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2015 Cannonball Run CBP -completed builds thread


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Well it's getting that time of year again. December 1 will be the final day of the 8th Annual Cannonball Run CBP. I daresay this is the longest running community build on the internet and I'm always proud to be a part of it, whether I finish a build or not. It never fails to attract excellent builders that just want to have some fun with no drama. This years theme was "sleepers" with no model/year restrictions. It has proven to be our most popular theme to date. We're really gonna have to think of something cool to top it for 2016.

So without further ado, lets get our completed builds photographed and posted here. Remember guys, the folks on the forum will vote based on how well you represent your model, so find a way to take some decent photos. A piece of non-shiny poster board as a back drop, some decent lighting and something to steady the camera will do wonders.




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Well Rob, guess I'm the first then!

She's done, but there's so much more I want to do with this Dodge Ram 50 or as us Aussies call it....Mitsubishi Triton ;)

It's just your plain Jane shop truck with a few surprises under the hood and in the cab, the rear end has been beefed up as well, the engine came out of the old MPC Dodge Daytona kit^_^!

Had a lot of fun building this, colour is 'Shine Red' by Mr Colour with some suitable weathering applied....











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Here it comes - my competitor for the Cannonballrun 2015 - "The Sleeperball"

It's based on the Tamiya Mini in 1/24. Stuffed with fine parts out of a Honda/Acura Integra (engine, transmission), Honda Civic (exhaust system, interior) and self made little things. Some more cutting on the engine and engine compartment as well as the dash board as supposed were needed but in the end it fits properly. It looks clean like an oob without seat belts or such things. My priority was fitting the "foreign" parts and the clean look.










post-14847-0-33609900-1436855338_thumb.j A picture thru the progress to see the engine better

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Here it is - my entry for the Cannonballrun 2015 "Sleeperball"

Based on a Tamiya Bug, i changed the engine to a Porsche 356, lowered the suspension, shortened the front axle. Wheels are Sparewheels from the Fujimi Porsche 911 kits, painted with alclad. Exportbumpers changed to standarts from the RoG Bug. Goodies are sliding roof, one-piece-windows, quarterlights in the rear, turnsignallights in the headlights. Classic two-tone paintjob yellow/white, white interieur.


Thanks for passing by ;)

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Here is my MPC 1976 Caprice cannonball entry. Finally finished. I wanted to build something that could be built in real life by any hot rodder. Took an abandoned 76 Caprice, repaired the front with a junkyard nose and hood, swapped in some 80s Corvette bucket seats and Camaro console, added some rally wheels with whitewall tires, Swapped in a Chevelle 12 bolt rear end and dropped in a late model LT5 out of a 90s ZR1 vette with manual transmission.





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  • 2 weeks later...

'77 AMC Pacer wagon. 

Mods include.

'96 Corvette front subframe and suspension.

Scratch-built transmission cross-member. Rear traction bars and panhard bar. Six point roll cage fitted nice and tight to the roofline to keep it hard to see. Drift style e-brake

AMT Toyota Supra 2JZ twin turbo inline six cylinder engine with scratch-built plumbing. 

All paints are Krylon. Weathering powders and washes.

Also thanks to Bill Engwer (Acegarageguy), for his engineering advice concerning the rear suspension











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So, here is my entry.

It's a 1976 International Harvester Scout II. This was originally built by me around 2005 or so, and, needless to say, it was pretty gluey. So much so that it melted part of the roof in. When I first rediscovered it, I was planning on building it into a NASCAR truck from the time of the wing wars, but it got here when I found the thread.
The frame was built with Evergreen I-beam. The rearend is from the Revell '94 Impala SS, and the frontend is from the Revell '77? Trans Am. Wheels from the AMT/ERTL Ford Flareside, and tires from the AMT Chevy Blazer. The tow bar is from a toy Jeep, and the ball itself is a piece of a parts tree, chucked in a Dremel and shaped with a file.
The roof was chopped off behind the windshield frame and the gap between the body and interior tub was shimmed with Evergreen plastic and filled with Tamiya putty. On top of said fill was attached some Evergreen I-beam, same as used for the frame. The cab wall was made from sheet styrene and the rollbars were made from Evergreen rod.
Driver's seat from a Revell Camaro, passenger seat from an ERTL International rig, steering wheel from an AMT '40 Ford (I believe) on a scratchbuilt column. Floor was carpeted with embossing powder. 
The engine is a 409 Chevy with tri-power carbs from what I surmise is an AMT Impala. The brake booster is from the Revell Impala that also coughed up the rear axle. The battery is from the Tamiya Lotus Super Seven, and it's resting on a (you guessed it) scratchbuilt battery tray. 
The plow is from the venerable Revell GMC kit, but it didn't have a... lifter arm thing. I don't know plows that well, but I know I has to lift by way of the motor, and the kit didn't even have a way to do that - I used a piece of a straight axle, a piece of scrap rod, and some chain to fix this oversight. The lights on the bar were in the kit but I think they were for the rollbar or something. Using these backdated the plow effectively enough to justify the heavy weathering applied.





