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  1. I never noticed the difference by year for the headrests, you learn something everyday. Every XL I've seen is non-adjustable. I'll have to pay more attention. I've seen some oddballs too. A friend of mine has a '93 XLT with the rubber floor, crank windows and manual locks. Another has a '96 XLT with non-adjustable headrests, manual locking hubs and an electronic transfer case. I bought a '95 parts truck that was an XL that had a chrome grille and front bumper, cruise control, A/C and came from the factory with no rear bumper! That was an option until the new bodystyle came along in '97, fun fa
  2. This is looking really nice. The crossmember swap is a good move, since the one for a 460 powered truck is unique to the big block. One other suggestion would be to reshape the headrests to match the non-adjustable ones on the XL seat. I'll be watching this one for sure.
  3. Custom frame with TLT axles? I've got an Axial SCX10 and Wraith myself.
  4. Looking good, I'm doing a similar build of my 1:1 '94 F-150, with an AMT kit though. I chopped up the front suspensionfrom the '80 Bronco as well to get the 4x4. The 4.9 six popper looks great, as does the 5 speed. The wagon wheels look spot on as well, and I always did like them with trim rings. My only suggestion would be to add some round stock to the front center caps to replicate the 4x4 front hubs, since they stick out farther than the rears. Your 1:1 looks pretty clean from a rust standpoint too! I'm wanting to do a build with the Kitchen Table six, and I think yours sold me on it. I w
  5. Looks great, as always. There's a TMC unit parked on the side of the road I've passed daily on my way to school for about a week now. Judging from seeing it every day, I'd say you nailed it, Tim.
  6. It's a great kit, aside from the lack of options within the box. I bought mine when wally world was selling the 5 dollar checker box kits. I did mine up as a base 383 model (I had a horrible decal issue, and couldnt get them to settle down) with R/T hood, doors, and tail lamps. I used some chrome valve covers, headers, and an air cleaner from the parts box. I don't have any updated pics after I switched out the wheels for turbine mags and added dummy sidepipes for a real 70's street pounder look.
  7. The LWB kit has the same bumper as the Lightning, Flareside, and SWB kits. The bumper on the Eddie Bauers is in fact the same as the diesel trucks. Also, for '96 all trucks and Broncos came with the diesel bumper. Instead of making multiple bumper types, they made just the diesel one that year since they were getting ready to produce the new body style for '97. I'm building a replica if my 1:1 '94 and I used the Monogram parts since i had them laying around. I grafted on the spindles from the AMT 2wd suspension so the wheel mounting points would stay the same. This also allowed the use of the
  8. Nice! One of my favorite rigs of all time. I always loved the massive hoods on the LTLs. Is the AMT LNT9000 the donor?
  9. Reminds me of a couple former Werner units running around my area that have been converted to dairy tankers.
  10. The 92-96 Fords did have tan as an option. I've looked at a few, but they seem to be more common in the 95-96 Eddie Bauer trucks and Broncos. I'm not sure if it was avaliable in the Nites (which was dropped after 1992). They are out there though. Here's a 1992 XLT
  11. The only thing I know of is a 1/27 (?) scale r/c done by Radio Shack's XMODS line. However, I don't think they make them anymore. An ebay search may turn one up. I have the '65 Mustang and the '06 F-150, and they're great fun!
  12. Very nice, Rommel. Always nice to see something other than a Cummins or Detroit. The C16 was the last of Caterpillar's big engines before the government decided it was too bad for the environment. It was replaced by the less potent C-15 ACERT. Many of the guys I know often refer to big horsepower engines like these as "Big Hammers". Another little bit of trivia is that the pre ACERT engine models are designated withou a hyphen, i.e. a C15 is non-ACERT, C-15 is an ACERT
  13. Sorry highway, but a buddy of mine beat ya to it lol. And for being a Texas gate, it had a few rust issues. It needed about a 1/2" strip welded across the bottom lip the whole width of it. I guess all the moisture that collected there above the seam did its damage.
  14. I didn't want to load up one post with my junk, so I used two! Next up is Li'l Bruiser. '85 F-250 4x4, 460/4-spd, just over 30k original miles! I'm the 2nd owner, and it was converted to a dump when it was almost new. From what I've read, Thiele industries in Windber, PA is no longer in business as of 2008, and I imagine they didn't make too many of these beds. And last is a truck that is very special to me. It belonged to my dad, and since we can't keep his Peterbilt, we're keeping this. '01 Ram 2500, Cummins/Auto, 77k. It has a Banks exhaust that dad put on, and since my brother and
  15. I know I've posted my F-150 here before, but here it is again. '94 F-150 XLT 4x4, 5.0/Auto 110k. Getting ready for paint now. And the truck that was sacrificed for the '94. '95 F-150 XL 4x2, 4.9/5-spd, 225k. Leaks oil like a sieve and the 4.9 is pretty tired, so that means it still has another 200k left in it! Next up is Gertie, a '94 Cougar XR7 with 49k. 4.6/Auto so it runs like a Mustang of the same era. Handles good and gets 23 MPG. Technically still my grandma's, I'm trying to convince her to just sell it to me. I only use it for commuting to school and back.
  16. A very poor attempt at a Bumpside on R&R's part, but a great piece of work by you, Mr. Most.
  17. I like the primer front end with the purple fog around the edges. It looks like it was "cut in" but the outside hasn't been painted yet.
  18. What LaTroca should've looked like from the beginning!
  19. Very nice, the style reminds me of Trepanier's FastForward Fastback.
  20. I'm with Tim on this one, this is just what a 359 should be. Reminds me alot of my Dad's '87 359 he had before the 2000. Pretty much the same, except his was a teal color and had a 400 Big Cam Cummins and a 13 speed.
  21. I worked on an old 4300 dump truck at my last job. A tired old thing, but it ran like a scalded cat and the a/c would freeze you out of the cab!. The hood and the windsheild mask are fiberglass, the rest is aluminum.
  22. Mark, nothing adds more to a car than the right set of shoes, and I think you nailed it.
  23. I'd say you nailed the stance. Those wheels should look even sharper with some big brakes behind them. Might I suggest some form of LS engine for power. The GM LSx crate engines seem really popular, its modern reliable horsepower within the reach of everyman. The way this car looks is clean and simple, and the powertrain should follow suit, but that just my 2 pennies. I also vote for the spoon on the left, its different without being too over the top. The box art for this kit is just too cool! I love the straight axle under a Camaro idea.
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