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  1. While looking for the resin 1970 L88 Motion hood I made years ago, I found this old body from around 1995. At one time it was used as a master to cast Baldwin Motion Phase III GT Corvettes. They were for me and Joel exclusively. At one time it was a finished replica of the car he bought back from a Hollywood lot. It was in all the Corvette magazines in 1992. I went to a shop in New Jersey that was doing a frame on restoration with Joel in his 5.0 Mustang convertible to check progress. Today the car is in Dan McMichael’s collection and has been on My Classic Car. An interesting story about this gold Corvette. While I was at the shop in New Jersey, Joel and the shop owner we’re looking at pictures of a phase 3 Corvette that was blue with white accents and the Shelby scoops. Joel was trying to decide whether or not it might have been a car that he built. Looking over their shoulder’s I noticed that it had two slotted taillights. Joel said it looked like something he might’ve done but never did one in that color. I said it’s probably the gold one in the magazine article that you took pictures of when it was new. It has two taillights also. It dawned on Joel that it was the same car repainted a number of times. Because flipping through the pictures he had, they were pictures of it red with white accents. That car has since been restored back to gold with black accents and was auctioned off on one of the Barrett Jackson auctions a number of years ago. This is one of Joe’s first phase 3 GT Corvettes. It was featured at the Waldorf Astoria auto show in 1969. Zora Arkus-Duntov loved this car! I resin cast a full bumper front end conversion kit for the Camaro 15 years ago. Wish I knew were that mold went! This green Camaro is the oldest, completed Motion build I still have. Built in 2000, it is my first base/clear attempt. This red Manta Ray was a curbside resin kit I was selling around 2001. This model went to Joel. These two are across the room right now and I have a third in red again, awaiting clear. Joel only built 3 Manta Rays, so I will have a replica of each! This one is the Motion Moray. I presently sits in clay to make a mold of the body! This a Motion Nova hiding on my desk. Hope you like them! Any questions or comments are welcome! Back to the 1968 Baldwin Motion Chevelle!
  2. Hello all! This is one of my first model car builds in a while, mainly because school is out and summer is here. So now I have more time to grow my skills in this wonderful hobby. Here it is so far, I'm still working on the chassis and little things here and there. I decided to make this a sleek and custom Corvette. I want to use the taillight pieces below, which may look like they are from a Corvette, but no. They are from a '58 Ford Thunderbird. A custom spice! This is the first model car I've done with a flat-color interior. All of my previous builds have gloss black interiors, which I will admit is not very realistic. That's all the pictures I have for now. I will gladly post more in this thread as I progress through this build. Thanks for viewing!
  3. Built this as a gift for a friend, whose daughter is in the Naval Academy. They love Corvettes, I asked what her favorite color is, so tried to match it. It was a free kit, was brush painted, and no engine. I had an engine from a '39 Chevy model done last century. I didn't know the engine was 1/24 scale, until it wasn't fitting! Had to thin out the tunnel until it was paper thin. So I guess it's a 507. LOL I wasn't happy with the paint in some spots, needed to sand and primer as if it's been repaired. The steering wheel is from the parts box, hub is from the decal for the hood spear. I made the antenna retractable. I made a box for it. Got a ribbon at the county fair, just because. It's wired to a Corian base, the wood supports hold it down. Her name is Sarah. GO NAVY!
  4. I’ve built this Corvette in around 1992 to 1995. I had met Joel Rosen at that time and he suggested I try building his car. He had just bought it back and was having it restored. I may have mentioned all this in a previous post. I decided to give it a mild restoration myself. I didn’t touch the bodywork at all. It’s got a couple cracks. But I’m going to leave it alone. The striping on the side isn’t quite right, and a couple other little things. This Corvette Phase III GT represented the most expensive Phase III GT ever built. It had to be billed twice because while sitting on the lot waiting for delivery, the car next to it caught fire and burned it to the ground. So he built the second one to send to the buyer. So I will build a second one also. More to come!