Some goosey wiring there...

Anyways, I'm very happy with it. Thanks for the fun!

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Revell 1964 Ford Fairlane. Painted testors hunter green and weathered with the salt method and thinned acrylic washes. For the most part, everything come out of the box. I detailed the 427 with ignition wiring and wire looms, dipsticks, throttle linkage and return springs, fuel line, a one wire alternator, and even battery cable to the starter. I didn't modify the chassis much as it was already mini tubbed and came with coil over shocks and a 9" rear end. I made a full 10 point roll cage out of aluminum that cannot be seen from the outside of the car, and color coordinated the interior. I used some BFG drag radials from chief Joseph? I believe with some parts box front tires. I did some other minor details including the removal of side trim, opening up the grille, and tinting the side and rear windows.

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Ferrari 250 GTO

This started appropriately as a glue bomb already sleeping. A story in the main thread told of the rebuilding. Thinks added to replace or upgrade kit parts include an interior welded fuel tank, rear wheels, brass front hood hinge, new intake funnels from ferrules, spark plug and fuel wiring, cooler, Garmin Nav system, iPhone, water bottle, hood strap, rear lights, front signal lights and polished aluminum exhaust tips. Paint is Automotive Red Primer. Many things were distressed using various methods. The replaced bar aluminum driver's door has 4 various paints applied. Windows have BMF "duct tape" applied over cracks.

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Here's my contribution. 

1992 Mercury Cougar 

  • Base kit: Revell
  • Wheels and tires: 55 Ford F-100 (Monogram)
  • Scratch built roll cage
  • Paint: Blushed Dupli-Color Gloss Black for the  body, Maroon for the interior, Gunmetal on the hood, and cheapo primer on the front bumper.
  • Theme: Built out of an LKQ yard


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I present ,  TESTOSTAROSSA  !!

Well, i guess this is what happens when you have a Ferrari Testarossa kit, but you don't like Ferrari's..;)

So, i started with the 40 Ford sedan delivery, and shoe horned a Testarossa V12 in it's butt,  used the Ferrari tyres and rims, disguised as old school chromies.

Ferrari vents in the roof, cooling system where the engine should be. And a great friend made me some decals to disguise it as a Ferrari service vehicle,

so nobody will be suspicious of the fancy red paint work.  




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I've gone for the beater you wouldn't look twice at.

A Chevrolet Citation body has been mounted on Plymouth Prowler chassis thus gaining the immediate benefits of wishbone independent suspension on all four corners and superior weight distribution due to the rear mounted transmission.  Obviously a mere V6 donk wouldn't cut it so it was piffed and it's place taken by a 440 ci Dodge sucking in through dual quads on a cross ram and farting out through 4 into 1 extractors.
A 5 inch body stretch was required due to the Prowler having a longer wheelbase than the Citation and while we were at it we re-engineered the nose to come off in one piece.
Due to the engine having a slightly greater setback than the original transverse FWD installation the driver and his donuts now sit where the rear seats were so lets hope the cops are not paying too much attention as we drive by.
A large fuel cell replaces the boot and did I mention there are donuts?

The model.
AMT Chevy Citation Turbo body shell with the bonnet bulge and spoiler removed and 5mm added in front of the doors.
AMT Plymouth Prowler chassis
Revell 440 Magnum from '68 Dodge Charger with cross ram from AMT '70 Superbee
Scratchbuilt interior, engine mountings and fuel cell.
Revell '41 Willys Street Rod Seats and AMT '58 Edsel & '57 Chevy hubcaps.
Silver & Metallic Brown car paint from rattle cans hit with a white filter inane attempt to make it look oxidised on the roof and the cleared with gloss acrylic on the sides and satin on the top.
Grand Spaulding Dodge decal & No. Plates from Revell Mr Norms Dodge Dart GSS.









