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  1. Well it's not that easy then. I have read many car magazines and have tinkered with cars and model cars all my life so it's like second nature to me. But internet is your friend, if you search you will find as there are many sites on there where you can find information and pictures of how it's done..
  2. Lo and behold, I got #220 in the mail today. Now if I would get #217, #218 and #219 it would be fine because they are still missing.
  3. Well I have a commercial drivers license for full size trucks so I had to know how the air brake system on a truck works. ๐Ÿ˜‰
  4. Here is how a brake chamber with parking brake looks like on the inside. The chamber with the heavy spring on the left side is the parking brake chamber wich needs air to compress the pring and release the brakes, without air this heavy spring pushes on the service brake diafragm and apply the brakes, it can be caged/compressed with a bolt to allow the vehicle to roll without air in the system if towed. No air in the brake system or parking/spring brake applied. Parking/spring brake not applied as the air in that chamber holds the spring compressed, and no service brake applied for normal driving. Service brakes applied when driving when you push the brake pedal down to allow air into the service brake chamber and press on the service brake diafragm, the parking/spring brake is not activated as the air in that chamber still compresses the spring . You screw in the cage bolt to the parking brake diafragm and screw on the nut to compress and pull the coil spring towards the end of the outer casing of the chamber to release the brakes, pretty much like in the lower two pictures above when there is air in the chamber, so the cage bolt will stick out quite far when the spring is fully caged/compressed and here is how the caged brake chamber looks like.
  5. When you are going to lower or rise a model car, look at how its done in the real world and try to do it the same way on the model, if it works on a real car it will work on a model. Dropped axles, dropped spindles, cut down coil springs, blocks between the axle and leaf springs, and the other way around if you want the car raised Yes, it's a tube axle tho'. Most of the old school rods use I-beam axles.
  6. I have a 1:24 Mercedes 300 SLR Mille Miglia kit but I don't have any tires for it as they were missing. So I wonder if someone have a set. It's this kit, but I believe the tires from the Revell Mercedes 300 SLR Coupe are the same as they share some of the tooling. Hakan/Force
  7. You are quite right there Jim. When the cage bolts are not in use they are stored on the outside of the brake camber, or if you live and drive in areas where they salt the roads in the winter preferably in the toolbox on in any other dry place.
  8. Cut off the pegs on the brake chambers, they shouldn't be there. I don't know why Revell put them there because no brake chambers on the market have these, it could be cage bolts but they are not used in normal operation, they are used when you have to cage the parking brake spring so the wheels can roll without any air in the system.
  9. If it's plated plastic like on many modern cars it might, otherwise no it woun't touch it other than make it cleaner.
  10. Yes, photos and information on the season 2 1975 trucks are very sparce, some still shots from the TV series itself and a very few other pictures are out there...believe me...I hunt down and save everything I can on all of the Movin' On trucks...and some others too for that matter. The season 1 1974 trucks is much easier as there are a lot more pictures and info on them. The picture from the Big Switch episode is of both the 1975 trucks used in the season 2 at the same time, they were ordered and built at the same time and are identical. Most people thinks that the trucks from both seasons are alike but here are some differences between the 1974 and 1975 trucks so if one are going to do an accurate replica of either one there is lots of things and small details to look for and get right. The thing I don't like is that in season 2 they dubbed on the 2 stroke diesel sound from Benji and Moose's GMC Crackerbox on almost all of the outside scenes of the "Sundance" Kenworth's...the trucks had Cummins NTC 4 stroke engines, not Detroit 2 stroke.
  11. I'm sorry but the mechanic side of me can't let this go. The BAE engine looks weird because of the spark plug location and the strange shape of the valve covers. Real BAE engines are based on the 426 Hemi and the valve covers looks like this, they have the spark plug location in the same place as on the original 426 Hemi covers...pretty much in the middle and not near the top like they are on a Ford 427 SOHC. The blown Hemi is also a bit strange, the blower drive belt goes from the water pump and has no connection with the crank shaft below wich only has the harmonic damper on it, this setup will not work as you have no drive for either the water pump or the blower, because the crank should have pulleys there to drive them both as it's the only thing that can do that. Here is how it should look like, the blower drive goes from the crank up to the blower and an idler wheel wich is there for the tension of the belt, the water pump is not a part of the blower drive and has a separate V-belt to drive it and the pulley for that sits behind the blower drive pulley on the crank.
