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Found 22 results

  1. Here's a video which contains a 2011 Crown Victoria New York City Taxi. What's unique about it versus a non-NYC taxi? It's based upon the Lincoln Towncar platform -- long wheelbase model. NYC has long had requirements for their cabs for many years (similar to how California Highway Patrol models were unique to that state), including floor-to-ceiling and foot room capacities. Chrysler used to send cars built at Lynch Road Assembly to Amblewagon, who then cut-out the rear passenger footwells and replaced them with deeper-depth wells. This particular NYC Crown Vic is a 2011 model, which was the last year the C.V. was sold in the U.S. ("2012" models were all export-only); this one's build date is 05/2011.
  2. The Lincoln Continental by OCee Ritch, published by Floyd Clymer, 1963. https://babel.hathitrust.org/cgi/pt?id=mdp.39015002060484&view=1up&seq=5
  3. Have been wanting to build a stock version of the Revell Hot Rod Lincoln LSC for a long time and decided to go ahead and start. I know the body needs to be lengthened behind the door and the wheel arches are too flared, but I decided to leave those alone, but have been modifying the body to stock specs. the two other kits I decided to use for this. The Thunderbird for chassis, suspension and some interior items. The Mustang for the engine, exhaust, inner fenders and other misc parts, as well as the GNX mesh wheels to replicate the factory 90+ mesh wheels. test fitting the cut down chassis, interior tub and mocked suspension. Cut down the rocker panels and side exhaust that are molded into the body. Used some Mustang wheels just for mock purposes. added the inner fender/strut towers from the Mustang kit. Also decided the Thunderbird interior tub needed to be modified. I used the floor from the Mustang kit while the back seat and package shelf are Thunderbird. Getting interior mocked up using some Lincoln specific stuff; the dash, door panels and seats. Not much can be done for the rear seats. Decided to use the Thunderbird center console, although not a spot on match it’ll have to do. Used an automatic shifter from parts bin as this car will be an auto. Also test fitting modified interior tub to make sure of no interference with the windows. test fitting a 302. Will be using the one from the Mustang kit as it is more detailed then the one from my parts bin in this pic. Also have to cut off the T5 and adapt the AOD trans. reshaped the Hot Rod scooped hood to a stock style. Also extended the rockers and reshaped them. Originally the rockers are too flat and straight even if all I did was cut out the side exit exhaust. Also filled in the incorrect body line on the lower front fenders between the door and wheel arch.
  4. My goodness,,when will the 4 wheel madness end? lol. I couldnt help but bash this Revell Continental Mk 2 into a drag strip warrior,,,,,installed a larger motor {427},,bucket seats,,different wheels. Cut the roof off,,installed a Corvette windshield,,other than that its somewhat stock,, painted w/Testors quikdry,,hand painted everything else. Its gonna drive to drinkin,,if I dont stop buildin this hot ,,rod,,lincoln.
  5. Started this year to replace one I started back in 2009, I painted this Tamiya TS-64 dark blue with a Testors metallic blue interior. I have the sedan kit as well! Painted Tamiya Pearl blue with Testors Nassau blue interior. There is a lot of chrome trim to do on these, that is why they have gotten stalled!
  6. Painted Yesterday, Tamiya TS-58 Light blue pearl. No clear coat. Thanks for looking, all comments welcome.
  7. Pictures of box, box contents, and a link to Drastic Plastics website for the instructions
  8. I got this one two days ago, surprising that except for the hardtop body, the kits contents are the same as the recently released convertible version, which will help on the building of this kit since the chrome trees are on the satin chrome side of things. Pics of contents, box art, and instructions at this link
  9. So while waiting for the 65 Lincoln hardtop to arrive, I decided to build this convertible as a companion piece for the 65 Park Lane. Painted with Tamiya TS-63 dark blue with Testors wet look clear. Interior is painted with Testors enamel Pearl blue metallic. Comparing the two grilles, you can see the Lincoln influence on the Mercury grille, (or vise-versa!). Mercury grille on top, Lincoln on the bottom. Thanks for looking!
  10. My latest completion. The MPC kit is remarkably good for its age but these cars are pretty spindly. I had issues with the rumble seat so I glued it shut, the hood in particular is supposed to fold like a real one but is very fragile in practice. It shares the running gear with the 1928 Touring. Comments welcome, thanks for looking.
