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1974 Cadillac Eldorado Convertible


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Hi again !

JoHan has never made the convertible version of the 1974 Cadillac Eldorado promo, only the Eldorado Coupe. So, after finding a damaged one for sale a few months ago I thought about giving that poor promo a new life, as a convertible. I have tried to push some details that Johan never did, as to carve on the model the front and rear choc absorber lines on the fenders, and to give the interior some life, with detailed front seats and door panels. The Caddy received a new paint and some new white walls. Don't know how to photo-etch or create decals for scripts and emblems yet but I'll come to that soon. Hope you'll like it ! ;)





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Very nicely done Cadillac! Great work with the conversion, it looks like it came out of Jo-Han factory that way. Also the paint job looks really good, and I like all of the small details on the exterior. We don't see many of these '70s Cadillacs built, so it's refreshing to see one.

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5 hours ago, peekay said:

What a beautiful Caddy! Everything about it is just right. 

I specially like what you've done with the interior as I'm trying to do this with a '76 right now. Hope mine comes out this well.

Thank you very very much !. ;) Please share your '76 when you'll have done it !.

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5 hours ago, American 185 Heavy said:

Outstanding job. Looks like the real thing. Great color choice and your attention to detail is amazing. One of my high school teachers had one of these in this color. The car was stand out as is your model !!

Thanks very much ! :)

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2 hours ago, AMC ROB said:

That looks fantastic. I love Caddys and the couple you have posted so far are incredibly well done! Just curious, how did you accomplish the wood accents on the door panels?

Hi Robert, thanks for your nice words. For the door panels I have simply printed some various HD wood textures on a grainy paper and then cut them to shape like the 1/1. I am not satisfy though with the flat white leather inserts. In real life, they are padded, not flat like my model. Still have a lot of things to learn and try to push details further ;)

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26 minutes ago, Ron Hamilton said:

I love it! I plan to do something similar with a 71 promo I have.

Hi Ron, thanks ! I am really looking forward to see your conversion with the 71 Cadillac. It's a conversion I would like to do too. Please share with us once it'll be done. :)


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