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  1. Very nice Ford you have there, good job.
  2. Nice. I-N-Out has very classy trucks and I have seen them on the road on my visits to the west coast of the US (9 times so far)...and I love eating at In-N-Out and do every time I'm there.
  3. It will come back in a few years, don't worry.
  4. Ok I understand, it's great to see your builds and the Jo-Han Funny Cars are nice model kits.
  5. Well I live in Sweden and I have to travel to the US first, and I have not just been to California but mostly there in the L.A. area, but I have also been to Arizona, Nevada and Oregon under my 9 trips so far...and changed flights a couple of times at O'Hare airport in Chicago Illinois. I had planned to make my 10th trip in 20 years in October-November last fall but the Corona virus did stop that in it's tracks.
  6. The engine block looks a bit too clean and smooth to be correct, the ribs on the sides are not on any FE engine and there are nothing for the cross bolts for the three middle main caps either wich are on all 427's and some of the late 406's, the other FE engines doesn't have them. I also wonder where they had thought of routing the oil lines to the oil filter from, there is nothing on the drivers side of the engine block where the filter and filter adapter usually goes on a FE engine. There should be a squareish hump casted in there on the block side where the two main oil lines from the o
  7. Looks to be big scale, 1:12 or something like that and the feeling I get is that they are manufactured in Asia. I know Otaki and Doyusha issued 71 Mustang and 73 Firebird Mercedes and Porsche 911 kits in 1:12 scale, so I believe these can be Otaki kits and they were reboxed and also issued under the Doyusha name.
  8. Coil springs are not that hard to make yourself, at least if you're not that keen on the suspension to actually work, find something with a diameter close to what you need and wrap some thin steel wire tightly around it, draw the spring out until you get the right looking spacing between the coils, cut it to size and you are done. Otherwise you might find a spring from a ballpoint pen that can work if you cut it down to size.
  9. Has anyone seen this? https://uscp-ua.com/index.php?route=product/product&path=69&product_id=628 It would take any Audi S1 Quattro Group B model up a notch.
  10. I have been to the US and California 9 times since 1998 and I have seen signs on some Highways and Interstate Freeways where it reads "Autos with trailers/Trucks 55 Maximum" and one time I saw three speed limit signs in a row, Speed Limit 75 on the first, Truck Speed 65 on the second and Minimum Speed 55 on the third. But mostly one feel in the way when the trucks are coming up behind you even if you're slightly over the speed limit yourself. And I forgot to add, Nice build of the DAF.
  11. All of the above but it depends on the model I'm doing at the time. If I'm doing a replica model of something the research part is quite extensive to get everything right, or at least as right as it can be...but it's also a fun part of the build and you learn much. Engine detailing is fun but time consuming sometimes, at least when you do an engine that's visible, one example is engines on Top Fuel Dragsters and Funny Cars , hot rods and other cars where the engine is a focal point and needs to be "busy" to look right. Interiors are fun to do, prepairing for paint, paint, polishing and B
  12. Very interesting, the big three was experimenting with gas turbines back in the day and had many test vehicles with turbine engines. Unfortunately the trailers seems to be gone for this one but it's cool the truck is still there.
  13. Yes, the 70 and 80 decals are the maximum allowed speed limit in kilometers per hour the truck can go at on different kind of roads in some countries in Europe and it's a warning to other road users that they are driving at a lower speed than allowed on the road. Here in Sweden where I live the trucks are not required to have these decals and 80 kph is the speed limit for them and the speed limiter required in heavy trucks since the early 90's in most countries in Europe are set at 90 and most of them drive at 85-90 kph on the highways here even if they weigh 65 metric tons.
  14. Nice, I like the old Jo-Han Funny Car kits and the fact that they are kits of real race cars from the time when they were done, the Pinto and Mustang were originally Mickey Thompson cars and the Challenger was a Gene Snow car. I'm just curious about the small size slicks on your two builds, they are a lot larger in my kits.
  15. It's most likely not changed from earlier issues and the front axle is stock hight and not dropped wich would have looked much better.
  16. The Byron's Gasser Madness site of Byron Stack was a great information site for gassers, Byron died 2012 but his legasy is still with us. Here is a link to his old site https://efregoso.github.io/gassermadnessus/ and the new Gasser Madness site https://gassermadness.com/
  17. The tooling for the wheels are most likely changeable inserts so you can do variations of the kits, at least for old Monogram kits as there are several variations of their kits. The Corvette Hatchback and the California Street Vette are based on the same tooling, most are the same for both but some things are different, among them the wheels. The 55 Chevy Street Machine are from the same tooling as the Bad Man 55 Chevy, it's the same kit with different wheels and the wheels look exactly like the wheels in the California Street Vette, and there are several more kits with these five slot whe
  18. I don't like when people call all cars with the front up in the air "Gassers", at least nowadays, most of them don't comply with the quite strict gasser rules and if you don't the cars are Altereds or something else. Many drag racing cars , not just gassers, had the front a bit higher back in the day for better weight transfer in acceleration as been said before in this thread, not like today when all drag racing cars are low to the ground mostly to reduce drag and to prevent lift in high speeds.
  19. It looks like everything is sold out now.
  20. If you're into cars you learn over the years, I know I have. And if you are doing research on a subject you have to look for several sources for pictures and info and don't believe the first best you get until you have seen more to backup what you have seen, good websites are one, car shows and magazines are other places to look.
  21. Don't mention it, glad I could help.
  22. Unfortunately there are no pictures but It's a 1:24th scale kit and there are no 67-68 Mustang kits available in 1:24th scale, only 1:25. But if it's a complete transkit including the body it really doesn't matter that much if it's a 65-66 or 67-68 as as you probably just have to use the chassis and drive train from the donor kit and the differences under the body are quite small for these years, but if there are no body in the kit wich year the trans kit is based on does matter a lot for the car to be correct as the body is very different. The movie car appearently had a small block even
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