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  1. The center driver position makes it harder to see the lines dividing the lanes and you are more likely to get over too far. But the main thing I see with a center driver position is the view around the rig, and huge blind spots on both sides instead of only on one side...but what do I know, I'm just a commercial drivers license holder equivalent to the US class A license. 😉
  2. I don't understand why both KW and Tesla insists on putting the driver in the center far from each side in the cab...mirrors or cameras can work but have limitations for the view around the truck, especially if it's narrow. I would like to sit near the middle of the road when I drive a full size truck and if a center posision would have been so great everyone would have it allready.
  3. Sorry, it's the Transtar CO4070A they did new tooling and reissued, not the Transtar II Eagle CO4070B where the tooling was changed from the Transtar CO4070A so it couldn't be reissued in it's original form. The tooling for the Transtar II Eagle seems to have disappeared when Round 2 bought the MPC, AMT and ERTL tool bank from Tomy.
  4. Could it be that they used the B-body K-members, they are slightly wider than the A-body. I know they use them on the SS/H and SS/HA cars to get the wheels further outwards.
  5. 1957 is mostly red block, heads and intake manifold, valve covers are black or cast aluminum, air cleaner argent. 1958 is more difficult and the engine colors are all over the place, red, blue, green, yellow, valve covers are black, white and air cleaners are also black or white. 1959 to 1966 model year, Black block, heads, intake manifold (except aluminum) with different clolored valve covers and air cleaner depending on engine version, some have chrome valve covers and air cleaner and some of the hotter engines had cast aluminum oval air cleaners., it depends on engine version and if they ordered a dress up kit.
  6. Yes of course, lack of detail is probably why the kit manufacturers also supplies backing plates. I think I saw somewhere detailed brakes without backing plates, I don't remember where tho'.
  7. Far from all US tractors and trailers have backing plates because you really don't need them as all brake parts are attached to the axles themselves, and it's easier to see wear as you can see the brake shoes from the inside. Here is Paul Cox's 1979 K100 Aerodyne under restoration, no backing plates. even on more modern trucks, 2000 Peterbilt 379.
  8. Well Revell and Monogram was merged and became the same company 1986.
  9. No I don't, the images was found on internet. The 1673C is a redesign and is slightly different from the 1673 and 1673B and the 1673C appearently developed to the 3306. These are the only dimensions I have found so far.
  10. Nice model. This kit is not new at all, the only thing new is the box and decals and this kit has been out several times, 2 times under the Monogram brand and 6 times under the Revell brand...all are the same basic kit. I have one of the first issues of the Shelby GT350R from 1994 issued under the Monogram brand but it's based on the tooling of the first 65 Shelby GT350 and 65 Mustang 2+2 also issued by Monogram in 1985 and 1/24th scale, and all the 1964½, 1965 and 1966 Mustangs and Shelbys from Revell and Monogram are based on this tooling.
  11. Except for these a correct Superbird decal sheet should include these essential images, otherwise it's not complete. Wing strut decals with text in in black and white as both were available. Headlight door. Rear quarter panel above the passenger side tail light. Steering wheel decal. Horn decal The Keith Marks Superbird sheet have all of them plus all the Plymouth and Road Runner markings, except maybe for the Voice of the road runner horn decal. Rays decals seems to have the horn decal too.
  12. Thank you so much, I really appreciate it.
  13. One of the Revell issues, the Torino GT has tubular headers for 429-460. As I understand it he want tubular headers for a 427 FE to fit in the engine bay of the 66 Fairlane, and the Torino is based on the Fairlane so it might work, it's a model kit the 429-460 headers can maybe be modified to work for the 427 FE...but on a real engines it's not possible without severe modifications to the flanges wich most likely have to be changed as they are very different between the engines.
  14. The Testors issues of the old Jo-Han kits did not have any decals at all, I believe they were issued with left over stock from Jo-Han and there were most likely no decals left.
  15. Does that include me too? I have not recieved either the #222 nor the #223.
  16. Nice. I have the double set with both cars.
  17. For information. The Revell/Monogram 1970 Ford Torino kits has a 385 family 429 engines, these engines are very different from the FE and the 385 family engines are physically larger.
