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Ladies and Gentlemen: Presenting my 2012 Corvette Grand Sport conversion


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Wow, this project took me 9 years to complete. Good thing it was a "simple one".   

So my 2012 Grand Sport is finally done.  You can check the progress thread here:

Chevrolet launched the Grand Sport version of the C6 Corvette in 2010 in both coupe and convertible.  It features the wider body cues of the Z06, upgraded brakes, suspension and other performance oriented features.  The powerplant was the LS3 (6.2L) engine.  Visually, the Grand Sport features unique fenders.

I started this conversion years ago.  A lot of work went into this one.  Word of advise: I used a snap kit as a starting point thinking it would be easier, but no it is not.  I ran into all the traps that entailed.  Using a full kit would have probably been a better choice. 

What makes this a 2012?  The color is Carlisle Blue which is a 2012-only color offered in the Corvette.  

This car represents the following:
2012 Corvette Z16 Grand Sport Coupe
GLF Carlisle Blue exterior color
Grand Sport specific 6 speed transmission
3LT Cashmere interior
Z15 - Heritage package silver fender hash marks
J55 - Cross drilled rotors (Standard on Grand Sport) 
BA5 - Black fender badges Grand Sport (replacing standard chrome badges)
H33 -  Cyber Gray Metallic Headlamp Override (headlights different color than body)
J6F - Red Calipers

Personal touches:
Rear spoiler painted body color
C7 Z06 wheels
Scratchbuilt brakes (rotors and calipers)
Puerto Rico license plate
Puerto Rico emissions inspection/registration sticker
Mesh front grille with supports (which ended up looking like the stock one)







one heck of a toothpick :) 




Hope you like it.

What do you think?


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Very cool !!!

Your build thread pictures don't show up for me.....is there a way to refresh them so the pics show up in your original thread ?

I'm in the process of building one as well, but it looks like you used the narrower base coupe front fenders instead of the wider fenders ?

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7 hours ago, ismaelg said:

Thanks Victor!

Weird. The earliest posts don't show pictures for me either. 

Here is another link for the same project on another forum: https://race-car-models.proboards.com/thread/1857/finished-2012-corvette-grand-sport

I used a Z06 body with wider fenders, not the base coupe.


Yep, I saw it better when I was able to see the finished product :)

Was interested to see how you handled the GS fender configuration and which route you took to recreate them.

I have several obj and stl files for the C6 GS and I'm currently playing with printing out some fenders and other specific C6 parts to modify both diecast and plastic models I have.

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