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  1. Arnd, In a single gas tank application, the truck will only have the rear tank. But, it's more common to have a single tank when the truck is a short bed, especially if it's 4x4. Yours being a 4x2, a long bed and an F-250, I'd advise leaving the dual tanks. Especially it being a beaten down work truck, one tank has probably rusted out so the other keeps the ol' girl going.
  2. One other nitpicky little thing. The vents in the fender emblems are a dark red on the diesel trucks. Other than that, it looks good. I need to get one of these and do a shortbed conversion to match my 1:1.
  3. As the owner of a 1:1 6.4L Power Stroke Super Duty, I must say the engine is dead on. It's all there, both EGR coolers, VGT controller, fuel cooler, filters, oil fill, all of it. Nicely done.
  4. The wheels in the box art appear to be the standard 17" painted aluminum ones that are standard on '10-up XLT trim trucks, while the ones on the test shot are 20" units from an '11-up King Ranch or Platinum truck. Difference being, the King Ranch has gold inserts and the Platinum's are black. Also, the box art depicts a single outlet exhaust, like a gas engine where the diesel has a twin outlet "diffuser", designed to lower tailpipe exhaust gas temperature during regen cycles. But, the pipe appears to have the diesel's vents in the wall. The box art shows the grilles in the fender vents as bei
  5. Nice work on the Bulldog. Reminds me of the one I built some time ago. Probably 10 years or so. I lost the Bulldog somewhere along the line and haven't found a replacement yet. Box stock other than the stack top. I used a side pipe from somewhere since it had the turnout on it.
  6. Sorry about the loss of your Star, but at least you were able to save something. Looks good.
  7. Seeing those few preliminary shots of the 4 years of grilles and the 4x4 components has me even more excited for these. By the looks of it, the transfer case appears to be a divorced NP205, so I'm going out on a limb and speculating that there's a 4x4 F-250 in the works. If not, a 4x4 F-100 will still get the job done, since 4x4s are more common in these parts. I see lots of these making great era-correct work trucks, regardless of model or engine. Back then, towing capacity wasn't as much a concern as it is today in our world dominated by 3/4 and 1-ton diesels, so it wasn't uncommon to see lo
  8. As part of my resolutions for 2014, I promised myself I'd build more. Shouldn't be too hard, I finished just one for '13, my Road Boss. I started the Roadrunner trailer the same time I got the Road Boss, and originally intended on adding it to a built up Pete 359. I axed that idea after a while, so the trailer went back into the box. While working on the Road Boss, I stumbled on the Western Star reissue, and decided they were a perfect match. I didn't pick up the Star until a few days after Christmas, so it's been a long time coming. Here's where I'm at. I started off with the engin
  9. That's got it fixed, thanks Brett. I never would've thought to try that, I've posted links and such from this PC before. Maybe I haven't since updating to IE11 (I just install the stuff as updates are sent, don't pay much mind to them). But, thanks again!
  10. Hey all, I'm trying to post some photos of may latest build, and I can't get the things to work. I copy the link from my Photobucket as per usual, but they won't paste into the topic window. It'll paste right into MS Word and the address bar in my browser but not where I need it most. Anyone else having any issues like this? Any help is much appreciated, thanks in advance!
  11. I picked up this Dodge when Ollie's had a bunch of Lindberg kits cheap, I think I paid $7.99 for it. I didn't want to build it stock, the only option on this one. I didn't want to do a really shiny build either, that way I didn't really have to stress over getting it all right. So I decided to let my imagination run wild and with some judicious raiding of my parts stash, here's where she sits. The engine is the kit block and some other bits, but that's about it. Tunnel ram & carbs I think are from a Revell '70 Buick GSX. I made the deep sump oil pan by grafting on another one from a br
  12. Here are my two workhorses: 1994 F-150 XLT. 5.0, E4OD auto 4x4. It has the SixLiter tune up (learned about it on a Ford Truck forum, high output coil, 8mm wires, timing bump) BBK shorty headers that leak badly, K&N intake, soon to have a Flowmaster cat-back, Rancho RS5000 shocks, new brakes, new headlights and clear markers, and a bunch of other TLC and upgrades. I sacrificed a mint 2WD '95 to save it back in 2010. With donor body parts and some fresh paint, the old girl still turns a few heads. Color is Tobago Green (same as Calypso on a Mustang) with a dark Tourmaline insert and gre
  13. By the looks of it, there's an F-250 in hiding here. It has the proper hubcaps and rear axle for it. A nice set of the mag-style wheel covers would suit the F-100 nicely, along with a more proper 9 inch pumpkin.
