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  1. 2016 C7 Corvette wide body, doors opened, in the style of the Forgiato wheels special Corvette designs.
  2. Does anyone have any idea why none of the major model kit co.'s have produced a kit of the new (now 4 yr's old ), Corvette Z06 or the newer Grand Sport. And just announced is the 2019 ZR1. This is an iconic sports car, Revell has done the racing version(C7R) of the car, and they have done many versions of the new Camero. If it is a licensing issue, looks like Revell got around that on the 'base' C7 by taking laser measurements of an actual car. I thought there would be demand for such a kit -- appreciate any thoughts on this, thx Al
  3. Hello, Currently suffering from severe PHD (Project Hopping Desease).... The Revell snap C7 Corvette body was washed and dried. Shot the first coat of primer. Block sanded and started working the mold lines.The body looks good and straight so far.... No hesitation on color combo: Laguna blue with Kalahari interior..... Stay tuned... Best Regards,
  4. This is a 1:25 Revell Monogram kit of a '67 Corvette 427 Roadster. This is one of many kits generously given to me by a friend from work. It turned out almost exactly as I imagined it. The only differences were the omission of the white hood stripe and the redline tires. The decals were really old and had been stored in a garage with poor air conditions. Some of the decals disintegrated in water. I found a product online, a brush-on film for preserving old decals I can use on future models. Most of the parts under the hood and in the interior have a color scheme based on Corvette part p
  5. The kit: * * * First thing to do, trace the mold lines with a marker and sand & polish them out: ]* * * Next, for my own reference, highlight the lift-off nose section, because I'm planning to build this one all opened-up and plumbed/wired to the best of my ability. * * * Ughhh, ugly cut: * * * All separated now, the red 'scars' are where the knife & saw blades slipped and gouged the surface. After th
  6. The past 2 years I've been working on all the original 1968 Sweet 16 Redline Hot Wheels cars. I have acquired all the 1/25 kits to build all of them into Hot Wheels. So far I've built 6 of the 16. This is the Custom Corvette, started with Revell 1969 427 kit, a nice detailed kit actually. Shot Duplicolor Metalcast Orange over silver base, complete with "chrome" chassis and engine compartment, and off-white interior. Wheels are Pegasus "T's" big and littles. Used a red and black Sharpie to create the Redline look. I've included a pic of each of the other tribute builds. Custom Cougar
  7. Entry number 3 in my Corvette project, C3 Stingray. AMT kit went together very well, I was impressed by the details under the hood and the LT-1 small block. This kit also has some of the best Chevy Rallye wheels I've seen. Comments welcome, thanks for looking.
  8. Haven't been with the building program too much lately so trying to catch up on editing photos for various shows since our season is getting started again. This is a nice street faire that the neighborhood businesses and association puts on and usually have an interesting turn out of cars. https://whulsey.smugmug.com/Cars/2016-03-05-Melrose-on-7th-Ave-Phoenix-AZ/i-JmZGpBc Was going to give a few examples, but won't upload.
  9. Had this snaptite in my stash for years, decided to do a one-day build. I have to admit this AMT kit actually is done very well, no flash of any kind, everything fit perfectly and amazed of the detail included the decal set is one of the best I've used, as for gauges. I didn't like the kits ride height, sat too high, so I did modify the one-piece chassis/suspension to accomadate the Pegasus wheels instead of the stock wheels, added disc-brakes, just because I'm not a box stock builder. The "paint" actually is the molded and painted out-of-the-box, it polished up very nice. I did not paint this
  10. hi everyone, just thought I would share some info regarding the recently issued MPC 60 vette......I am unable to provide pics, as the camera and photographer in my life is no longer in my life, so if anyone out there wants to jump in with pictures, that would be helpful.....seems quite crisp in general, some flash on the white parts trees, but nothing radical. chrome is very nice, with little flash, and clean and bright. tires are 4 stock blackwall polyglas style, but not lettered. slicks are the pie crust MH variety and lettered as in several other Round2 kits. body is very nice, little fla
  11. Howdy folks,,just finished a swap meet 15$ MPC 1/16 84' Vette. S-built : Roll bar,,hood scoops,belts,rear wing, I added the rear tires from a MPC 1/16 Cobra kit. Rims came w/the kit. Used Testors Transparent Grape over dollar store F-Blk primer. Hardware store Autumn Red interior. Neat vintage kit. Thanks for looking,keep up the great works!
