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  1. Yes I have seen that mess Trumpeter call a GT40 and it's worse than the Meng kit.
  2. Well Meng has not done their homework right if they say that because the 1:12 kit is not that accurate if you know how it should look. And of course there is a standard even with racing cars if the model is supposed to be a certain version like the Meng kits are, the liverys included at least in the upcoming 1:24 kit are the 1, 2 and 3 finish cars at LeMans 1966, car #2, # 1 and # 5 so if they are supposed to be accurate they have to be exactly like the cars was back then without modifocations or changes, and these cars are still around so it can't be that hard. The most wrong things with
  3. The FH4 kit is the 4th generation of the FH cab, and if it has FH16 and 750 emblems and Italeri has done it right the engine should be a D16, not a D13. But both the D13 and D16 look very similar if they have single turbo and it's not so easy to tell them appart unless it's the K versions of the engines, because the most powerful 750 hp D16K version has dual turbos and the D13K is a Turbo Compound engine and is available with 460 or 500 hp, the D16 is not available with Turbo Compound, just single and dual turbos depending on version. The A&N D13 version above looks to be a Turbo Compo
  4. Looks quite good so far, it's CAD renderings and looks a little crude here and there but nothing that can't be fixed. I just hope if it's detailed like the 1:12 kit the details are more accurate because after what I have seen on the 1:12 kit it has some things I don't understand how they were thinking when they did it and some things are completely wrong.
  5. And to put in other Italeri Volvo FH kits with wrong TD120 engines, the D12 was upgraded to D13 in 2005 so after that it's right in many of the Volvo trucks. It looks like a nice engine kit.
  6. There are a lot of "cheap" parts coming on the market soon. Jerico transmissions, Ford 9 inch rear ends, wheels, brakes and other obsolete racing stuff no one can use in these series anymore. The NASCAR teams are allowed 12 "active" chassis for each car number and 4 "inactive" chassis set aside for future use (to replace a chassis damaged and irrepairabe after a crash or something like that), and there are 40 teams in the field...all teams don't have that many chassis available to them but the large big budget teams for sure do so there will be lots of left over parts after the change to t
  7. Yeah right. Like it will save costs to have to do a whole new car with everything new except for the engines wich still are going to be the same spec, new independent rear end, new sequential gear box, new larger brakes, new larger alloy wheels and lots of carbon fibre and other exotic materials, nothing can be re-used from the car they have today, not even the chassis and drive train. I don't like the coming changes at all and I think it will benefit the large big budget teams most like Hendrick Motorsports, Joe Gibbs Racing, Stewart-Haas Racing, Team Penske and Richard Childress Racing
  8. You might have to give it a couple more days, it's only Tuesday. Some things takes longer now due to the Covid thing. I Have bought from Dave at AITM several times and have had no problems even tho' my stuff was sent over seas.
  9. That doesn't matter, a 352 and 406 looks the same on the outside, the only difference is the decal on the valve covers. There are also parts to do a 427 in the Custom and 2'n1 kit.
  10. Before 1982 they had weight break in the NHRA Pro Stock class, that means pounds per cubic inch so larger displacement engine means a heavier car. so in 1980 and 81 he must have had a smaller engine as most of them did, but 1982 NHRA did the 500 cubic inch format wich still is in use today and all Pro Stock racers changed to 500 cui engines. WJ ran Oldsmobile cars from 1982 until 1995 with "Oldsmobile" branded engines wich in fact are a GM DRCE engine based on Chevy Big Block but not available in any showroom car. DRCE stands for Drag Racing Competition Engine and are made in four generati
  11. The tubes and valves next to the drivers seat is the controls for the brake water cooling system used on many logging trucks back in the day, a tank with water pressurised with air feeding water to cool the brake drums on the truck and trailer when needed.
  12. I know only one 62 Cadillac styrene model kit in 1:25 and it's from Jo-Han and it's a Fleetwood 4d Hard Top and quite hard to find. I have seen the Fleetwood and a Coupe DeVille in resin and but they are quite expensive if you find one. Palmer appearently did a Convertible in 1:32 scale...but what can I say...it's a Palmer with all that comes with that.
  13. Yes, or solder, easy to bend and hold the shape.
  14. With help from me with measurements and pictures Rico did 1963 Ford poverty caps like I use on my Galaxie 500XL Fastback, I bought a couple of sets from his Shapeways shop and they look great.
  15. It's the same here as with the Meng GT40 kit, this is a Chinese developed product and Trumpeter like Meng haven't bothered to do the necessary research to get it right. I found the instructions for this kit on line and have looked at them too, and I'm surpriced how simplified this kit is with the scale in mind, I mean in 1:12th scale you can do wonders and if you compare these kits to the Tamiya F1 1:12 scale kits, even the old ones from the 70's, the Tamiya kits are way more detailed and a lot more accurate. I'm glad I don't do many kits in big scales, I don't have room for them, otherwis
  16. A resin spare wheel for the Trumpeter and Magnifier kit (wich are the same kit in different boxes) is available from Renissance TK12/003, and KA Models does a nice upgrade kit KS-00007 for it, a little pricey but nice. The oil cooler can't have an overflow tube, the oil system in the engine is under 60-70 psi pressure made by the oil pump so the oil in the oil coolers has the same pressure as in the oil system in the engine itself and are plumbed to the oil system, the only place there is no oil pressure is in the oil pan and in this case the oil tank as a dry sump system was used in the
  17. Looks nice so far. But it shows it's a Chinese developed model because it's not that accurate, they did not bother to do the necessary research to get it right so there are lots of things that's weird. I know the Ford FE engine quite well as I'm working on building a new one right now for my 1963½ Ford Galaxie 500XL and it looks like the fuel and oil lines are there just to get the engine compartment to look busy because some of them are going places that dont make much sence. I looked at your pictures of the engine and was kind of intrigued by what they have done and here is a link to
  18. They could easily have been retrofitted when the tubeless tires became more popular, it's done all the time. The 4070B Transtar II also has ten hole one piece front wheels but the rears are five hole, the 4300 has ten hole wheels all around.
  19. I do remember that car, nice work.
  20. Nice progress. One thing tho', I don't think your routing of the brake lines for the rear brakes is so good going under the axles, above and behind yes but not under where they could easily snag on something, I would let them go inside the frame rail and go down to the brake chambers from there.
  21. The photo above is most likely the 1955 truck, and also shows it's a single drive 281 as the hub on the rearmost axle is not showing because the tag axle hub is smaller than the drive axle hub, and it's clearly visible in other shots in the movie. The cab is earlier and has even smaller windows than the California Hauler "small window" Unilite cab 351 and AITM has the correct cab. I actually watched the movie on youtube last night for the first time in many many years and you can see the mishmash of wheel styles used on the rig, there are even one five hole Alcoa aluminum wheel on the driv
  22. I'm gathering parts to do one myself. The primary truck for most of the outside scenes and the one crashed at the end of the movie is the one most do, a 1955 281 with Cat 1674 engine and a yellow air cleaner from a Cat loader and Page & Page 60/40 single drive tag axle suspension. The backup truck was a 1960 281/351 with Cummins engine and it's still with us owned by Brad Wike, allthough it's changed some with different four leaf suspension dual drive, repowered with a newer Cummins engine and a a Cat air cleaner was put on to more resemble the primary truck. The tank trailer is avai
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