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  1. The tooling for the wheels are most likely changeable inserts so you can do variations of the kits, at least for old Monogram kits as there are several variations of their kits. The Corvette Hatchback and the California Street Vette are based on the same tooling, most are the same for both but some things are different, among them the wheels. The 55 Chevy Street Machine are from the same tooling as the Bad Man 55 Chevy, it's the same kit with different wheels and the wheels look exactly like the wheels in the California Street Vette, and there are several more kits with these five slot whe
  2. I don't like when people call all cars with the front up in the air "Gassers", at least nowadays, most of them don't comply with the quite strict gasser rules and if you don't the cars are Altereds or something else. Many drag racing cars , not just gassers, had the front a bit higher back in the day for better weight transfer in acceleration as been said before in this thread, not like today when all drag racing cars are low to the ground mostly to reduce drag and to prevent lift in high speeds.
  3. It looks like everything is sold out now.
  4. If you're into cars you learn over the years, I know I have. And if you are doing research on a subject you have to look for several sources for pictures and info and don't believe the first best you get until you have seen more to backup what you have seen, good websites are one, car shows and magazines are other places to look.
  5. Don't mention it, glad I could help.
  6. Unfortunately there are no pictures but It's a 1:24th scale kit and there are no 67-68 Mustang kits available in 1:24th scale, only 1:25. But if it's a complete transkit including the body it really doesn't matter that much if it's a 65-66 or 67-68 as as you probably just have to use the chassis and drive train from the donor kit and the differences under the body are quite small for these years, but if there are no body in the kit wich year the trans kit is based on does matter a lot for the car to be correct as the body is very different. The movie car appearently had a small block even
  7. Detroit Diesel 12V-71, looks like the engine from Tyrone Malone Kenworth Super Boss or a copy of it.
  8. No the brakes is carbon-carbon disc brakes, the thing looking like a drum is only a cover that helps cooling and shield the heat generated by the brakes from the wheel itself. Lets see next year, most of the air directing thingamagigs, doo-dads and winglets will be gone as the downforce will be generated in other ways and the cars will be easier follow without loosing downforce and be less sensitive to "dirty" air like they are today...at least that what the new regulations and car specs starting in 2022 are aming for.
  9. I have an E9 V8 here on the bench from Auslowe and it has a turbo, I would guess it's a resin copy of the Italeri engine.
  10. Yes Renault used the Mack E9 V8 in some of their trucks, for example the Magnum and some others, but the V8 disappeared from the Mack lineup 1999 and there are no V8's after that. You are right, Mack and Scania developed the V8 engine together and has some other engines in common earlier, they went kind of separate ways with the layout of the V8 with the head configuration and some other things, so they are not exactly the same: Renault still has relations to Mack as the parent company who bought both companies in 2000-2001 is Volvo, and it's a bit funny that Volvo ended up with Mack sinc
  11. I found an add from 1972 in my files when I was looking just now mentioning the CO 4070A was coming so 1973 is probably right, I just took the year for the initial issue from the top of my head and only missed it with a couple of months, from October 1973 wich is the copyright date you have to January 1974 is 3 months, maybe 2-2½ if it took some time for the distribution. Anyway, it's one of the rarest truck kits out there as it was only out between October 1973 and sometime in 1975 before the tool was converted to the CO 4070B Transtar II Eagle for 1976.
  12. I would use the polishing kit to do this where the abrasive cloths are from 1800 to 12000 grit and finishing of with Novus
  13. You are doing the truck kit wich is the hardest to find parts for, or even to find one, until the new tool reverse engineered kit comes later this year, the CO 4070A Transtar came 1974 and was only out for a couple of years before it was converted to the CO 4070B Transtar II Eagle 1976.
  14. The links I gave above are for Ron Olsen's Shapeways site, there you can buy the printed parts from his files.
  15. Here is a good place to start looking. 1:24th scale https://www.shapeways.com/shops/3d-model-specialties?section=1%2F24+Scale&s=0 1:25th scale https://www.shapeways.com/shops/3d-model-specialties?section=1%2F25+Scale&s=0
  16. I'm with you on that...allthough I have two allready but it's a sought after trailer. Another interesting choices could be the Heavy Gravel Trailer, the Heavy Flatbed Trailer, the Heavy Tank Trailer, the Australian Road Train Trailer, The Heavy Duty Trailer and Truck Racing Trailer based on that, the Box Trailer, and the Racing Trailer. So they have lots to choose from and most has only been issued once...or twice like the Beall Tank Trailer, the Auto/Car Transporter has been out six times as a single trailer or with a truck since 1983 including the IMEX issue of the same kit and not inclu
  17. The parts there are kind of expensive. Some examples, €40 wich is equvilant to $48 for a pair of side mirrors, €44 / $52.50 for a Peterbilt 379 Extended Hood, €75 / $90 for a Peterbilt Unibilt sleeper with no roof and €56 / $67 for the roof part so a total of €131 / $157 to get a complete one, €154 / $184 for a ICT 120 inch sleeper, allmost €10 / $11.50 for one Peterbilt front wheel and €20 / $24.25 for a Scania front wheel...all in 1:24th scale. The parts looks nice but I think I pass as most of the parts can be found a lot cheaper elsewhere.
  18. I think they do a batch of kits and when they are gone from the factory they discontinue the kit for a while instead of doing another batch right away, it's the only thing I can think of. I wonder why they are doing this kit again so soon after the last time it was out, wich was 6 years ago, when they have so many truck and trailer kits in their inventory that haven't been out in ages, some of them one time only.
  19. These are not exactly the same kit but it's Duster Funny Cars and based on the same tooling. https://public.fotki.com/drasticplasticsmcc/mkiba-build-under-c/revell-instructions/straightline-competition/revell-wildman-bors/ https://public.fotki.com/drasticplasticsmcc/mkiba-build-under-c/revell-instructions/straightline-competition/revell-gene-snow-sn/
  20. I would not pay money for it. Foose is a great car designer but in this case he missed the mark by far.
  21. The aluminum case Power Glide came 1962 so up to then the case was cast iron.
  22. I thought so, but there are not many trucks with 4 cylinder engines, Scania had a couple back in the 40's, 50's and early 60's and there has probably been more, but that's many years ago. So in most cases truck engines are 6, 8, 10 and 12 cylinders, with the base at 6 and 8.
  23. Nice. But 4 cylinders...11.6 litres would be very large for a 4 cylinder engine and it might look like a 4 cylinder because of the manifolds, but the DAF engine is a 6 cylinder Turbo Intercooled engine. Here is some information on the DAF 2800 series. https://www.curbsideclassic.com/blog/truck-stop-classic-1980-daf-n2800-series-van-doornes-last-conventional-a-tough-cookie/
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