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DDA Collectibles Holden HQ blown street machine


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Finished this one up yesterday. Super happy with the outcome. Yes it's a car based on their die-cast line.... but, technically it's a screwbottom hahaha. 

Anyway it goes together really well. I had almost no issues with it at all. 

Paint is Tamiya Candy Lime Green. Interior is Tamiya Light Sand. Bumpers/wheels/blower/grille/headlight buckets, door mirrors and handles, were all brush painted with Molotow and clearcoated with a waterborne clear which helped retain its shine a bit. I had STS decals design the license plates for it, because that green reminded me of the bright green stereotypical cartoon toxic waste. The rubber on the lower quarter panels came from the 90 Mustang kit. Everything else is built as it was from the box!



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33 minutes ago, michelle said:

Very awesome job looks great 
I have wanted their factory stock kit since I saw someone built one on instagram but I have no way to get one 

Order it online. That's what I did. Got it shipped to the US. 

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43 minutes ago, JTalmage said:

Order it online. That's what I did. Got it shipped to the US. 

unless i can order it on amazon i can't order it i have no credit or debit cards i have to use gift cards to buy online and i can only get amazon or big box store gift cards for online shopping 

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Superior!  Beautiful model. 

GM always encouraged a lot of sharing / loaning / borrowing / influencing among its divisions, but dang if that doesn't look like a Chevelle with a Monte Carlo front clip!



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