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12 hours ago, alan barton said:

Lots to like here, Roger.  Your paint finish is soooooo straight and smooth - I am very envious!  

I thought you might like to see a full scale interpretation of your 48 Ford pickup that appeared at our 2016 Regional Nationals in Busselton Western Australia. The proportions are remarkably similar to your model and it was voted in the top ten of the 200 or so cars present.  What you can't see is that it ahs suicide doors, as if he hadn't done enough bodywork already!



2016-03-26 11.08.58.jpg

Thanx Alan and thanx for posting that photo of a full scale! I almost did mine similar. But, I wanted the rear fenders from the car and no running boards. That looks like a coupe to the rear of the doors? That's the best full scale I've seen with the car's front end. I saw another one with the patina look. But, it had what looked like a '37 bed and fenders behind it.

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On 12/28/2020 at 12:24 AM, Dennis Lacy said:

Wow, you had one hell of a good year, Roger! Half of these i hadn't seen before but they all have a finished style that is unmistakably You! I just love the '48 and '60 Pickups and I'm really digging that little Falcon!! But I also find myself really enjoying that Beretta with BIG rally wheels and cowl hood. Great imagination there!

Thanx Dennis! I never would've thought that a hard core old school hot rodder like you would like a Beretta! I plan on doing another FWD sometime soon.

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2020 sure was a difficult year, but model wise the year was a knockout for you Roger!  Those are all great, just as you always do.  Somehow I think I had missed seeing those Edsels, those are sweet!  Will be looking forward to what you create here in the new year...as always LOL. 

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