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  1. What about bringing back the 1/24 slot car/static kits like the Chaparral, Hussein, Elva, and Lola?
  2. I did that a couple days ago. No response yet.
  3. This is the one kit I really wish they would bring back
  4. I wonder if they are going to bring back the George Barris ZZR or the Astro I.
  5. Oh man. This is going to be epic. I have a couple of these to build with Slixx decals.
  6. I wonder if it can be converted to a very early flat floor car with the welded louvres.
  7. When the nose and tail were lengthened, was it just the front fenders that were lengthened, or was it the entire nose? Also, was the entire rear of the car lengthened as well?
  8. I would totally get one if they reissue it. The Galloping Ghost II is pretty rare these days. I seriously hope they do reissue it. Another one I've been waiting for is a repop of the 1968 Hemi Under Glass. It was turned into 1969 issue. The chassis parts are available in the L.A. Dart/Hemi Hunter kit, and the body is also in the 1969 Barracuda kit. All they have to do is repop the Hilborn injection and Hurst Wheels. I wonder what happened to the parts from the Galloping Ghost kit. Are those still around?
  9. Having a bit of trouble with the front flares on my build of GT350R 5R101. I don't think I did the wheel openings right, having overhanded one of them. What would be the best way to fix the wheel openings so I can get the styrene to form the shape of the flare to sit in the correct position? Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  10. Looking for a body for a Revell 1966 Shelby GT350H or 1965 Shelby GT350R. (Both kits have the same body). Let me know what you have. Thanks!
  11. The kit I'm building is the first release of the Black Widow from 2009.
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