm going to practice on the basics and see how this cheap one holds up.
  8. I have been practicing on some spoons and an old body. At one point I did get it doing fairly good with some gloss black acrylic craft paint from Walmart. I got a good smooth finish on a spoon and then shot the roof of the car body and it turned out ok. I had some small parts from a kit I'm working on that needed to be gloss black so I went ahead and shot those, they came out ok. Your advice is well taken, I think I just need to concentrate on the basics and not the brush itself. I am going to get some better paints to try.
  9. Do you have the single action or the double action. I got the cheaper single action. Yea I'm trying to thin it to be about like milk. I'm thinking about getting a double action internal mix brush, but I guess I need to get the basics down first. What paints are you using.
  10. It's either spraying too thin or too thick, I can't seem to get it adjusted. When it looks like it going to be ok, it pools in detail parts and is too thin in smooth areas. I'm trying to thin it to be about like milk. The AB is single action, but does have some adjustment for the paint. Thanks for the links, I will check them out.
  11. About 40 years ago I purchased a Testors air brush, it's the plastic job where the bottle clips onto the front and air blows across the nozzle to pull the paint out. I didn't have a compressor at the time so I used canned air. I did fairly well with it, painting several NASCAR kits I was doing at the time. I decided the other day to get another air brush to experiment with. I didn't want to spend a lot of money on one so I got a cheap one at Harbor Freight. I've practiced some with it, but can't seem to do much but make a mess. I'm using a Sears 3 gallon 125PSI compressor, I've tried pressure from 20-50 but nothing seems to work. The cheap brush has some adjustment but I can't seem to get anything to work well. I'm using cheap acrylic paint from walmart, thinning with water at about 50/50. I got to looking through my junk and found the old Testors brush, hooked it up and tried it, it sprayed good, but the paint on the test model looked bad. I guess I need a better brush, paint and more practice. Any suggestions.
  12. I've always like that yellow on Nash Bridges cuda.
  13. Starting this one soon. Not sure what color I'm going with yet, but it will not be the box art purple.
  14. Calling it done, warts and all. I called myself diverting a little from a out of box build. I decided to install different wheels and tires, and a V8 engine. It did not turn out so well. I thought I had checked all clearances for the V8, it's a 350 from the 72 Nova kit, but I forgot about the firewall. The firewall caused the body not to sit all the way down and gives it too high of a look in the front. I guess I could have fixed it, but was ready to get through with the build. I do like the redline tires and retro mags though.
  15. That's a 350 small block from the 67 Nova kit. I looked at a 427 but didn't think it would work. It's not an accurate mount, but I'm ok with it. Had to shorten the drive shaft. I've test fitted the radiator and it seems to work out, but I will have to make some new hoses. Had trouble getting some pipes on it but kept modifying some from the 72 Nova kit and got them to work out, although it's not pretty. Not a show truck anyway, just something I can put on my shelf.
  16. Looks great. I also just got back into the hobby after around 30 years. I've done 3 kits since returning, I totally messed up the first one. You are doing better than I am.
  17. Looking good Bob. I got side tracked from my 50 Chevy 3100, but hope to get back to it soon.
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