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427 Cobra (street car)


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First time posting here, I haven't been finishing many models the last few years (starting lots of them but not finishing). I thought maybe if I posted a few it might get me going to finish them. Here's the first one I have, probably the closest to being done. Need to finish interior, engine and a bit of detailing. Love to hear your thoughts. 





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Pat ,  looking good so far.   wire   wheels   were more common on 289  cobra's.   the   427 cobra's  were shipped   with  wire wheels  put on backward  with a 3 -eared knock off to clear  big brakes.  then 7.5 halibrands were installed when delivered.

but what the hell ,it's just a model. put what you like on it.  let's   see some more!

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On 2/15/2018 at 11:24 AM, cobraman said:

Scale Coach Works has a trans kit or used to. Good luck finding one however. There are also some complete resin kits available but they are in the 300.00 dollar range.

Scale Coach Works.  The FIA roadsters didn't have suitcase bumps at the beginning of the '64 season they were added to some (not all) the cars when they were sent to Europe (later in the year) to comply with the FIA rules of the time.


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