  12. You nailed it quite good Tommy, it's a build to be proud of. ๐Ÿ‘ I'm glad I could be of assistance and help you with what I know, it's fun when the result ends up this good. One thing that I haven't noticed before...the stacks...you have angeled "baloney" cut pipes and the TV series trucks had straight cut pipes...me picky??? You think?? ๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ˜
  13. Revell/monogram did 59's both as a Convertible first issued 1993 and a Hard Top first issued in 1996, both are reissued several times and I believe the last issue of the Convertible was in 2011 and the last issue of the HT was in 2014. This ESCI/ERTL 58 is the old AMT kit wich first came in 1964, it's not that bad for a kit with almost 60 years history, and it has been reissued many many times.
  14. I should probably work either way but I have not seen any with the female coupler on the drive shaft, most have that end on the pinion shaft on the axle like on the Super Comp dragster I'm working on...so it seems like it's most common.
  15. Very nice work man. I reacted to one thing tho'...the coupler. On all dragrace cars I have seen the female end (the cup end) is mounted on the axle pinion shaft and the male end (the splined end) is on the transmission shaft
  16. Here is Casey's Fotki albums with all the instructions he has on his proboards. https://public.fotki.com/celicagts83/instruction-sheets/ And all other albums he has. https://public.fotki.com/celicagts83/ Drastic Plastic https://public.fotki.com/drasticplasticsmcc/mkiba-build-under-c/ Modeltrucks25 https://public.fotki.com/modeltrucks25thscale/truckkit_instructions/
  17. The rear spoiler on the Polar Lights Torino Talladega and Cyclone Spoiler II NASCAR kits are molded to the body so it's not separate pieces.
  18. Not just near the airport, Shelby American was located on the LAX airport grounds in an aircraft hangar from 1965 and the hangar is still there even tho' Shelby moved out of there, the first shop was at Venice Beach.
  19. Instructions can be found at Drastic Plastic Fotki albums for lots of car and pickup kits, modeltrucks25 Fotki albums for most of the triuck kits, some can be found at the manufacturers website like Round 2 and Revell and some at Scalemates. These are the sources I use.
  20. Nothing here yet. This is getting very frustrating.
  21. Yes, if you want something act when it's available, if you don't you might miss out...lesson learned over the years.
  22. The ERTL Rubber Duck kit was never re-issued and the lack of accuracy may be one of the reasons for that, I don't know how well it sold but it was available for some years as it's in the ERTL catalogs from 1978 to 1982 and disappeared for 1983 and never came back. It's not the first time the model companies did this and it probably woun't be the last, the least effort and money spent to do something that's supposed to be something closeish to get the model builders to buy so they could cash in on the subject. Another good examples of this are the ERTL Smokey And The Bandit II trailer wich is nowhere close to the trailer from the second movie, it's just the Great Dane dry van trailer with new mural decals while the movie trailer was a step trailer so the kit is not right...ERTL also did no truck for this and AMT didn't jump on the ship with their GMC General kit wich would have been the most obvious, ERTL bought AMT 1983 so it would have been possible but never happened. The AMT Movin On truck, same there, not close at all to the TV series trucks as they took what they allready had and only did new decals, you can do the pilot show truck from that kit with some modifications, the cab in the kit is a pre 1972 cab and the pilot show truck had a 1972 forward cab and some other small things needs to be changed, but the tv series trucks are very different from the AMT kit and the Revell Germany W900 kit is a lot closer visually allthough it's not correct either. The AMT BJ and the Bear kit...well it kind of looks like the trucks from the tv series but it's not that accurate, the wheelbase is too long, the engine and transmission are wrong, and same here...the Revell Germany K100 Aerodyne kit is closer than the AMT kit is.
  23. Hey Devin, what Archer Transfer rivets did you use? I'm trying to determen size and spacing to place an order myself now when it seems like Archer Transfers are back, I missed out tha last time I tried to order. ร'm leaning towards the 1:24 scale AR88154 and AR88155 rivets in the Generic And Scale Specific Aircraft Rivets section but I'm not sure.
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