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Forum Problems -- Please Read

Dave Ambrose

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10 minutes ago, Little Timmy said:

For me, everything seems to be working .

Except,  the Model Cars banner across the top of the page is only half there.

The top half just isn't there. And, the banner is crammed  right up against my account menu icon.


Go to the bottom of the page and see if you have any options under themes. I am using Default (Default) and it takes the banner away.

Dave may need to tweak the IPS Default theme a little to get the banner to show properly.

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A few people have asked about the cause of our problems. The following explanation is moderately technical, so if you roll your eyes at such things, go check out some new builds in the WIP section. 

There are two ways to request information from a web server. The normal way, which is denoted with the http:// in the URL, and the secure (encrypted) way, denoted by https://

Behind the scenes, a forum page contains multiple requests for data. There's the core page, then there's the page information, and then it requests some programming code from the server. This code implements a lot of useful things like paging, the post reactions, and various other bits and pieces of behavior. Ever since the board was created, we've delivered the code via the unencrypted channel. At some point in time, Google got it in it's pointed little head that this was a bad thing. So far as I can tell, they didn't make it widely known that they were going to do this. So, they stopped loading this vital code, and didn't tell anyone. That's what caused all the problems. I suspect that if you asked for it, and it was still in your browser cache, the request was satisfied from the cache and everything worked fine. Then people's caches started expiring and the breakdown became widespread. 

Curing the problem required telling the forum software to access everything via https://. I won't go into the gritty details of that, but I would not have known about it if someone else hadn't shared that little bit of information. 

So, thanks again for sticking with me through this. Let's go build some cool model cars. 

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23 hours ago, GoodbuildNY said:

I’m not using my mobile phone,not sure why your assuming that. I’m using an IPad and up until the update I was using Bing which is a search engine. Thankfully the DuckDuckGo APP IS working for me on my iPad . If that wasn’t working my previous method would leave me with a website not working properly ( see my previous post )

Thank you for your input. I just use an ordinary PC. I'm afraid that a lot of systems used in the USA are not available here in the UK.

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On 11/23/2023 at 9:00 AM, ColonelKrypton said:

I think they are still working on the updates.

"Likes" and changing pages still only work for me ( using Chrome and Firefox on Windows ( 10 and 11 ) and Linux) when I connect using http:// (insecure) vs https:// (secure)

for example http://www.modelcarsmag.com/forums/topic/185663-forum-problems-please-read/page/4/#comment-2804780 everything works as expected

whereas:  https://www.modelcarsmag.com/forums/topic/185663-forum-problems-please-read/page/3/#comment-2795604   does not work as expected


cheers, Graham




Now all is working! Thanks! 

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