  5. Stars and Stripes Greenwood/Smothers Corvette Sebring 1971 Scott Kercher built this model from the Revell kit 85-2825. Scott is a real sticker for accuracy and realism in his models. After extensive research Scott made the following changes to the Revell kit documented in his build sheet. For the body he added a spoiler under the front, driving lights on front, re-profiled rear flairs and added small flairs on the front fenders. Opened the gas tank flap, no parking or back-up lights, no chrome plate holder on rear, no chrome taillight bezels, no emblems and moved the top back 1/16 to fit with duct tape across the top of the windshield. The turn signals in the grill were drilled out as well. For the interior he used a new steering wheel and column, full roll bar cage, new shifter and console delete, new dash, add p/e seatbelt for the driver’s seat. He added a fire bottle in the passenger foot well, cut out rear deck for the roll bar, and used a stock Corvette passenger seat. Externally Scott used bigger side pipes, HRM Minilites, removed the spare and added a large gas tank, 2 number recognition lights on both doors and Corvair engine fan brake extractors. He lowered the front suspension by making new coil springs. For the engine compartment, he added an oil cooler, oil filter, and wiring along with some fine screen around the carb filter. Deleted the fan, put an expansion tank on the passenger side firewall and added the roll bar hoops in the engine compartment with an open battery box on the passenger side. oil filter and wiring along The paint is Krylon white, and the beautiful Cartograph decals fit much better than he thought they would! The Goodyear tire stencils are by Replica and Miniatures of Maryland.
  6. I happen to be working nights right now, and sleeping during the day proves a little bit difficult at times. This afternoon while trying to sleep I noticed I had duplicates of the 1970 Corvette. When I went to combine the two kids into one box, I noticed one was molded in gray and the other in orange. I thought to myself it might look cool if I built the Corvette using different color parts for all the assemblies. So I tried it this afternoon. The results look better in my head then the actual model. It might come off a little better as a convertible. I do have a convertible kit and a whole bunch of orange pieces. The convertible kit is turquoise. So I might just do this again. Honestly this would’ve looked a little better if the T tops and the doors were gray. The interior engine and chassis came out pretty much the way I had envisioned. What do you think? In the end, I had a lot of fun! And that’s what it’s all about!
  7. I am posting this model for Scott Kercher who also took the pictures on film. The model was built using an Accurate Miniatures kit (Revell also released the same kit) and represents Grand Sport 004 as driven by Texans Johnson and Morgan at the 1964 Sebring race. Here is Scott's description of his build: There are something like 42 additions, corrections and deletions according to my build sheet. Biggest visual change to the exterior is the tires from the Fujimi Ford GT kit. Grill is stretched sprue, and the tail has the cb radio mast, the copper strips, the Schwinn rocket lights, and 2 scoops on the back window. A complete restoration of this car is featured on the racingicons.com site; it's rare that us modelers have such a good reference. Inside we have no carpeting, so that was sanded down. 2 sets of seatbelts complete with Rupert decals, revised dash, taped wheel, and an additional crossbar on the roll bar to anchor the shoulder belts. Underneath the battery was relocated to the tail and the pneumatic jack removed. The headers/exhaust is one of the biggest pains on this kit. I glued the headers to the exhaust first, got them both at the same angle, and added the mufflers. Then the heads on the block got drilled out so the headers would slip in, and where they met the chassis were filed down and the chassis was notched. A bit of work, but they fit! Paint is Duplicolor GM Light metallic blue, not rubbed out, just like the restoration!
