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  1. You bet, I will be of assistance. If you get a Scania 3 axle kit with spring suspension where the rearmost one is a tag axle wich you can lift hydraulically I can tell you right now that the Italeri instructions for that suspension is wrong. Scania with spring suspension with a drive axle and a tag axle uses a balance beam suspension with a fixed pivot point between the 2 axles (and Volvo too with a slightly different construction) this suspension is like a teeter-totter, push one side down the other goes up. This is how Italeri wants us to do it wich is wrong, the arrow points at the axle lift beam and the hooks are under the spring hangers/tag axle carriers like it's drawn in the instructions. This will in fact do nothing other than restrict the suspension travel so it can't move freely like it can with the tag axle down and the lift beam in the correct position, and if the hydraulic cylinder piston aft of the tag axle goes out the lift beam will do absolutely nothing as it's going down because the pivot point of the tag axle lift is at the same place as the tag axle carriers...so it's drawn backwards. The correct way is like this with the hooks above the spring hangers/tag axle carriers, the axle lift beam is up against the frame when it's not in use so the suspension can travel freely, and when you lift the tag axle the beam pushes against the spring hangers/tag axle carriers and pushes the drive axle down and the tag axle goes up...like a teeter-totter.
  2. Yes I'm with you on that. You can rob the 8 bag suspension together with the more modern 10 hole wheels from the Tyrone Malone Kenworth K100 Aerodyne transporters or any other AMT K100 Aerodyne kits...or at Auslowe. The Malone transporter Papa Truck has wrong suspension anyway as it should have torsion bars, and both the Papa Truck and Hideout truck has wrong wheels, back in the day they had Truck Mate 5 hole wheels and later 2 hole Budds...not 10 hole Alcoas.
  3. There are 3 different versions of the T600. The original T600 was between 1984 to 1989 and had split flat wind screens and flat top or old Aerodyne I sleepers if they had one, the grille was a flat shiny piece at the front of the hood. The T600A was between 1990 to 1994, it had curved glass wind screen either as one piece or split, a different grille and has either a flat top or the later Aerodyne II sleeper with curved front instead of the angeled front of the earlier Aerodyne sleepers...if they had one of course, and the grille was integrated in the hood. The T600B was between late 1994 and 2007 and had the Aerocab with integrated sleeper (if they had one), a different angeled higher cab roof to better meet the sleeper, the hood was later changed from a one piece to a three piece and different "daylight doors" with a forward notch and no vent windows, the T600 was replaced with the T660 2008. The Revell Germany T600 is the first version with split flat glass wind screen and the old Aerodyne with angeled front (or flat top) sleeper, the chassis and drive train is more modern than the AMT kit but has some strange construction solutions where some things are not like on the real trucks like the air cleaner among other things. The AMT kit is the T600A version with curved one piece wind screen and the later Aerodyne II sleeper with curved front, it's not entirely correct as it uses the underpinnings from the old W925 wich is way too old and outdated, and the grille is not correct as it's separate and a chromed piece and should be integrated with the hood, but it's workable.
  4. That might be true, but buying several kits and rob the parts you need to do a traditional 32 hot rod or street rod gets expensive and aftermarket parts are not cheap either. So in my opinion the Revell 32 kits are not bad but could have been a lot better with more timeless traditional hot rod parts, pretty much like the recent Model A Ford's Revell did.
  5. Yes we do. The Revell 32's are good but the chassis and some other stuff are a bit too modern. It would be nice to get a traditional 32 with stock firewall, 32 frame rails with a 34 frame cross, a original or Model A or T rear cross member, transversal rear sping, quick change rear axle, I-beam front axle with hair pins, maybe a good 59AB or 8BA flathead with hop up parts, 39 gearbox. I would buy if one came out. Allthough I don't find it likely that Tamiya would do a 32 Ford. And most of the car kits they do are curbside wich is unfortunate...they do very good kits but that takes the fun out of it.
  6. Well Revell and Monogram was the same company under the same roof by then and I don't think they developed many new tool kits in 1:24th scale after Oddesey Partners merged both companys into one in 1986, they continued with the 1:24th scale where the kits were spinoffs based on earlier 1:24th scale kits like the NASCAR, Pro Stock and Funny Car kits wich originally was Monogram kits developed before the merge.
  7. I have not seen a list of what's available in different kits when it comes to blowers. I know the Monogram, later Revell Funny car kits from the 80's forward has a Mooneyham blower with a "M" on the front cover, otherwise the blowers are pretty much generic.
  8. 1:25 scale kits from Monogram came after the merge with Revell wich happened in 1986 when Odyssey Partners bought both companys, before that most Monogram models were 1:24 scale but they did both larger and smaller scales. One thing is that the Monogram developed snap Peterbilt and Kenworth semi trucks wich originally was issued 1982, that will say well before the merge with Revell, were 1:25th scale and they also did semi trucks in 1:16 scale.