  14. If the kits look anything at all like the tooling mockups, we're in for a real treat! With some switching around of trim, beds, and drivetrains, there's a number of trucks to be built. Add some beefed up rear spings, different rear axle and some 8-lug wheels, a 2wd F-250 would be an easy conversion on the longbed kit. Any chance of parts to do a Contactor, Farm & Ranch, Camper, or Trailer Special? Even so, those would be fairly easy to build on your own.
  15. Thanks everyone! I agree that leaving the ol' Reo alone is best, but I at least need to reattach the stack haha. I definitley like the Rdon't oad Boss as a daycab more, I think it'll stay that way. I can always just set the sleeper on if I get bored. Alex, I made the PA plate with something like this http://www.licenseplates.tv/1977_pennsylvania_license_plate_7599.html. I thought I used the Acme Platemaker, but they don't seem to have the right blank. Insert the desired numbers (this might actually be a passenger car arrangement, but it fits). I saved the image, inserted it into a Microsof
  16. Here's a quick update. The truck part of the equation is done, now I need to turn my attention to the bed, plow, and spreader. This one's going on the back burner for a bit. I have a special build that has a deadline. Stay tuned in the other On thw Workbench for that one, coming soon! At first, I wasn't too sure about the grille treatment. But now that the bumper's on, it looks 10x better. Here's that front pumpkin I was talking about. It does interfere with the oil pan a bit, but I fanangled it in there. The heart, now in Ford Blue. I redid the intake as well, but it's stil
  17. Thanks guys! To answer your question, Jim, the engine is Plasti-Kote Old Ford Engine Blue I had laying around. Shouldn't be hard to find, even in a Duplicolor equivalent at you local parts store. I used Duplicolor light grey primer underneath it, to keep the Cat yellow from leeching through. And Tim, I got the idea for the grill from your Super Value Ford LT tractor, so I must give credit where credit is due. That one also has me wanting to build a matching tractor with the larger L hood, or as an even larger LTL. A quick bit of research turned up this: L=Standard Hood. LT=Tandem Axle. L
  18. Hey everyone, I'm (finally) back for some more. I haven't started any new builds recently, I've been doing alot of shelf damage repair instead. First up, my old LNT-8000 plow truck. This thing is at least 10 years old now, and it was showing. I was just going to glue it back together (i've discovered the virtues of 5 minute epoxy since then) and I got a little carried away. So far, I've foiled the grille surround to update it a little, and flattened and repainted the grille. I fixed some glue damage from a previously installed air conditioner, and since I have no idea what paint I used I repai
  19. Thanks for the kind words, fellas! Here's a couple more, in daycab mode with my dad's old Great Dane extendable from back in the day. And with its distant cousin, dad's Diamond Reo, also a survivor from back in the day. It got a semi-restoration in the early '90s, mostly just glued back together and a few things touched up or repainted. Looks like old Testors metallic green. It's suffering from some serious shelf wear at the moment, but despite dad's youth, years in my grandma's attic, mine and my brother's childhoods, and two moves, it's holding up well. It's been glu
  20. Hey all, after a long slump (well over 2 years since I finished anything) I'm back for a while I hope. Anyway, I picked this up when it first got reissued, and after finishing and painting the fram and driveline, it came to a screeching halt. About 3 weeks ago, I tore into it full force, working on it as much as I could and here we are. Basically out of the box, but I changed a few things. I cut down the sleeper crawl through to close the gap a bit, made a new stack using the kit muffler wrapped in chrome tape and aluminum tubing, made new mudflaps from the covering of an old 3 ring binder, an
  21. A friend of mine has a '70 something R700 that's had its V8 Mack replaced with a 3406B and an Eaton 13 Speed. We've christened it the Mackerpillar, looks like yours is coming along nicely too.
  22. How did I miss this? Count me in! My grandpap bought a brand new 1970 F100 Ranger XLT longbed, black, 2WD with a 360 and 3 on the tree. Then my dad traded it in for a new 77 F-250, which I still have (albeit in pieces lol). I've only seen one picture of it, but pap should be able to fill in any gaps. I can't wait!
  23. Here we go Steelers, here we go! I like it. Now you just need to paint up the F-250 to match. I don't want to start a battle but I have just one parting word lol. SIXBURGH!
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