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  1. Thanks. I have allways been facinated by Nitro engines since I experienced one the first time live in my life, it was a Swedish Nitro Funny Car called Ragnarök who was doing a burnout at a local car show back in 1977, and I have been hooked on Nitro cars ever since and need a shot of Nitro fumes and sound every year to feel complete. That said I have learned a lot regarding Nitro engines over the years, allmost a bit nerdy, and I gladly pass on what I have learned to anyone who want's to know. One thing one can say is allmost all you have learned about combustion engines can be thrown ou
  2. Ouch, that was a lot to try to explain. The ignition in a Nitro Top Fuel and Funny Car engine are done by dual MSD Pro Mag magnetos wich delivers 44 amperes current each to the 16 spark plugs and the timing advance is about 58-65 degrees before Top Dead Center as the Nitromethane burns slow, it still burns in the exhaust pipes thus the visible flames and very loud sound, the 16 spark plugs are burned up and melted by aproximately half track and the engine "diesels" down the track from the compression heat and the glowing red hot exhaust valves, the only way to stop the engine is to shut off
  3. Usually when they chop a 32 5W Coupe the align the center post and massage the front and rear to fit. A friend of mine did it that way and I saw Gene Winfield do it in a car TV show just the other day.
  4. It looks like the old IMC/Lindberg trailer issued by AMT recently.
  5. Do you really need locating pins? I usually cut them off so I can adjust until all edges meet perfectly.
  6. Many thanks and keep up the good work, it's really appreciated. 👍 Regarding the like button, I don't care for it as I don't think it's necessary and I prefer and appreciate a more personal written comment before a number of likes any day...well that's me.
  7. Don't worry about it Phil. The kits has been out now and again for over 40 years and I just wonder why no one on the aftermarket has done a correct K100 Aerodyne dash before as most of us know the dash in both the AMT and Revell kits are wrong. I mean there are right hand drive conversions available for most kits but the incorrect dash has been overseen, so a correct dash for the K100 Aerodyne kits is not available in left hand nor right hand drive.
  8. I think it looks nice even tho' it's not an exact replica due to the hood length. Yes the Revell AG kit has the 74 inch long hood but the AMT kit wich has the shorter 63 inch hood wouldn't have been right either as it has the older pre 1972 cab with wrong door handles and larger ventilation windows, the bumper and battery box would also be wrong. The Revell snap W900 Aerodyne has the 1972 forward cab, shorter 63 inch hood, right bumper and battery boxes but wrong sleeper wich is also molded with the cab. So the thing you could have done was to use the shorter hood from either the AMT or
  9. I'm also qurious why anyone hasn't done a correct dash for the K100 Aerodyne kits, the K100 Aerodyne cab itself came 1976 with the Bicentennial Edition and AMT kit of the K100 Aerodyne have been on the market since the late 70's and the Revell Germany K100 Aerodyne kit since the early 80's and neither kit has a correct dash, I mean, it has been over 40 years and still nothing. With today's technology it wouldn't be that hard to 3D print a master an cast them up in resin or something...if I could operate a CAD program myself it would for sure have been done allready together with some other p
  10. Tyrone Malone's transporter for the Bandag Bandit race truck, the Hideout Truck had a white chassis, you don't see much of it under the bed but it's for sure white.
  11. Yes it has it's drawbacks but they are at least not spread all over the countryside high up like the wind turbines are, you see these ugly wind mills everywhere and from a long distance...not a view I like to see. Hydro electric plants are fine, at least the ones allready built, but I don't want them to destroy any more rapids and rivers to build more of them. I don't agree with the hydrogen being a widespread hazard because it isn't if you use it right, and there are lots of vehicles using it allready. We have some hydrogen fuel cell vehicles here used by the state operated road mainten
  12. The wind and solar power pants are so inefficiant and unreliable to be economiclally defensibile, has short lifespan (about 20-25 years before the wind turbines have to be replaced with all new ones) and will never make up for the CO2 emmissions from the building of them and the infrastructure for them under their lifetime...and they "pollute" the environment because they are ugly and bad for the insect and bird life. To replace nuclear power plants with wind turbines you need hundreds of them just to replace one reactor, and most nuclear power plants have several reactors.
  13. Yes you are right, we have to make changes to what we drive, but the infrastructure for charging battery powered electric cars are more extensive, expensive and takes a lot more time than for most other alternatives. More power plants has to be built as the need for more electricity increaces, upgrades most of the power grids and build new ones are needed as there aren't enough capacity today, building charge stations everywhere to be able to charge the cars, and things like that. And where does the electricity you charge your car with come from, if it's coal, oil or any other fossil burni
  14. Everyone thinks of the Hindenburg catastrophy when you talk about Hydrogen and yes it is very flammable and tends to explode...but that goes for gasoline too when the gasoline vapor is mixed in perfect proportion with Oxygen so gasoline is not so safe as many thinks, it's easier to handle but it's not safe by any means. So I think Hydrogen is the future volatile or not, it's the most common element in the universe but here on Earth it's tied up in our water, and even Jules Verne said "water will be the coal of the future" back in 1874 and I believe the man was right, and if you give it time
  15. Wishful thinking by the environment fanatics, internal combustion engines will not die any time soon and will most likely be around for many years yet and there are alternatives to Gasoline/Petrol and Diesel wich are more environmentally friendly, the thing is that mostly all politicians seems to focus on electric vehicles right now as if that would be the final solution to the problem. But no, there are too much limitations and inconveniences with electric vehicles running on batteries only for them to be a good replacement for the vehicles we use today and the list is long, and I only see
  16. Some resin casters have them, Competition Resin has a set with two rear Spyder wheels and two front Fly wheels
  17. Looking good. Motorwheel also had a wheel called "Flea" so they had Spyder, Fly and Flea.
  18. Nice project. Here are a couple more pictures I found in my files.
  19. The early 289's also had the five bolt pattern and they changed for the 1965 model year to the six bolt. I used to own a 1964 Fairlane with a 289 and C4 and it was a five bolt block. The early 221, 260 and 289 blocks are not that sught after as there are not much to choose from when it comes to transmissions for them, so most upgrade to a later engine with six bolt pattern if you don't restore to factory original.
  20. A classic case of taking a shortcut. It's not a bad kit, it has lots of parts and the wrecker parts are very nice, but you can't do a correct replica of the Stepp's Can-Do wrecker with what's in the box.
  21. Well the real Can-Do is a short hood 379 119" bbc and the thing I refered to from Tim's website is how you can tell the difference between a 378 119" and a 379 119". The Italeri kit issued by AMT recently is a 378 and the hood can be modified to look like a 379 aluminum hood with some work. http://www.timstrucks.com/PB4.html
  22. The same Cummins 475 engine is in all of the Revell Germany Peterbilt 353/359, Kenworth K100 and T600 kits, and the very wrong Marmon kit. The original Stepp's Can-Do wrecker the kit is based on is a short hood 379 119 bbc and had a Cat 3406 enigne and the model is a 359 127 bbc with the Cummins 475, but the rest is correct for the first version of the Can-Do as the truck has been re-done since the model kit was made. Some say the original Can-Do truck is a 378 and not a 379, but according to the Peterbilt guru Tim Ahlborn's site the 378-119 has a one piece fiberglass hood and the 379-119
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