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67 Mustang - Project "Lenora" - Eleanor's PSYCHO sister- update 3/6 In second-stage primer


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Saw a rendering by Ragle of a Mustang race-concept protouring and said I have to build this.


Starting with the AMT Shelby GT-350


Looked at variations for stance, not doing this, just to show what the wheels and tires I will be using look like in a stock position


Thought about tucked in the wheel wells... nah... everyone does this with building an Eleanor...


Drew out a starting position for trimming...


Trimmed out a lot more than I first thought... This is the stance I was looking for and the rendering by Ragle


Started the flares...


Added the front sail-vent behind the front wheel and modified the side window opening to give it a new lower-chopped look. Also added a deeper body line tying the front sail-vent to the rear scoop and molded it all in. 

Note the smaller side sail scoop, I think it looks better cut down by a third of the orginal size, this will be moilded in as well..


Created the rear sail-vent behind the rear wheel... haven't decided if I will change the shape of it yet... Feedback?





Finally... in primer 3/6... Primary body mods are complete, next is custom racing chassis with ground effects package, splitters, air-dams and rear diffuser




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Nice project. Then I'm a Mustang guy, so I'm all in on this one. It's definitely gonna need a rear diffuser.

Looking forward to more.


Yes, it will... this is a concept of what the rear diffuser will look like, tying in the sail vents... (this is on a Challenger, but you get the idea)


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Thanks everyone for the positive feedback. Yeah this one is starting out as a lot of fun and lots of modifications still to come. Body and paint are my favorite parts of the build,

This is my first "On the workbench" posting, looking forward to all the creative feedback as I post updates. 


Changed the look of the rear sail-vent to better blend with the rear lines... What do you think?


Photo 2017-01-13 00-08-52.jpg


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Great work so far, I must agree that rendering is stunning, I'm looking forward to more on this....

PS, i dont know about naughty , more like Eleanor's psycho serial killer sister, that's one sinister looking Stang ! !  :D

Thanks man... I like the Psycho Sister better than naughty.... I'm officially changing the title if you don't mind me doing so... 

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Thanks everyone for the feedback on this PSYCHO build, I'm having a lot of fun with this one so far.

Worked on the front nose this weekend. I like the llok of the 67 and 68 Shelby's and the front of the 69 GT Mustangs. So decided to bash them together, a little from each and came up with something a bit more alike the rendering.

Note the center grill is from a 68 GT500 - I sloped the bumper area and headlight recesses like the 69 GT and the hood of course is a modified curved front to better flow with the 68 grill center. Swept the headlight recess at more of an angle that stock, matching the grill angle now.

A very different look if you know your Mustangs.

Still have to make the lower scoops and splitters.

Molded in the reduced height sail-scoops and painted the gold in the rims, and scored the doors to open up when I finish all major bodywork.

Thanks for looking and your feedback!




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