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  1. Yes I see that now, do you sell them separate or do I have to buy a complete engine to get some?
  2. This is the look I'm after, the choke houses are still there but nothing in them as the choke plates, axles and linkages are removed, you can see the venturis down there when you look from above.
  3. Hey Charles. Do you print Holley 4150 650, 750, 850 double pumper carburetors with the choke house still on but no choke plate? Lots of racers back in the day used these carburetors unaltered except for no choke plate, so you can see the venturis, most printed high detail Holley 4150 carburetors has closed choke or no choke housing at all.
  4. Rick and I discussed this quite some time ago and I found the thing he uses, it's a kind of thin black round elastic rubber core cord found at the sewing supplies department. You can use grey or white, just paint it the color you want.
  5. I don't see why it wouldn't fit. As long as there is a reciever hole for the trailer king pin in the fifth wheel and the fifth wheel pivots freely it should fit just fine, otherwise it can't be a hard fix so they do.
  6. One more thing. There were a couple of aircraft factorys in California and in the LA area, Boeing still have a factory in Seal Beach formerly owned by Rockwell and McDonnel-Douglas now owned by Boeing had one in Long Beach (now used by Mercedes) right beside the Veterans Stadium where the Hi-Performance Swap Meet are held, the old "Fly DC Jets" sign is still on the building. And much of the hot rodding and even drag racing originates from that area.
  7. I would guess sometime under the 60's, like so much else in racing these came from the military and aircraft industry.
  8. That's what I thought. I see no green what so ever in the stripes, they look gold or tan to me. The hitch type used in the US and Canada is nothing like we use in Europe, they look like this pintle hook and ring, there are several versions but this is one of them.
  9. Not much there. I allready have the two kits shown.
  10. Ehh...green??? It looks to be gold or light brown to me...definately not green.
  11. I have saved the same pictures in my files for future references. You can see the dry sump oil tank to the right in the first picture, on the earlier Mk II spec car the oil tank was in front of the driver under the front hood and the spare tire in front of it.
  12. It's not a good time for magazines nowadays, less and less people buys them and they are dropping off one by one, one certain clue is when a monthly magazine go bimonthly, then quarterly and then...no more...it's sad. I for one hate to read magazines online and if that's the only option left I will for sure opt out, I like to sit in my favourite chair with a paper copy magazine in my hands, flip through the pages and read...not on a device of some sort that needs power to work.
  13. Interesting build. On the Mk IIB version they also moved the dry sump oil tank to the back behind the driver, they used dual Holley's on top of the 427 and the spare tire was also moved to the back beside the gearbox and exhaust pipes showing through the rear grille on the left side viewing from behind, and only one bagage box on the other side.
  14. One have to keep in mind that Hilborn wasn't alone doing 8 stack fuel injections, Kinsler, Lucas, Algon, Crower, Enderle, Doug Nash are a few who did 8 stack fuel injections and I have most likely forgotten some.
  15. Well it's not March yet so... But the first of the sedan gasser was issued in 2019 and the gasser version of the wagon was 2016.
  16. Coming along nicely I see. Great work as allways Rickard.
  17. Yes Ed is still alive and kickin', his son passed away tho'.
  18. If you go hydrogen you can leave out the electric motor all together, it's for sure possible to run a combustion engine on hydrogen and the exhaust is mostly water vapour.
  19. His son Ron passed away at 75 a couple of weeks ago tho'. Ed himself is on his way to 103 this coming July.
  20. The AMT 1925 Model T kit has a strange combination of a MEL Mercury Edsel Lincoln 383, 410, 430 engine and the earlier Lincoln Y block 279, 302, 317, 332, 341, 368 engine, it's not correct for any of them. The Revell Ford 32 3 Window Coupe and the Roadster has a Ford 302/5.0 small block, the 32 Speedwagon was fuel incected Ford 302/5.0, the later 32 Tudor Sedan based on the same tooling had a Ford Flathead and the Ford Small Block, the 5 Window Coupe had the Chrysler 392 Hemi and the Ford Small Block, finally the Stacy David 32 Rat Roaster and the most recent 32 Roadster based on the Rat Roaster has a Supercharged 350 Chevy Small Block.
  21. As I said, it's not anything I will watch.
  22. Cool! Fisrt time I've seen the Velvet Ride on a model.
  23. It could have been worse, it could have had the real boat anchor, their own four stroke V-800.😉 The 430 was a 8V-92 was it?
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