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Dodge Daytona IROC

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I'm pretty sure that I've posted the beginnings of this build way back when but it's been so long I figured that I would start over.

I started this build over 7 years ago and like so many other projects it stalled out. Now, I've made a mid-year resolution to dedicate myself to completing some older, started builds. 

This is a 91 Dodge Daytona IROC build using a True Value promo (plastic) kitbashed with an AMT 90's era chassis/suspension and a whole bunch of scratchbuilding and added detail. I cleaned up the body and then made adjustments to the chassis to make it fit. I am hinging the hood and the rear hatch. When complete it will be a full detail build.

After just getting back to it I have finished the prep on the body and it now has color. I am also getting started on some of the small detail areas like creating better gauges for the dash.

More to come.

























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I had a Chrysler Laser XT (a name plate Daytona) at the same time these were running. One of my favorite cars. I really should do the same thing.

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Truely impressive build Wayne! Your attention to detail and execution are top rate, the construction and paint are flawless. 
Cheers Misha

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More engine bay details. Radiator installed and added plumbing. And, the grill screen installed. I also discovered that I made a huge mistake that has to be fixed. With limited research when I started the build I never realized that these cars didn't use a fuel break. They filled the tanks by lifting the rear hatch. So now I have to see if I can create a plug for the side of the body where I created the fuel break without ruining the body.













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