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My small Class of 2022


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  Best wishes for a wonderful new year!  I wasn't on the modeling workbench much during 2022. Sorry for not even been here in a long time. 
In 2022, scale models lost the battle against my other workbench-hoarding hobby: Vintage Camera restorations.  (If anyone is interested, here is a link to my 2022 Year-in-review for camera restorations:
https://www.pentaxforums.com/forums/211-vintage-cameras-equipment/450564-my-2022-review-36-cameras-13-rolls-film-lot-more.html )

No contest this year: 36 cameras vs only 3 models.

I did manage to finish 3 scale models, although only 1 is really a plastic model car.

1. My best of the year and only plastic model car was the 1949 Talbot Lago T26C Belgian Grand Prix winner 
Started with the Merit/Smer kit but ended up scratchbuilding a lot of it. 



More details in this build thread: https://race-car-models.proboards.com/thread/2525/finished-talbot-belgian-grand-winner

2. The other race car was actually a 1/64 Corvette C6R chassis 001 as tested in Sebring January 8 2005
Started with a beaten Hot Wheels


More details in this build thread: https://race-car-models.proboards.com/thread/2884/finished-quick-build-corvette-c6r

3. My third and last model of the year was a totally different subject.  A STAR WARS B Wing Fighter with some serious firepower.
Started with a vintage built MPC snap kit that was broken and incomplete. Funny, this kit was re-released recently.



More details in this build thread: finished-star-wars-wing-starfighterhttps://race-car-models.proboards.com/thread/2947/finished-star-wars-wing-starfighter

Wish you all a wonderful New Year full of health!


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