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here is my twin engine toyota yaris. It was a tamya vitz kit. that is the jdm version of the yaris. I had to convert it to left hand drive. I then added two 4age toyota engines scratched built the rear to fit the engine,fuel lines,roll bar,hinged the hatch, and fitted the 15in wantabe rims. 

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In at the wire.  Sorry to make it so late but had a series of self-inflicted issues to deal with.  The Skyline has a racing Corvette engine and tranny.  I mounted the disc brakes inboard Jag-style to enable room for the suspension. The whitewalls you see are actually part of the rim, because the tires are low profile.  I left it right hand drive for the halibut.  Fabricated the luggage rack and integrated spoiler.

Skyline Side.jpg

Skyline Interior.jpg


Skyline Bottom.jpg

Skyline Rear.jpg

Skyline Front.jpg

Skyline Engine.jpg

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here is my 1982 datto 720 built in a clean street truck style mods are:

  • curbside conversion
  • chevy v8 swap 
  • complete running gear conversion
  • rhd to lhd conversion 
  • mild low gloss paint job(would draw less attention than a weathered car) 
  • wide wire wheels disguised as steelies

this is nowhere on par with the other builds here but i had fun building it and that's all that's really important 




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Here's my entry, a 64' Polara Wagon converted from the 64' 330 Color Me gone Drag kit. Built up to balance out performance and range with a paint job to look the part of a car fresh out of a junkyard.


  • 6.1 Liter HEMI with implied CNC Stage 2 Intake and Heads.
  • Front and rear suspension with all wheel disk brakes out of a 96-03' Dodge Viper.
  • Dual exhaust systems, one set piped to single short glass packs for some punch. Another set piped to the rear with dual turbo-ish mufflers to keep her nice and quite when needed.
  • Dribbler system into the rear mufflers to make it appear to smoke.
  • Valve steam for the tires and a good old fashion antenna to really sell the look. B)  


 photo DSC09369_zpsyxa8tdhn.jpg

 photo DSC09368_zpswztgyueh.jpg

 photo DSC09383_zpsjmdlrfj1.jpg

 photo DSC09376_zpsdlkabuqx.jpg

 photo DSC09380_zpskeerwoy2.jpg

 photo DSC09381_zpstayqsnxx.jpg

 photo DSC09389_zps80dqcak2.jpg

 photo DSC09392_zpskxyvjfgf.jpg

 photo Post 6 2_zpsw054aozf.jpg


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Ok ..here we go...

'62 chev Impala, with a corvette engine,.... sounds simple enough,...


Stretched the corvette chassis, a scale 12" and the drive shaft, with 1/4" alum. tube,...


Twin turbo setup,... (don't look too close)


Wheels are reverse chromes from the 49 merc kit, cut the trunk open to install a nascar gas tank , and easy fill,...



Pretty much gutted the interior and installed laptop and GPS,...



And that puts an end to a year long project,..

LETS RACE!!IMG_4917%20600x450_zpsywpvwzoe.jpg



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This is my Cannonball (sleeperball) run for this year, started with the amt '72 blazer and revell 599 gto. Started by shortening the Gto chassis cutting a section out of the middle to fit the blazer body. Other than that the exhaust needed no mods to fit. The blazer runs the gto engine, transaxle and suspension. The brakes and tires are also stock gto I really wanted to keep the power to the ground, and stopping ability. The Blazer is lowered to keep the axles in line with the wheels.  I had to make a new rear bed floor to hide the transaxle and exhaust. By keeping the stock Ferrari running gear meant using paddle shifters so I painted body Colour to camouflage them into the dash. Paint is ppg waterborne GM med blue from 1972.  Thanks for looking, I had a blast building along with the great builders in this cbp 




























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Revell Audi R8 chassis and V-10 fitted to PT Cruiser.

Suspension raised, hatch opened, interior modified, home made woodie decals, exhaust rerouted to exit straight back through rear bumper, posable steering, scratch built car top carrier (gas tank? Is that a filler port on top?)








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