  8. Waaaaaay back in 1980 I was 12 years old. My bedroom window overlooked the West Islip High School. Every graduation day, my dad and I would stand on the deck to the pool so we could look over the fence and chant, “We want smoke! We want smoke!” I remember a lot of muscle cars that were driven to School in the 70s. From Road Runners, Chevelles, Corvettes, to 442s, you name it. They never failed to fill our neighborhood with smoke and the smell of burning rubber! I did my part in 1986 with my 1970 Monte Carlo. It was a 350 2 barrel with a 2 speed powerglide. I couldn’t do a standing burnout, but donuts worked to break the tires loose! I have a short video taken by my mother! We were and still are a car family! Here is a short video of my efforts: Back to the subject of this post! One day in 1980 while looking over the cars in the parking lot, I spied a Corvette. It looked pretty cool, so I grabbed my 110 camera, hopped the 6 foot chain link fence and ran over to the car for a couple pictures. Back in those days you didn’t know what your pictures looked like until you sent the film out for developing and got them back. I guess all the running put me a little out of breath and the pictures came back with bit of camera shake. But I saved those pictures all these years. I’ve always wanted to do a model of that car, and the Revell 62 Corvette was just what I needed to finally get it done! There’s some lettering on the front fenders that is very hard to read today in these pictures. But for some reason “Dad’s Dream” sticks in my mind from all those years ago. Recently a friend of mine was able to clean the pictures up a little bit for me, and it does look like that’s what it says on the fenders. So I painted the body white and then masked off what I wanted to leave white. I painted the rest of the car black but experienced some trouble with paint flaking off while I was removing the masking tape. I set that body aside and decided to paint the spare body that I had, black and then mask off for the white. This yielded much better results. Plus as it turns out I incorrectly painted too much of the cove white the first time around. In the pictures I can see the car had a teardrop hood. I was unable to find a teardrop hood for that body style Corvette so I had to create my own. I used plastic and clay to get a rough shape and then made a mold and cast the hood in resin. The resin copy was smoothed out, primed and painted with the rest of the car. Here is where I’m at now. The interior is in place and the chassis with the wheels in place. There are some pictures below. I figure for the engine I’ll do a dressed up 350 with basic chrome goodies and headers. This is artistic license of course, as I did not get any pictures of the actual motor. I printed the Dad Dream lettering on the laser printer using white decal film with a black border. But it’s not working too well. I recently acquired my father‘s old laptop that still has windows XP on it. I have to try and find drivers for my Alps printer so I can print the lettering in white on clear film. Here are some pictures, any comments or suggestions are welcome!
  9. I did the conversion on this model about two years ago. I got it into prime and then let it sit for a few months. I wet sanded it and painted it red about a year ago. I used Dupli-color Chevrolet Torch Red and urethane automotive clear. That sat for about another year. I figure by now everything is good to handle! So I took it out and started work on it last night. I’ll add some pictures with the chrome foil later today. I realize last night that the door panels may not be correct for a 61. I’ll probably go with the 58 door panels instead. Which means prime and paint but no clear.
  10. Hi folks, some months ago, I did the Revell kit of the '62 Corvette Roadster. I think the kit is great and the only issue I was facing was replacing the "chrome" on the kit's parts by something looking a bit more "real"... Hope you like it, here we go:
  11. First time posting in this section of the forum, glad to present a model that I built over 30 yrs ago, just getting back into the hobby. This is a 1/8 scale Monogram '78 corvette, that has been modified to the '79 , which was the first Corvette that I had purchased --had for 13 years and then sold it when the kids came along. So this is my remembrance, it sits proudly under a Lucite case in my office. What inspired me, was a kit review in a very early issue(1979) of SA mag. The build took me over three years --way too long, but enjoyed it. Some of the model features are as follows: Exterior paint is Dupont 'Corvette Yellow'(code52), acrylic lacquer applied with a Badger 200 AB, wet sanded, polished and waxed(no clear coat); interior was a tan/beige , w seatbelts added and the side coves modified to accept the seat belts, like the real car, steering wheel was cast from a 1/8 scale Camaro kit, which more realistically replicates the smaller steering wheel on the Vette. The '78 commemorative badges were modified to just 'crossed flags' for '79 , rear window defroster is red pin stripping tape. The 5.7L engine was detailed using the vette shop manual, air cleaner was modified to be a 'dual snorkel', brake lines were added as well, T-Tops were AB silver with a thin coat of gloss black and final coats of Tamiya Smoke, to try and replicate the 'glass' T-tops. I think it came out pretty good, it has the 'look' and 'stance' of the real car -- appreciate any feedback --if I built this now, probably would do some things different, but I guess that is experience. I've added a picture of the real car and then a few of the model, Thx for looking and I enjoy going onto this forum and seeing all the creative model builds , Thx for looking, Al
  12. There has been some recent mention of photos with no backgrounds being better to emphasis the model. So I dug out some old early Corvette prints (pre-digital). 1953 Corvette promo AMT 1953 Corvette with Fred Cady decals for the Carrera Panamerican road race MPC 1956 Corvette Sebring - should have had two four barrels in stead of the fuel injection. AMT 1960 Corvette Cunningham Le Mans
  13. The Corvette Grand Support is such an icon and before Accurate Miniatures started offering kits of the car I don't remember any kits. So I gathered up the pieces with a1964 MPC Corvette (one of my favorite kits) and set about making one. It took 2 bodies to get the opening parts right but I was pleased with the final outcome. Ismail may remember this one.
