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68 Charger


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The newer Revell version.  Been wanting another 68 for awhile.  The kit is pretty nice and I love how it had the dog dish rims in the kit.  I believe I saw someone on here the other day that did one and had a problem with the front end.  I did as well.  The A-frame for the front wheels doesn't line up right.  It pushes the piece for the turn lights up; which in turn messes the grill up.  I eventually had to super glue it down.  Didn't realize my grill wasn't quite in place at the time.  Still it came out looking alright despite the set backs. 

52709090226_7a65f06180_k.jpgSAM_1362 by Eric Lucas, on Flickr

52709344349_6b31721f93_k.jpgSAM_1363 by Eric Lucas, on Flickr

52709572193_a5e6ede1e5_k.jpgSAM_1364 by Eric Lucas, on Flickr



52709502095_8b069839f8_k.jpgSAM_1365 by Eric Lucas, on Flickr

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Very nice looking Charger in a sharp looking color combination. I agree with the dog dish wheel covers and I wish more kits would offer them. 

Are the heater hoses supplied in the kit or did you create them yourself?

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