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Forum Problems -- Please Read

Dave Ambrose

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28 minutes ago, Brizio said:

I still cannot change page. I use Chrome. Do I need to do something on my part or you guys are still working on it. Please quote me so I can see the reply. Thanks!

I think they are still working on the updates.

"Likes" and changing pages still only work for me ( using Chrome and Firefox on Windows ( 10 and 11 ) and Linux) when I connect using http:// (insecure) vs https:// (secure)

for example http://www.modelcarsmag.com/forums/topic/185663-forum-problems-please-read/page/4/#comment-2804780 everything works as expected

whereas:  https://www.modelcarsmag.com/forums/topic/185663-forum-problems-please-read/page/3/#comment-2795604   does not work as expected


cheers, Graham




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Update: I think we have it fixed. I'm having no issues using the forum with Chrome. I tested paging, activity streams, posting, and search. The fix triggered some massive index rebuilds, so searching may take a while. We have 2.5 million posts, so I suspect anything touching that resource will take a long(ish) time. 

Leave a comment here if you experience anything odd, but it really looks like this problem is fixed. 

Thank you all for your patience. This was a difficult problem to diagnose and solve.  

Nota Bene: I'm seeing some delays in saving posts. I suspect this is temporary. but I'll keep an eye on it. 

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1 hour ago, GoodbuildNY said:

I’m still having the same issues while trying to use this site with Bing ( no photos loading, can’t reply to topics, etc ) . Luckily I can still use DuckDuckGo as a work around 

Thanks for your comments but we don't use mobile phones so no apps.

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I'm getting error messages when i try to open a topic. I get a black and white mcm logo and error this directory doesn't exist message. it opens if i click the try again link on the error message but not if i use the browser refresh. and my posts are taking a long time to post too.

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11 hours ago, PatW said:

Thanks for your comments but we don't use mobile phones so no apps.

I’m not using my mobile phone,not sure why your assuming that. I’m using an IPad and up until the update I was using Bing which is a search engine. Thankfully the DuckDuckGo APP IS working for me on my iPad . If that wasn’t working my previous method would leave me with a website not working properly ( see my previous post )

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