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  1. Before the upgrade, I could click on Unread Content and it would give me pages of unread content to go through. Now, it will pull it up but I have to click at the bottom to "Unload More" (or something to that effect) to keep seeing topics and conversations I missed since my last visit. Is there a way to get back to the pages? I liked that way better than the scrolling down option and trying to figure out where I left off.
  2. I got the chassis finished up this morning. MAN, did this thing put up a fight...!!
  3. Nice work here Art! Can't wait to see what you come up with! And Jason, you need to post up some pics! Your elky turned out awesome!
  4. You can see where I was working on the dash-mounted ignition module up above. This morning, I was able to get it mounted and wired up.
  5. I'm with Jesse. I always foil before clear coat. It has worked very well for me.
  6. The 1/2 ton pickups all shared the 5-5.5 bolt pattern, regardless of whether it was 4wd or 2wd, at least they did by '65-'66 and later.
  7. It might be ugly, but at least it's molded in Orange...Lmao
  8. I've dropped some serious coin on kits this last year...
  9. I found an old Dentist's Cabinet on one of those local Facebook classifieds pages. I sanded the drawer faces to "antique" them and then painted the rest white. Added some new knobs and voila! Anyways, what I like about it is that it has 22 drawers and they're in various depths. More than enough room for spare stuff I have. I keep my tools in my desk drawer.
  10. Got the interior finished up this afternoon! Not too much trickery here. I removed the horn ring from the steering wheel because it was way too thick. I entertained making a new one but saw the base models didn't have one and I kind of liked the clean look so...no horn ring. The instrument cluster and radio face came way of Best Model Car Parts. I cut the shifter and turn signal levers off and added my own. I purposely installed the shifter low so that it looks like a 3-on-the-tree dropped in 1st gear. The shifter lever was made from a pin, bent to shape and I added a knob using putty. The turn signal lever is .010" wire. I used embossing powder for carpet and then painted it. A combination of foil and Molotow handled the chromework.
  11. Mix 1 part 1/25 scale Revell '54 Chevy Sedan Delivery body, 1 part 1/24 scale Franklin Mint '54 Chevy Belair convertible diecast front clip (have it cast in resin), and 1 part 1/25 scale Revell '50 Olds Coupe windshield opening/cowl/back half of hood. All in an attempt to have a more accurate '54 Chevy Sedan Delivery.
  12. Well there's something you don't see every day!!
  13. Thank you! I'm quite pleased with it myself.
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