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  1. You are right about that. Even if it has lots of good information the website is confusing as some information is missing some are totally wrong. I only have the BC version of the Woody/Pickup and the 1978 version, so I know that information is correct, the other ones I don't have.
  2. Well I did my comments based on the information at the Scalemates website. They have the AMT 1928 kit dated 1964 and show no relation to the MPC kits, the MPC 1929 Woody 1962, the 1928 Pickup 1965, The Wild Ones 1929 Woody/Pickup 1966 and the 1928 Street Rod pickup 1978, the 1929 4'n1 kit 1987 and the BC 1929 Woody/Pickup 4'n1 version 2001. So Scalemates is a decent source of information but not that accurate all the time since the timelines and kit relations often are off.
  3. Revell has recently reissued the 67 Plymouth GTX kit No 4481, it came in 2018 if I'm not missinformed and it has the parts you need as it seems to be the same kit as the older 2'n1 kits from 2002 and 2005 wich has all the parts combined from the Stock and Sox & Martin issues, the box for the 2018 kit doesn't say 2'n1 but it is just that. The 1967 Dodge Coronet R/T 2'n1 and Dragon Lady shares a lot of parts with the 1967 GTX kits and the headers are pretty much the same in the Hemi versions of the 68-70 Chargers and 1968 Dodge Hemi Dart kits from Revell and I think they will work too.
  4. Quite right, I have that one. The 1929 Woodie came 1962 and they did a 1928 Pickup based on the same tooling 1965, the 1928 Pickup with the Chevy small block and Corvette rear end came 1978...I built one back then and I do have another unbuilt one in the stash. The more stock 1928 Roadster Pickup shares most of the tooling with the 1929 Woodie and has been out as 4'n1 kits labeled as 1929 a couple of times, The Wild Ones version from 1966, Woodie/Pickup from 1987 and the latest reissue was the Buyers Choice Woodie/Pickup version from 2001. The street rod version of the 1928 pickup from
  5. Yup, 4 injected Buick Nailheads and 4 blown Pontiac 389's.
  6. The "Poly" name stayed well into the 90's (at least with some manufacturers) and the difference with the old metallics and new metallics is the old ones was one stage paint where you not had to use clear as the paint itself dried with a gloss finish, the newer Metallics are two stage where the metallic paint itself dries dead matte and you have to lay clear coats over it to get the correct shade of the paint and get it gloss, like the paints available to us today.
  7. Nice progress and I'm eager to see more. Here is the largest excavator we have at my worksite right now, a 352F wednesday this week with the just then total renovated undercarriage trying to get down through the ground frost so I can lay 10 inch storm water pipes and drains beside the bypass road we are building, the newly built overpass in the background is going to lead to the Volvo Cab plant where they do most of the cabs for the Volvo trucks wich is located in my town. Boy the ground was hard and this job with the 352 took over two days because the ground was frozen solid about 5 fe
  8. You're welcome. One can use many things for detailing models that's meant for a completely different use, look after what's usable and what would look good and work , I do that a lot when I'm at stores, and your imagination and ingenuity is the limit. If you browse around here you will get many ideas for usable products.
  9. It's a catch tank also called "puke tank" for oil, oil vapour and humidity from blowby in the engine when it runs and should be empty before a run, a catch tank for oil and oil vapour is mandatory on all nitro and alcohol cars and also in many other classes to prevent spillage on the track. After a lot of oildowns from engine failures NHRA mandated a larger more efficient catch tank with a capacity of at least 2 gallons in 2010, a diaper or belly pan under the engine wich could contain all the 16 quarts of oil in the engine of the nitro cars was also mandated, this to try to get less track c
  10. I have done a few over the years, they are not unbuildable, you just have to have patience and go slow and test fit a lot. So they are nothing you put together quickly with super glue as you might have to adjust along the way to square them up and get them right.
  11. One problem here is that the engine is not right for the R730, the engine should have been the new generation 16.4 liter 730hp DC16 V8 but the engine in this model is the old DS14 from the old T and R 142 kits and modified with some new parts to more look like the 530hp DSC14 13 V8 for the R 144 when that kit came out, Italeri took a shortcut and it's a carry over from that kit and not accurate for the R730. The "round canister" beside the injector pump is the cyclone centrifugal oil cleaner wich Scania has allways had on their engines, it's better than any spin on or cartridge oil filters a
  12. It would help if you told us what model you are building and maybe we can help you. I would guess it's an Italeri kit but they have done a lot of them.
  13. I couldn't agree more. Lets see what will happen, I'm not negative in this because something good could come out of it.
  14. The only downside I see with the MPC/ERTL/AMT Mack DM 600 and 800 truck kits are the spacing between the drive axles in the tandem, the axles are further appart than they are in most highway tandems and the chassis is a heavy duty as the DM series are for construction purposes (DM=Dump/Mixer).
  15. Very nice, I really like the Thunderbolt's. This was before Jake King became the head mechanic for the Sox & Martin team and one of the reasons he painted the engines he built for them Ford engine blue.
  16. Alclad recommends using enamel paint as a base for their chrome for a reason, so why use anything else when it works. I have used Humbrol gloss black and dark blue enamel paint and have never had any trouble...I have even used it on my real 1964 Ford Fairlane 500 Sports Coupe where some plated interior plastic parts had faded and it worked and held up just fine the years I had the car
  17. If you want a more current US style trailer I would go for the Moebius 53 feet trailers.
  18. Yes the China government could easily do that. And of course it's greed and profit that made companies move production to Mexico, China, India, Poland and other low wage countries wich don't take environment issues in consiceration and have less rules to follow...of course it's cheaper then to produce the same things in countries that have to meet all the pollution, invironmental and workers rules. The Lindberg tooling is most likely in China now as Round 2 owns the Lindberg brand.
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