  12. When I first saw this on the Chevy website a month or so ago, I knew I had to build a duplication of this Heritage Edition C7 Stingray Grand Sport. Lot's of custom building went into make this Revell Snaptite base Stingray Corvette into a Grand Sport. The side fender vents are styled diffferent, the wider 4" rear wheel wells had to be created, brake vents and covers for the upper rear vents, front airdam splitter, side rocker splitters and rear spoiler splitters added, those were a major pain to do and hard to see too for all the effort. Wheels are exact Cup style wheels, a link to Plamoz.com
  13. I love the new Corvette C7 with only a few things I don't like, like the odd non-Vette taillights, do not like them, but I'll accept them. Looking at the new Grand Sport Editions released earlier this year, one is especially special, the Heritage Edition. A reverse color combo, white body, blue stripe and red fender hashmarks. I'm in love with this color combo, so here I am building one from the Revell Snaptite 2014 Corvette. The Grand Sport (GS) and Z06 have a few body differences from the stock Vette. One is the rear wells are flared 4-inches for wider tires and the rocker-air-ducts located
  14. Here's my revell '69 stingray corvette with a 427 size engine. This is an older build of mine so it is not near the quality I would like, but I still take great pride in this as a part of me is invested. If anyone sees anything I could improve upon or do better please say something. I want to get better
  15. The Chevrolet Corvette Prototype (GM intern EX-52) 1952 began its life as a scatch on a paper napkin. Shortly was introduced the First American Sport Car in the Motorama show in 1953. The car is existing still today but the engine was changed by Mr. Zora Duntov to a V8 engine. So the car to see today is the very first Corvette V8 ! I modified a Corvette 1953 Revell kit back to prototype: on outside was not very much to do. More differences were in the engine compartment. Here I got help with two photos from GM Media Archive. Enjoy the pictures and any comments are welcome.
  16. Got the new Yenko Corvette kit. I love it! The kit came out great.
  17. Hello, This is my latest build. Kit from Revell, Corvette Stingray 2014. It 's still in progress so far most of the cabin has done. It is waiting to satin varnish.
  18. This is the Revell kit with the C1 models True Fiber transkit. Added details like Accuair air suspension, flocked and CCW wheels. Engine has details like carbon kevlar engine cover but dont have a pic uploaded. Painted in Tamiya yellow with Testors one coat clear.
  19. Radial vs The World Corvette I've been messing around with for 2 weeks. Completely scratch built tube chassis on a 315 Drag Radial with a 932 BB from Vcg resins with some mods & Turbo 400 trans. Working on 2 the second will have a 526 hemi with a screw blower Scratch built the block, blower hat and oil pan for the blower only had the heads,valve covers and blower. Thanks for looking !! =
  20. Completed last night. This was a terrible kit to get together. AMT from back in the day, every part needed massaging of some sort. No positive locations for any of the chrome, bumpers, etc. Still I'm pleased with the way it came out. This is the first in a project where I intend to build all 7 generations of Corvettes. I have all the kits in hand except a C7, waiting to see if a full detail glue kit comes out. If not the Revell curbside will do. Thanks for looking, comments welcome!
  21. Slotto

    '67 Corvette

    I started this kit about 15 years ago. All I was able to accomplish was painting the body. If memory serves me correct, the paint is Duplicolor GM Blue. This was the fourth model I've worked on since getting back into the hobby. The interior is Rustoleum white with hand painted details. I did do a wheel and tire swap because I didn't like what the kit came with. The kit did not come with any of the clear trees so I contacted Revell and they have since made it right. Pictures were taken prior to receiving the clear trees. as you can see, poster putty is holding on the chrome trim. One day I'll
  22. A newer release from Revell, similar to the Vette racecar I reviewed. Low parts count and prepainted glass should make for a nice weekender build. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XpfWDc82oxI
  23. With the side views added this one is finished
  24. This one is just about done , but still a few things too do. The side views need to be finished and a few extra decals. It took two kits to get it too this point. Lots of bent parts. Windows didn't fit. Any how ...
  25. The interior is just about complete. All that is needed is the drivers side bars and top halo. The cage is very toy like and has big mounting points. All most like donuts.
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