  18. I have many pictures of the 1673 in my files since I started gathering when I found out the truck had one of them engines. On many places it say that the truck had a 1674 but that's not true according to my reliable source, he say it was a 1673 due to age of the engines...the 1673, 1673A and 1673B was made 1960-1968 and the 1674 came on the market 1967...the movie was from 1971 and the engine was allready old and worn by then wich a 4 year old engine wouldn't have been...and the yellow air cleaner used wich was a 4 inch intake tube 1673 air cleaner, the 1674 used a 5 inch intake tube and a different looking air cleaner...so in conclution he says the engine must have been a 1673B. Here is a link to my reference files for the 1673 https://public.fotki.com/ForceFC1/cat-1673d333/ , feel free to use them. On this picture you see the missmatched wheels too, 5 hole steelies on the drive axle and 5 hole Alcoas on the rear tag axle as this is the passenger side, the other way around on the drivers side. The suspension is hidden by the wheels most of the time so it's hard to see, and yes it's the beam you see highlighted in this picture and when you know how a Page & Page suspension looks like it's very clear. Here is a truck chassis with that suspension.
  19. I think I have 6 to 10 of them allready. 😉😁
  20. The #222 are still missing and #223 is a no-show here in Sweden as of May 11th.
  21. Same here, #222 and #223 has not reached my mailbox here in Sweden as of May 11th, I have not sent any requests for replacements yet tho' as I have been patiently waiting for them to come. I know there were problems with the #222 everywhere in the World but since I got #221 I thought the #223 would show up...but nothing so far.
  22. The 60 Starliner Custom or 2 'n 1 kit has everything you need to do a period correct 427 with dual 4 bbl and long cast iron headers.
  23. The truck has a hood ornament on top of the grille in the middle and it's small, but it also has a mirror on top of the grille to the right of the ornament pointed at the smoke stack so the driver could see the color of the exhaust and if it was too black he had to lift off or change to a lower gear and keep the rpm up to not damage the engine.
  24. Nice build so far...and the correct year.
  25. I also plan to build the primary truck when I build mine and I'm gathering parts as we speak, I have everything covered except for the engine and front wheels. I bought the resin cab kit from AITM and I also got a narrow nose hood kit from Dave made to fit the small window Unlilite cab AMT 359, I just took it out and measured it and the grille is 36 mm on that one, so it's slightly wider than the grille on the cab kit and close to your 3D design. Go with what you think looks best. If you want to be sure and get it right ask the Peterbilt guru Tim Ahlborn, he would know, he is a member here on the forum but I have not seen him post here for a long time, I see him post on Spotlight Hobbies board from time to time, but he has a facebook group called MTDG Model Truck Discussion Group and he posts frequently there. This is the closest I could find of an early hood ornament but I think some I have seen looks slightly different. But good pictures are hard to find....I've tried., most of the ornaments I find pictures of are the later air plane style. I don't know how I will tackle the engine issue either, maybe modify a kit engine to look like a 1673 or something like that, as you say, nothing is available. There are two different designations for the same engine tho', 1693 for the truck engine and D333 for the heavy machine version, but they are the same on the outside, what can differ is if they have aftercooler or not, I have found lots of pictures on the web of these engines wich I saved to my files. I forgot to mention the suspension on the truck, it was a Page & Page 60/40 suspension and you can find one at Czech Truck Model (CTM) wich recently added a couple of suspensions to their line of resin truck parts. I'm sure more will come in the future, I have provided lots of pictures of old truck suspensions to them. https://www.czechtruckmodel.com/resin-suspension-sets/297-ctm-24269-page-and-page-suspension-set.html The axles are wrong for the movie truck as both are top loaders, but the suspension is right, the movie truck appearently had one top loader drive axle when it left the factory but it was also changed to a front loader axle, most likely when they changed the rest of the drive line but they kept the tag axle and the suspension. When it comes to suspension on the trailer I found out from reliable sources that it would have had Kenworth style torsion bar suspension like this. These wheels look great, I have looked for some myself as I need them for my Duel project...and the engine wich is the only major parts missing. The closest I could find was Moluminum's Tyrone Malone Truck Mate wheels wich really didn't look right and there are hub caps on them. I also got some wheels from Strato Models wich were very nice, but they are too small as they are 20 inch wheels, I believe the movie truck had 22 inch wheels. The fronts are like this but in different colors, black on the drivers side and white on the passenger side, the rear wheels are miss matched, drivers side drive axle has a 5 hole Alcoa aluminum wheel and the tag axle a 5 hole steel wheel, the passenger side has 5 hole steel wheel on the drive axle and 5 hole Alcoa on the tag axle, the tank trailer has 6 hole steel wheels on the front axle and 5 hole steel wheels on the rear, same on both sides. Well here is my research for you, it gets more complicated than you think if you want to get it right and I have spent many hours researching for this truck wich is part of the fun.
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