  11. Looks like the 1/25 AMT '65 Lincoln Convertible kit is being pushed as a Wagon more than a Convertible, but that's probably a more accurate description of this kit as it exists today:
  12. 80s issue bought for a fiver (considering how rare these are), but it was started with some things glued and tons of parts missing but luckily had most of the main essential parts intact. Had to fab up grill inserts using mesh screening, headlights from a 57 Bel Air, and a parts dashboard modded and trimmed down from a AMT drag car of some sort. Most of the suspension parts were ether missing or glued to bonded mush so cooked up a C4 front suspension and rear from a Monogram Monte Carlo. The V12 flathead engine was glued to high hell and the wonky molded in v8 headers weren't appealing, so in went a Viper v10 with custom intake tubes and radiator. Wheels and Tires were from the Cali wheels issue 57 Bel-air and a 5th extra was found to act as a de-facto spare tire since the kits piece was missing. Paint is Tamiya Clear Orange over Rustoluem Aluminum cleared with future, and some tribal decals were spares from one of the 66 Impalas I built.
  13. https://whulsey.smugmug.com/Cars/2016-10-01-Sanderson-All-Ford-Show/ Here's from last year show that I just got uploaded. At least a couple of weeks before this year's show.
  14. just getting ready for this one . so i thought i would make a build tread for it .. its a complete 1972 kit but weirdly enough there is some extra parts in the box . like extra roofs both cab and vinyltop and there is also extra axles and a extra interior tub . might come in handy in the future for other builds . i like the look of the 41 but i really cant stand that Humpback whale style trunk .it just has too much junk in the trunk . so ive decided to cut it of and just give the whole car more of a custom rod look. will possible also fill in all bumper mounting holes . just make the body really clean. and do something fancy with the hood . colors i dont know yet and ofcourse it will be lowered the body in the kit has a broken a pillar but its in the kit so it can be fixed . here,s what im thinking with the trunk let me know what you think . and ideas is always welcome .
  15. Bought this mint-in-the-box kit back in '85, sat half-finished for decades until finished recently. Mostly out-of-the-box, added mirrors, new wheels and tires, rear fender antenna, and some interior detail. Paints are lacquer custom mixed off the color chip sheet, covered with two-part clear. Enjoy!
  16. hey so just finished my Biggest Build yet i was pretty ambitious and just went for it . this build saw me trying airbrushing for the first time and also working with putty . i wanted to remove the Hump (trunk ) of the continental to make it look like my vision for it. and i also made the hood open side ways and lowered it . i had some problems along the way but it is only my 4th build ever . so all in all im very pleased with the result . i hope you guys like it . im very thankful for all the freindly folks that followed the build so many great and encouraging comments along the way . oh i keept the Trailer of the build tread but i used the Trunk area that i removed and build a little teardrop trailer around it . just for fun ... here it is so that is it . i really pused the limit of my skills on this . im still a noob afterall . anyway im pleased ...
  17. I got lucky and scored one of these off eBay for a decent price. The chrome is in terrible shape and it's missing a tail light. Thankfully I've got 3 of the convertible version of this kit laying around and can get what I need for it. I bought this with the intention of cutting the hood out of the body to reveal the engine compartment. I'm going to completely swap the promo chassis/engine plate for one of my kit chassis. The more I think about this, the worse of an idea I think it is. What would you do?
  18. Another project i have been pulling out of the box when waiting on parts for other project. You would think i had learned by now to get everything before i start somthing new. This was a idea that pop into my head a year ago,i`m not sure it is a good or bad idea yet. I had to lenghten and section the hood,lengthen the frame,section and adapt the front fenders and make them reach a little longer down at the rear,below the molding. Quite the challenge for a rookie as me,but so far so good. I have to try make some trim running forward on the hood,or remove the part from the donor (48 Revell Ford). I had in mind doing it mild custom,try make it look original beside having it a little bit lowered and use some tires with fat whitewalls. I found a flathead v12 on Ebay i want to use,it`s got some mild tuning look to it,tripple carbs and finned heads, it should be right around the corner so i can attempt making it fit. I`m also thinking dual exhaust,not with lakepipes, but coming out the back,the v8Ford only got one. I will be using Lincoln bumpers and the crome,also i want to try drill out the stock front lights and add buckets and glass,if i can find a decent donor. Well,it`s pretty ugly now,but hopefully it can be made into somthing in the end. This is just some rough mock up. Thanks for looking.
  19. Been snooping around but not found anything besides the Parts Box v12. Is there any options besides this engine?
  20. Hi Buddies, today i want to present you my Lincoln Futura - a fabulous Conceptcar in the fifties. I choosed a color like the boxart shows, built it simply "out of box" I started last year in November to build it. All kind of bodyparts (even the chromeparts too) were sanded to fit "perfect" to another. The chromeparts are painted with alclad. It was a lot of work, for a couple of weeks it went back in the shelf, before i was happy with the sanding-marathon and put the filler on it... So, enjoy the pictures Thats it. I had a lot of fun to built this old kit. Thanks for your attention, all kind of comments welcome
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