  9. I agree with Bill here, most of the superchargers used in drag racing are based on the GMC-Detroit Diesel design from the 2-stroke diesels and the aftermarket haven't changed much from this basic design other than some has more ribs on the case and some has less, slightly different appearence of the front and rear covers but that's it, the construction and function is the same regardless. The large 14-71 blowers used in nitro racing are modified versions of the original design, the case and rotors are much longer and the case is often machined billet and the original design cases for the Diesels are casted, the rotors are sealed with teflon and urethane strips so they are more efficient than the original design with no strips. You have two styles of the GM/DD super chargers, one style for the inline engines like the 4-71, 6-71 wish are placed on the side of the diesel engine and this style is most common in drag racing, and one style for the V diesel engines like the 6V-71, 8V-71, 12V-71 (wich has two superchargers) or 8V92, 12V-92 and 16V-92 (both the 12 and 16 has two superchargers) where they are placed inside the V between the heads and these are more rounded.
  10. Yes, both the Transtar F-4270 and the Transtar CO-4070A had very short production runs, the Transtar 4300 and the Transtar II Eagle CO-4070B wich replaced them was on the market a lot longer, the Transtar II CO-4070B was also changed from air ride to walking beam a year or so into the production and all kits after that has walking beam.
  11. You know the wheels on the White Freightliner are larger than most Rick? The WF (and a couple other AMT kits) wheels are 22 inch and most of the other AMT and ERTL truck and trailer kit wheels are 20 inch, so the WF rims and tires are larger diameter.
  12. Round 2 did appearently not get all the non farm tractor kit tooling when they aquired the AMT/MPC brands and tool bank from ERTL/Tomy. The original International Transtar CO-4070A tool originally issued 1972 was changed to the later International Transtar II Eagle CO-4070B 1976 and it couldn't be issued again in the original form, so Round 2 recently did new tooling for the CO-4070A, but they don't seem to have the CO-4070B tool in their posession because they would have re-issued it by now as it's a quite sought after kit, so ERTL/Tomy must still have the tooling. The International Transtar II Eagle CO-4070B was last in the AMT/ERTL catalogue in 1987 and the last time it was re-issued was as a AMT/ERTL Buyer's Choice series kit in 1996 and has never been issued again since then as far as I know. The International F-4270 was also changed to the Transtar Eagle 4300 in 1977 so the earlier F-4270 can't be issued in the original form anymore but the 4300 has been reissued under the AMT brand and is up for another re-issue this year. Other ERTL kits that haven't been out in a long time is the die cast chassis trucks like the Volvo N10 and the Peterbilt 359, it would most likely be possible to shoot plastic in the die cast molds like Revell has done with some of their kits.
  13. Here are the brands owned by Round 2 and AMT is just one of them. Round 2 bought the Racing Champions, AMT and MPC brands from Tomy who still owns ERTL and later they added the others to the list. ERTL is out of the model kit business and Round 2 got most of the tooling for the kits...appearently not all but most of them. American Muscle AMT Auto World Forever Fun Hawk Johnny Lightning Legends of the Quarter Mile Lindberg Mini Metals MPC Polar Lights Racing Champions Silver Screen Machines Vintage Fuel
  14. The fenders are completey wrong anyway. You can try to send a message to Tim Ahlborn, he's a member here and he might have information for you as he's the Peterbilt guru. his handle here is mackinac359 but he hasn't been frequent here for a couple of years, he also has a facebook page and you can try to shoot him a message there.
  15. It's not only that the Euro tractors look front heavy with the short wheelbase and COE cab, they are front heavy. Like many of the airplane kits you have to weigh it down so it will stay on all wheels and the weight in the tires was a great idea.
  16. Yes that would be nice since the AITM stuff is unavailabe since Dave passed and Doug shut down.
  17. Hmm...strange design...it looks like Italeri has made the parts too large, so it looks like you have to trim off a bit on both sides to make it tilt freely then, I would trim some of the bottom edge on the front wall and maybe a little on the bumper part just enough to make room to tilt the cab and not interfere, that way it doesn't show much when the cab is down and the grille is closed. For the up position there must also be a way to make it work. The upper part of the grille swings out so it should not be a problem and it works in real life so one must be able to get it to work on a model.
  18. Yes they were. And it's most likey the same kit...maybe with a chin spoiler and a different decal sheet.
  19. If I do a wishlist there are many new truck kits I want to see. Kenworth W900L, T660, T680, T700, T800, K100E, Peterbilt 379, 389, 579, 589, 352H, 362, Mack Titan, Freightliner Cascadia...tell me when to stop. 😉
  20. Yes, so it's most likely the old 69 if they haven't done the spoiler and the black stripe decals for the hood...the 69 and 70 are essentially the same except for these things.
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