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Revell '32 Ford Sedan


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9 hours ago, horsepower said:

The blue is nice but it reminds me of a locally built 1:1 Deuce Phaeton that was the ISCA Grand Champion the it was shown on the show circuit, it was a two tone with a lighter metallic blue on the main body and about the color you are going for on the fenders and frame. My personal choice would probably be the gold or a bright green, maybe even a transparent green over the gold, or a pure yellow kandy over the gold for a nice Kandy lemon yellow.

I've considered going two-tone on one  of my 32's, using white primer on one and black primer on the other, but the same color of metallic on top,.

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On 10/20/2023 at 6:27 PM, Roadrunner said:

These are the wheels and tires that I may be using on this project. Look at all that chromed flash! One way or the other, I'll seek out a wheel/tire combination that looks good to me, as that choice will most likely really make the car more visually interesting.


The best Cragars I've seen so far are the ones from the amt Baldwin Camaro kit...

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6 hours ago, David G. said:

Good colors for the interior!

David G.

Thanks, I like them too, though I would have preferred my Floquil earth for the lighter color, which, at least for now, has gone missing.

6 hours ago, James2 said:

You have my attention....

Nothing fancy here, for sure, but I do hope at least for an attractive outcome.

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One of several painting experiments I've conducted, has been the painting of wooden display bases in different colors. This is way more "sparkly" than it appears in the photo, and may well be used when I do a solid black car, which I will probably eventually do.


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