  14. Possible new '70 annual fauxback box art for the upcoming 1/25 AMT '70 Corvette LT-1 Coupe kit?
  15. The MAMA Boys and the Dayton Crew will remember this ensemble from the 2002 Toledo NNL. The one time I forgot my camera so thanks to Lyle for the photos. Gary
  16. 2016 C7 Corvette wide body, doors opened, in the style of the Forgiato wheels special Corvette designs.
  17. Does anyone have any idea why none of the major model kit co.'s have produced a kit of the new (now 4 yr's old ), Corvette Z06 or the newer Grand Sport. And just announced is the 2019 ZR1. This is an iconic sports car, Revell has done the racing version(C7R) of the car, and they have done many versions of the new Camero. If it is a licensing issue, looks like Revell got around that on the 'base' C7 by taking laser measurements of an actual car. I thought there would be demand for such a kit -- appreciate any thoughts on this, thx Al
  18. Hello, Currently suffering from severe PHD (Project Hopping Desease).... The Revell snap C7 Corvette body was washed and dried. Shot the first coat of primer. Block sanded and started working the mold lines.The body looks good and straight so far.... No hesitation on color combo: Laguna blue with Kalahari interior..... Stay tuned... Best Regards,
  19. This is a 1:25 Revell Monogram kit of a '67 Corvette 427 Roadster. This is one of many kits generously given to me by a friend from work. It turned out almost exactly as I imagined it. The only differences were the omission of the white hood stripe and the redline tires. The decals were really old and had been stored in a garage with poor air conditions. Some of the decals disintegrated in water. I found a product online, a brush-on film for preserving old decals I can use on future models. Most of the parts under the hood and in the interior have a color scheme based on Corvette part pictures I found online. The Workbench thread is located here:
  20. The kit: * * * First thing to do, trace the mold lines with a marker and sand & polish them out: ]* * * Next, for my own reference, highlight the lift-off nose section, because I'm planning to build this one all opened-up and plumbed/wired to the best of my ability. * * * Ughhh, ugly cut: * * * All separated now, the red 'scars' are where the knife & saw blades slipped and gouged the surface. After the photos, I filled them with Squadron fine (grey) filler and sanded them back with various grades of wet'n dry. * * * This is my 'serious' project to take me through the holidays and well in to the New Year. Stay tuned it could be fun, or it could be a complete dogs dinner, we'll find-out together. AFN Ian.
  21. The past 2 years I've been working on all the original 1968 Sweet 16 Redline Hot Wheels cars. I have acquired all the 1/25 kits to build all of them into Hot Wheels. So far I've built 6 of the 16. This is the Custom Corvette, started with Revell 1969 427 kit, a nice detailed kit actually. Shot Duplicolor Metalcast Orange over silver base, complete with "chrome" chassis and engine compartment, and off-white interior. Wheels are Pegasus "T's" big and littles. Used a red and black Sharpie to create the Redline look. I've included a pic of each of the other tribute builds. Custom Cougar Deora Hot Heap Custom T-Bird Silhouette Custom Corvette
  22. Entry number 3 in my Corvette project, C3 Stingray. AMT kit went together very well, I was impressed by the details under the hood and the LT-1 small block. This kit also has some of the best Chevy Rallye wheels I've seen. Comments welcome, thanks for looking.
  23. Haven't been with the building program too much lately so trying to catch up on editing photos for various shows since our season is getting started again. This is a nice street faire that the neighborhood businesses and association puts on and usually have an interesting turn out of cars. https://whulsey.smugmug.com/Cars/2016-03-05-Melrose-on-7th-Ave-Phoenix-AZ/i-JmZGpBc Was going to give a few examples, but won't upload.
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