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'29 Ford Roadster

Quick GMC

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Been bouncing around from build to build. Sat down and got a bunch of parts painted on this one yesterday. Doing this build completely out of the box, which may explain why I am actually making progress. I may add spark plug wires, not sure yet. 

Gravity Colors Volkswagen Pacific Blue for the body. Clearcoat still on the way. I think I will use Tamiya's clear on this one, but I have trust issues with it. I usually clear parts before using Alclad polished finishes, but it left fisheyes everywhere on the parts. That's why the hub caps and other smooth parts aren't as reflective as normal. 

I meant to use Alclad Pale Gold for the carbs, but grabbed Gold Titanium instead. I think it worked out ok. I rubbed on some Kosutte Ginsan on the molded in linkage to make it stand out. 

Not sure if I will use any of the wheel trim parts yet, I like the black look. 

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   This looks great!!  All the metal finishes

look very realistic that's for sure.

    What type of Alclad did you on the cars

headers? I love that look!


      David S.

Thanks. I did chrome, then hot metal blue, then hot metal sepia, then smoke. When I finish, I will take better pics that show the finish more. It looks nice in person 

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Like a dream. I did get a new airbrush setup though. It's a fan tip .5mm for my Grex, so I think that helped a bit, but when spraying out of my regular .3 for some other parts, it comes out nicely. Closest thing I can compare it to is Zero paints. I also use Scale Finishes, their metallic paints are super easy to use. 

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Some more progress on this, I am nearing completion, but it won't be for a while, This week will be busy for work and I don't think I will get any modeling time for 1-2 weeks. 

I also fixed the backwards bank of carbs, thanks to Andy for pointing that out

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