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Black Cherry Revell Foose FD-100

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Sorry for the blank post earlier. The site seemed to be having technical issues and I couldn't get a post in. Anyway...

When we promoted the model car show at the LA Roadster Show this past June, we had a Foose class with the winning build chosen by Chip Foose himself. When we found out this was going to happen, I felt like I should probably build a Foose model since I was asking our builders to build one too, although it would be display only and not eligible for the contest. So I decided to build the popular Ford FD 100 truck since I had heard so many good things about the kit. 

I stayed fairly true to the original truck, but with a few changes. I went with a Black Cherry House of Kolor mix over a HOK black base coat, so it looks black in low light, but in the light pops a cherry red metallic. I stumbled on some Foose Shelby wheels on Shapeways, designed by Ron Olsen (store name is 3D Model Specialties) that I thought would go great on this build, and add a different look to it.

I also replaced the plastic bed with real bass wood strips, stained with black cherry stain and clear coated. I did a few other things too, like modifying the rear shocks, deleting the front metal axle and adding front shocks, and machining some new filler caps for the valve covers and radiator. The valve cover breather and wire looks are Pro Tech, and the pre-wired distributor is an MAD unit, all available at www.scaleproshop.com.

Unfortunately, I didn't finish the build in in time for the LA Roadster Show, but I mocked it up so Chip could see it. He told me unsolicited and not knowing it was mine that he liked it, which made my day. Not surprisingly, he selected for the winner a box stock FD 100 built by John Teresi, which, of course, was one gorgeous build.

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On 9/24/2018 at 3:05 PM, mike 51 said:

...After seeing these F100s for more than 60 years now....I just can't get used to those front fenders...

.gives the model a rather   " Palmer-ish" look to my eye. 

Sometimes trying to be different just doesn't work.

I disagree. I've always thought the front of the front fenders on these vehicles looked too heavy ...  image.jpeg.693dcf42df27232b483929535dcc2601.jpeg

...and I experimented with a similar mod several years before Mr. Foose...


Art: Your model is absolutely beautiful.  :D


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